Up, Up To The Sky

Flying a drone can provide hours of year round entertainment.
Are you hankering to hover? Feeling ripe for a flip? Ready to roll? Then you’d enjoy flying a toy drone. Dunham’s can help with a selection of durable easy to fly drones from Quadrone.
Earning Your Wings
While learning to fly requires patience, the 4-prop multicopter Quadrones are controllable and won’t zoom out of sight in seconds. Begin by reading the instruction manual. It will tell you how to prep your drone for flight and explain the controller functions.
When you’re ready for flight, choose an open area away from trees, cars, and people. Start by flying close to the ground at minimal speed and experiment with the controls. As you get the hang of going up, down and sideways, gradually increase your speed and range.
Keep in mind that the way the drone reacts to the controls will depend on the direction in which you’re facing. In other words, if the drone ends up flying over your head and you turn around, the lateral control functions will be reversed. However, the Quadrones are equipped with a special headless mode that can make your drone respond directly to the direction in which the joystick is pushed. It’s a great feature for beginner pilots.
Tricks Are For You
Quadrones can hover, turn, flip and roll, all of which are good fun. Hovering is particularly useful when flying a drone equipped with a camera. Have you ever wanted to check out the condition of your roof or get a bird’s eye view of that nest up in the Oak tree? A camera-equipped drone can enable you.
What’s more, the controls make it easy to perform entertaining maneuvers. For example, to execute a 360° flip, press the button on the upper right corner of the remote controller. Beeps will signal that you’re in flip mode. Moving the joystick in any direction will cause your drone to execute a corresponding flip. If things get out of control and you crash, repair parts are available. All models come with extra crash guards and propellers.
Three Ways to Play
Dunham’s stocks three Quadrone models. The basic Quadrone Mini can be flown up to 100 feet away from the remote controller and provides 7 minutes of flying after a 30-minute charge. The Quadrone Tumbler operates at up to 300 feet from the remote controller. A 60-minute charge provides 7 minutes of air-time. Finally, the Quadrone Pro with Camera can travel up to 330 feet from base camp and includes a .3 megapixel camera that can shoot photos and video.
Stop by Dunham’s today, choose your Quadrone, and prepare for takeoff.
-Flying Ace
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