Stockings are Hung!

Fill them up with some of this season’s most exciting toy offerings.

It’s that time of year when little boys and girls start dreaming of the exciting new toys that are the talk of the town. Big boys and girls dream as well, and why not, we all enjoy spending some leisure time with toys both classic and high-tech. This year, Dunham’s is offering the toys that are at the top of everyone’s wish list. And with the holidays approaching, now is the time to buy before supplies of the hottest new games and gadgets disappear.

Back From the Future

Everyone remembers the hoverboard that Marty McFly rode in his visit to 2015. Well as of 2017, genuine hoverboards — skateboard-like devices that magically suspend in the air — still aren’t available in anything other than large and clunky prototype form. But a device that replicates the feel and capabilities of a hoverboard is among the advanced toys now available from the high-tech startup, GOTRAX, and you can get it at Dunham’s.

The GOTRAX HOVERFLY ECO is what McFly would have been riding if he had visited 2017. Designed by GOTRAX’s brilliant engineers, the board relies on space-age electric gyroscopes to self-balance. Lean forward and off you go in the direction indicated by your weight shift. Shift weight to your right foot and the board turns left. Shift weight to your left foot and the board turns right. If Marty had been riding this board, he could have snagged that problematic magazine on the fly.

The board’s gyroscope is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is UL approved for both use and charging. It’s fun, it’s safe, it’s a toy that even dad and mom will want to try.

Strap a Kart to Your Board

The HOVERFLY KART magically transforms the HOVERFLY ECO into a different transportation device. What was once a hoverboard is now a go kart, powered by the same space-age technology. The kart attaches to the HOVERFLY board with straps and provides a comfortable seat. Two handles with space-foam grips allow intuitive acceleration, braking and steering. Strap it on and off you go!

Classics LEGO Toys for Kids and the Young at Heart

Everyone loves LEGO sets. We all grew up building great stuff with these interlocking blocks, and so did our kids. Now, Dunham’s stocks a full line of LEGO products, so we can all do it again.

Amanda Madore, the senior manager of brand relations for LEGO Systems said, “If there’s a kid or a kid at heart in your household, there’s a LEGO toy for them.” And with many different LEGO sets now available at Dunham’s you can find exactly the right kit, right here. Stop in, and your Dunham’s sales consultant will be happy to help you choose an age-appropriate LEGO toy for the big and little kids on your list.

For the itty-bitty kids of 18 months to about four, there are DUPLO LEGO sets. About twice the size of regular LEGO bricks, they’re easy to work with and provide your toddler with a great first-time building experience. For the kids four and up, who might not be quite ready for the more challenging LEGO kits, LEGO Juniors is a great option. Sets in this range include standard size LEGO bricks, but some parts of build projects, such as walls for example, are pre-built and ready to snap into place.

For children with an engineering bent, there is LEGO Technic, with gears and other functional parts that enable the building of things like stunt bikes and stunt trucks. And of course, there are the LEGO licensed options, including five LEGO Star Wars project kits and a number of LEGO Ninjago sets to choose from as well.

Looking for the LEGO toy you remember as a child for your children? Dunham’s can fill the bill with LEGO Classic selections, which are open-ended collections of bricks and other parts kids need to design their own projects. Stimulating creativity while providing hours of free-form fun, LEGO Classic turns on the imaginative child in all of us.

Realtree from NKOK

NKOK, one of the most exciting and inventive toy companies in America, now has a line of toys based on Realtree camouflage — a natural for the outdoors-loving Dunham’s customer. Kevin Greene, a designer at NKOK, says Realtree is an iconic brand and a leader in exciting camouflage designs. That’s why his company was anxious to team up with the graphic design firm and is pleased to offer products utilizing their creations.

Among the exciting new entries is a 26-inch cross bow for kids that looks and works like the real thing but fires only safe suction cup tipped arrows. The arrows can be fired more than 30 feet, and the set comes complete with a target for practice. The toy teaches archery skills and safe hunting practices. It’s a must have for every outdoors-loving family.

Also offered by NKOK and available at Dunham’s are 1/24th scale toy trucks with friction engines and Realtree paint schemes in Ford and Jeep models. They’re plenty fast and a whole lot of fun for your truck-loving youngster. For the young one who is ready to master control functions, there are big and brawny 14-inch Realtree battery-powered trucks that can be driven by remote control. Looking for a remote-control truck on a smaller scale? Dunham’s has Realtree RC trucks in 1/24th scale as well.

Let’s Scoot

I see kids buzzing around the neighborhood on electric scooters, and it looks like those motor driven toys are a blast. The GOTRAX GLIDER (as shown on page 20) is a stand-up electric scooter that’s powered by a stout motor and a safe UL approved lithium-ion battery. Thanks to the muscle of its 250-watt electric motor, the scooter can reach a top speed of 17 mph. And it can take your older child or teenager up to 9 miles on a single charge. That makes for hours of fun in the neighborhood.

But wait! You can ride it to work as well. It folds into a relatively small package and weighs just 17 pounds. So, take it on the bus or subway. Unfold it when you get off and ride the rest of the way to the job. A day that starts with a scooter ride can’t possibly go wrong.

Science for Everyone

GOTRAX is a high-tech startup with a vision. Jason Wakefield, the company’s chief marketing officer and Don Stefanovich, the director of public relations, told Dunham’s about a plan they have to send kids to Space Camp at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. GOTRAX is tomorrow’s toy company. The Colorado startup employs well-educated engineers and is constantly involved in the development of high-tech toys and gadgets. That’s our kind of toy company.

The feeling of discovery and excitement that is pervasive at GOTRAX is something the company wants to share. Soon they’ll be telling kids how they can win a trip to Space Camp, and you can be sure Dunham’s will be involved. Together, to the future. Let’s go!

-Your Friends at Dunham’s

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Winter Toys To Get Kids Active And Excited

There is no shortage of outdoor playtime for children in the summer. The weather is warm, and daylight is long. But what about the winter with its sometimes harsh temperatures and early sunset? There are many products available this holiday season to help keep our children occupied, indoors or out.
Getting kids away from the computers, televisions and phones can certainly be a challenge nowadays. Interactive products such as those offered by Nerf are a great solution. These toys can keep children’s minds and bodies active while they explore the customizable blasters and sports equipment. Plus they’ll have fun socializing with friends or siblings.
And while Nerf toys are widely popular toy for young boys, girls enjoy their toys as well. A recent study conducted by Hasbro found that more than 50 percent of girls ages 6–12 in the study had gotten a Nerf blaster in the previous 12 months. The same is true for more than 80 percent of boys in that age range. Older kids are becoming more interested in Nerf as well, with its line of Rival toys aimed at teens.
You can find a wide array of Nerf products at Dunham’s Sports this season. For kids 14 and older, try the number one selling Nerf Rival Apollo VX700. The Rival blasters offer power and precision. The Apollo can unleash rounds at 100 feet per second. Kids can choose to be Red Team or Blue Team and go head-to-head.
Another always popular item is the Elite Retaliator Blaster. This customizable model is four blasters in one. And its components can be used with other blasters in the N-Strike line of Nerf toys.
Nerf Modulus Recon MKII blaster is a 4-in-1 customizable toy for kids 8 and older. The stock and barrel extensions allow kids to create four different versions of the dart shooter. The kit also includes a six-dart clip and six darts.
For the kids who enjoy traditional sports, there are Nerf products to try. A toy that can stand up to any season’s conditions is the Weather Blitz All Conditions Football. Whether your children like to play in the snow, rain or mud, this ball can handle it all. There is also the Nerf Sports Nerfoop Set for kids as young as 4. This hoop can be used inside and out and comes with a foam ball. Setting it up is as easy as hanging the backboard over a door or wall.
“The Nerfoop backboard and hoop are built for instant action whether you’re indoors or out! Challenge your friends, show off your skills, and make those hook shots and 3-pointers anywhere,” said Frank Kingsley from Hasbro.
Don’t fall into the winter routine of lounging on the couch every weekend. Head to Dunham’s to get a toy that will keep kids of all ages active and excited all season!
-Your Friends at Dunham’s
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Up, Up To The Sky

Flying a drone can provide hours of year round entertainment.
Are you hankering to hover? Feeling ripe for a flip? Ready to roll? Then you’d enjoy flying a toy drone. Dunham’s can help with a selection of durable easy to fly drones from Quadrone.
Earning Your Wings
While learning to fly requires patience, the 4-prop multicopter Quadrones are controllable and won’t zoom out of sight in seconds. Begin by reading the instruction manual. It will tell you how to prep your drone for flight and explain the controller functions.
When you’re ready for flight, choose an open area away from trees, cars, and people. Start by flying close to the ground at minimal speed and experiment with the controls. As you get the hang of going up, down and sideways, gradually increase your speed and range.
Keep in mind that the way the drone reacts to the controls will depend on the direction in which you’re facing. In other words, if the drone ends up flying over your head and you turn around, the lateral control functions will be reversed. However, the Quadrones are equipped with a special headless mode that can make your drone respond directly to the direction in which the joystick is pushed. It’s a great feature for beginner pilots.
Tricks Are For You
Quadrones can hover, turn, flip and roll, all of which are good fun. Hovering is particularly useful when flying a drone equipped with a camera. Have you ever wanted to check out the condition of your roof or get a bird’s eye view of that nest up in the Oak tree? A camera-equipped drone can enable you.
What’s more, the controls make it easy to perform entertaining maneuvers. For example, to execute a 360° flip, press the button on the upper right corner of the remote controller. Beeps will signal that you’re in flip mode. Moving the joystick in any direction will cause your drone to execute a corresponding flip. If things get out of control and you crash, repair parts are available. All models come with extra crash guards and propellers.
Three Ways to Play
Dunham’s stocks three Quadrone models. The basic Quadrone Mini can be flown up to 100 feet away from the remote controller and provides 7 minutes of flying after a 30-minute charge. The Quadrone Tumbler operates at up to 300 feet from the remote controller. A 60-minute charge provides 7 minutes of air-time. Finally, the Quadrone Pro with Camera can travel up to 330 feet from base camp and includes a .3 megapixel camera that can shoot photos and video.
Stop by Dunham’s today, choose your Quadrone, and prepare for takeoff.
-Flying Ace
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