Winter Toys To Get Kids Active And Excited

There is no shortage of outdoor playtime for children in the summer. The weather is warm, and daylight is long. But what about the winter with its sometimes harsh temperatures and early sunset? There are many products available this holiday season to help keep our children occupied, indoors or out.
Getting kids away from the computers, televisions and phones can certainly be a challenge nowadays. Interactive products such as those offered by Nerf are a great solution. These toys can keep children’s minds and bodies active while they explore the customizable blasters and sports equipment. Plus they’ll have fun socializing with friends or siblings.
And while Nerf toys are widely popular toy for young boys, girls enjoy their toys as well. A recent study conducted by Hasbro found that more than 50 percent of girls ages 6–12 in the study had gotten a Nerf blaster in the previous 12 months. The same is true for more than 80 percent of boys in that age range. Older kids are becoming more interested in Nerf as well, with its line of Rival toys aimed at teens.
You can find a wide array of Nerf products at Dunham’s Sports this season. For kids 14 and older, try the number one selling Nerf Rival Apollo VX700. The Rival blasters offer power and precision. The Apollo can unleash rounds at 100 feet per second. Kids can choose to be Red Team or Blue Team and go head-to-head.
Another always popular item is the Elite Retaliator Blaster. This customizable model is four blasters in one. And its components can be used with other blasters in the N-Strike line of Nerf toys.
Nerf Modulus Recon MKII blaster is a 4-in-1 customizable toy for kids 8 and older. The stock and barrel extensions allow kids to create four different versions of the dart shooter. The kit also includes a six-dart clip and six darts.
For the kids who enjoy traditional sports, there are Nerf products to try. A toy that can stand up to any season’s conditions is the Weather Blitz All Conditions Football. Whether your children like to play in the snow, rain or mud, this ball can handle it all. There is also the Nerf Sports Nerfoop Set for kids as young as 4. This hoop can be used inside and out and comes with a foam ball. Setting it up is as easy as hanging the backboard over a door or wall.
“The Nerfoop backboard and hoop are built for instant action whether you’re indoors or out! Challenge your friends, show off your skills, and make those hook shots and 3-pointers anywhere,” said Frank Kingsley from Hasbro.
Don’t fall into the winter routine of lounging on the couch every weekend. Head to Dunham’s to get a toy that will keep kids of all ages active and excited all season!
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