Baiting the Big Buck

When trying to lure in that big trophy buck, it’s just as much about technique as it is about being in the right place at the right time. Through the use of various technologies, luring a buck between your crosshairs has never been easier. Food plots, attractants, mock scrapes, salt licks, and different types of deer urine give hunters a plethora of options when it comes to baiting your trophy. And thanks to brands like C’mere Deer, Wildlife Research, and Tinks, it’s never been easier.
The smell is a deer’s strongest sense, so it’s something hunters need to exploit. Ron Bice at Wildlife Research Center explains that a deer can smell somewhere around 1,000 times stronger than a human, and offers some great products hunters can use.
“When you are using hunting scents, the method that you use to set up the scent can increase the effectiveness of the product,” Bice explains. “We have developed several scent dispensers and methods, which we feel are the most effective ways to use hunting scents. Our Magnum Scrape-Dripper® is for use at natural and mock scrape locations.”
Bice also recommends a scent wick, which effectively disperses the scent into the air. This results in a wider range being covered, thus attracting more deer.
“The Key-Wick® by Wildlife Research Center® is the world’s favorite scent wick and it’s easy to see why. The economical, convenient shape, extreme absorbance, and high scent dispersion of the Key-Wick®, revolutionized the industry. Their convenient shape even allows users to dip them right into a bottle of liquid scent and hold an unbelievable quantity.”
There are also varying options when creating a food plot. Jedd Culler of C’mere Deer explains that using a product like 3-day Harvest is ideal for shorter-term hunts, like if you were to head up north with the boys for the weekend.
“…If you just have a weekend to hunt, you can use the 3-day Harvest mixed with patented C’mere Deer root extract to attract the dominant bucks,” said Culler.
Terry Rohm of Tinks explains that scent bombs can be an effective technique to use all around a hunter’s scope area. However, wind must be taken into consideration for them to be as effective as possible.
“Hunters should hang three or more scent bombs around their hunting location with Tink’s #69 in them, or if it is early season, then Tink’s #1 Doe-P would be a better choice,” Rohm explains. “The reason for three or more is because of changing wind directions. One must remember for a deer lure to work, the animal has to be downwind to smell it. The scent bombs are bright orange and can be hung in trees. Also bow hunters can use them as yardage markers.”
While deer use their sense of smell as an advantage, they use rubs and scrapes as ways to communicate with each other. Rohm explains that when a buck rubs his head against a tree, a gland secretes a scent on the tree. Other ways they communicate is by rub urination, in which case the buck paws the ground, then urinates down over his tarsal glands, leaving scents in the dirt.
This is where mock rubs and scrapes come in to play. They essentially give a buck the illusion that another is trying to take over its territory. It lures the buck back to his area, so it can investigate the foreign scent.
“A mock scrape is one you create to mimic the natural scrapes in the area, to fool a buck into thinking a new buck is trying to take over his territory,” Bice explains. “In the fall of the year, a scrape is made by a whitetail buck to mark breeding territory. The fall’s decreasing sunlight triggers extremely elevated amounts of testosterone released in his body. This begins to happen during the end of August and beginning of September.”
So you have your mock scrape. What next? Bice advises hunters find the freshest scrape that a hunter can find in the area. An item to keep in mind is the Magnum Scrape-Dripper® which can be added to a mock scrape. This will drift a scent downwind, alerting the deer of a foreign scent at or near his original scrape. Scrape drippers can also last up to three weeks, and shut off when it’s too cold or when inclement weather arises.
With all of the options available to hunters at Dunham’s stores this season, there’s no reason not to get that trophy buck every hunter desires. And with the help of great brands like C’mere Deer, Wildlife Research, and Tinks, you’d better clear off some wall space.
-Deer Abby
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