Maximize Your Camping Experience

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with The Right Camping Equipment.
Some of our best memories are centered around camping trips when our two boys were young. After spending the entire day outdoors, we would gather around a campfire in the evening to watch bats fly overhead and to listen to the chirping of crickets and the croaking of tree frogs. Camping gave us more opportunities for face-to-face time and a respite from such distractions as television.
It should be noted that we never “roughed it.” We firmly believed our camping experience would be more enjoyable for us and our kids if we had the right equipment. That equipment has undergone a significant transformation in the more than 10 years since we stopped camping. It’s significantly better—more durable, more lightweight and specifically designed to further enhance the outdoor experience. If you’re considering camping, keep the following offerings in mind.
Chill Out with Yeti Coolers
Whether you’re camping, hunting or fishing, you want a cooler that keeps items cold for a long period of time and one that is nearly indestructible. Those are the traits that have made Yeti coolers extremely popular with campers. They have very few working parts and feature locks and handles that are extremely durable. As avid campers know, Yeti coolers were developed out of necessity in 2006 by two brothers who are extreme hunting, fishing and outdoors enthusiasts. They created premium coolers with a focus on quality, not price. For 2017, the big news from Yeti is the introduction of its Hopper Two line of portable soft sided coolers.
“We came out with our first soft-sided cooler two years ago. It was completely watertight, including the closure, and durable. The original Hopper worked great, but we knew we could make it even better,” said Yeti’s Casey Sellers.
And improve on the original Hopper they did, starting by increasing the amount of ColdCell insulation, ensuring that items stay colder longer. Even a long way from camp, you can rest assured your catch (or kill) stays fresh. Your prize is also easier to load and unload into the Hopper Two, thanks to the new front zipper location, which makes the opening much wider.
“We also made the body more tapered, which makes carrying it for longer periods more convenient,” added Sellers.
As Sellers explained, the more tapered body is ergonomically efficient, as are the new handles. There are now three different sets of reinforced handles, giving you options in how you want to carry the Hopper Two. Yeti also redesigned the zipper clasp; it’s now easier to open and close.
The Hopper Two is available in three sizes: 20, 30 and 40, with sizes corresponding with the pounds of ice that can be carried. All three sizes feature the company’s DryHide™ waterproof shell to prevent leaks.
De-stress in a Grand Trunk Hammock
One of the primary reasons for going camping is to de-stress, and there are few better ways of doing so than in a hammock. They’re ideal to while away an afternoon while reading a book or catching some shut-eye. If that sounds appealing to you, we recommend hammocks from Grand Trunk.
The company was founded in 2001 when owners Jon Neff and Kevin Kaiser met during a backpacking trip in Thailand. They shared a passion for travel and a desire for letting people sleep suspended rather than on the ground. Today, Grand Trunk offers some of the widest and longest hammocks on the market, certainly the case with the Double Hammock.
“Our Double Hammock is made of 70D taffeta nylon, and it’s 20 percent larger than normal-sized hammocks. It features nautical-grade carabiners, comes in a variety of colors and offers a 400-pound capacity. It’s a great seating option; two people can comfortably and safely sit in it,” said Grand Trunk’s Brian Fisher.
The Double Hammock is mold- and mildew-resistant, comes with a lifetime warranty and can be conveniently cleaned in a front-load washer; just be sure to remove the carabiners before doing so.
To hang your hammock in areas where trees are farther apart, consider Grand Trunk Tree Slings. They feature 10-foot cord on either side for more versatility and a piece of nylon webbing to protect the trees. They also come with a lifetime warranty against defects and manufacturing issues.
For those situations and areas where trees are not available, such as tailgate parties, picnics or your own backyard, Fisher recommends the newly introduced Hang-Out Hammock Stand. It will be available in Dunham’s stores next month – in early July.
“We like to say that the Hang-Out hammock stand allows you to hang wherever you are,” said Fisher.
This portable hammock stand weighs approximately 32 pounds, breaks apart into eight sections and comes with its own carrying bag.
Stay Dry and Comfortable in a Columbia Tent
When my family and I camped, it was in a pop-up camper. Now that the kids are grown and we no longer own the camper, my wife and I are considering purchasing a tent, and we’ll likely start by looking at the Columbia Pinewood Dome tents, specifically the 4 Person and 6 Person models.
Both are equipped with Columbia Omni Shield Advanced Repellency Technology. It creates an exceptional water barrier to help campers stay dry and enables the fabric to dry three to five times faster than untreated fabric. That’s important if you need to pack your tent shortly after a rainfall.
To make it easier to get into the tents, both models feature a double-door design with an extra-high awning over the door, and both deliver great air flow inside the tent due to the upper and lower cross-ventilation design. This ensures optimal comfort on warm nights. When evenings turn chilly, especially at the beginning and end of the season, the vents can be closed to retain more warmth.
And when it’s raining, you can stay comfortable and dry in your tent, thanks to the easily attachable and detachable rainfly. When attached, it creates an awning over the door for protected entry and exit from the tent. Both the 4 Person and 6 Person tent also feature an electrical access port to facilitate plugging in electrical equipment and gear pockets to keep valuables safely stored and out of the way.
As the name implies, the 4 Person model sleeps up to four, measures 9 feet by 7 feet and features a 59-inch center height. For those who need or simply want a larger tent, the 6 Person model measures 11 feet by 9 feet and features a 72-inch center height. Columbia made setup and takedown easy, thanks to durable shock-corded fiberglass poles with a fast clip and a pole sleeve design.
Columbia also offers several items to make your camping or backpacking experience more pleasurable, including the Clackamas daypack series, which features a large main compartment with two soft-lined pockets and a zippered mesh pocket. To alleviate shoulder stress, this daypack features contoured shoulder straps with high-density foam and breathable air mesh. There are dual side water bottle pockets to ensure that you stay hydrated on long excursions and quick-access points on the right and left side to attach sunglasses. The Clackamas is available in beet, black, blue moon and collegiate navy.
In today’s ever-connected world, it’s a good idea to get away. Check out the camping products mentioned in this article to make your camping experience pleasurable and hassle-free.
-Happy Camper
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Pitch a Tent, Not a Fit

Today’s Camping Equipment is Light Weight & Easy to Set Up.
There is little that compares to the great experience of camping: Fresh air, food cooked on a grill and a break (hopefully) from our always-connected world. My family and I were regular campers for about 10 years, immensely enjoying evenings around a campfire, with the only sounds being the chirping of crickets and tree frogs. After a seven-year hiatus, we are considering camping again and a number of recently introduced products have garnered our attention.
Rather than another pop-up camper, my wife and I are considering tents. As with nearly every consumer product, technology is constantly evolving, making everything easier, lighter and more efficient. One such offering is the Coleman Cold Springs Tent with Porch.
“This is a porch like at your home,” explained Coleman’s Sharon Scott. “It’s seven-feet long and both sides zip up, making it a great place to store your gear.”
The sides roll up for maximum lighting or you can roll them down to block morning or evening sun. The entire porch area also zips off, leaving you with an optimal four-person tent. Like all Coleman tents, it’s wind- and weather-resistant and features the company’s patented welded floors and inverted seams to help keep water out. Anyone who has ever tripped on guy lines in low-light conditions will appreciate that they are reflective on this tent.
“This tent can be set up in as little as 10 minutes and includes the Coleman rainfly feature for extra weather protection,” Scott said.
Another interesting Coleman offering is the Moraine Park Tent. Available in either four- or six-person configuration, it’s part of the company’s Fast Pitch TM line of products that are specifically designed to be set up with minimal effort and minimal time.
“Moraine Park Tents use pre-attached poles and hub, fast-fit feet and a snag-free Insta-Clip suspension to let you set up your tent 40%-60% faster than a comparable Coleman tent with the conventional setup,” Scott said.
The six-person version is large enough to accommodate two queen-sized air mattresses and both models feature a Murphy Shelf that folds down and includes a pocket to organize items. It’s removable and zips up, so you can take your phones, keys and other valuables with you when you leave the tent.
Westfield Outdoors
Also easy to set up are two offerings from Westfield Outdoors. Ideal is the 11-foot x 9-foot dome tent. It accommodates six and is designed for maximum interior space and easy setup and teardown.
“This tent features a center height of 72 inches; that’s more headroom than what you’ll find in most tents. It’s easy to set up: cross two shock-corded fiberglass poles in the middle and the tent is up,” said Michael Bryant, Westfield Outdoors.
If you require even more space, check out the company’s 15-foot x 15-foot cabin tent. In addition to all of the features found in the dome tent, the cabin tent includes a room divider, allowing you to comfortably accommodate two families of five or to divide the sleeping area from the living area. Both tents include a gear loft and mash pockets to organize small items.
Alps Mountaineering
For a cozier camping experience, check out Alps Mountaineering’s 10-foot x 10-foot RimRock 6 tent. It features two shock-corded fiberglass poles for easy setup and a polyethylene tub-style floor for optimal durability.
The RimRock 6 tent offers 100 cubic feet of usable space and a six-foot center height. It features a polyester fly that resists UV damage and stays taut. The fly is sealed at the factory for best weather protection.
This tent is designed with two zippered windows (one in the door, one in back) and large side mesh panels for optimal ventilation. The zippers on the door are large for greater convenience and durability. As with many tents nowadays, this tent features mesh storage pockets and a gear loft to keep items and valuables organized.
What’s Cooking?
A day of fresh air and outdoor activities tends to work up an appetite; you’ll want a grill that is effective and convenient to use and transport. We like the Coleman RoadTrip X-cursion model.
The collapsible steel scissor legs and low-profile design make it easy to move the grill around the campsite and the off-road wheels mean you don’t have to stay on pavement to enjoy this grill.
“With 20,000 BTUs and 285 square inches of porcelain-coated, cast iron grates, the RoadTrip X-cursion can pretty much take anything you can throw at it,” Coleman’s Kit Childers said.
Coleman took cleanup into account when designing this grill and incorporated a water pan to catch all the grease. When you’re done cooking, simply wipe the pan down with a paper towel to clean it. The pan is also dishwasher-safe.
“Thanks to the racetrack burner, you can do focused cooking, such as boiling a pot of water on one side and slower-cooking meat or vegetables on the other side,” Childers added.
Because it folds flat, we’ve seen these grills at picnics, tailgate parties and other outdoor events.
With summer finally here, get out and enjoy our great outdoors with camping products designed to make your camping experience pleasurable and hassle-free.
-Happy Camper
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Comfy, Cozy and A Snap To Set Up

Camping Is More Enjoyable with Today’s Tents
We’ve all seen the comedy routine: a couple pulls to a campsite and attempts to unfold and assemble a tent. Hours later, the tent is up, but it resembles nothing like it’s supposed to: poles are askew and the flap is on top of the tent. Sure, it’s an exaggeration; that’s what makes it funny. There is, however, a kernel of truth in the scene. Recognizing this, tent manufacturers have made set up and tear down foolproof and a snap.
Set Up Is A Breeze
“We offer instant and pop-up tents,” said Coleman’s Sharon Scott. “They feature easy, fast and intuitive setup. In fact, the two- and four-person pop-up tents can typically be set up in only 10 seconds.” As Scott explained, other Coleman two- and four-person tents can typically be assembled in 10 minutes.
Another line of tents that can be assembled quickly and easily is the Portal Speed Up series from Westfield Outdoors.
“Our Speed Up products provide quick and convenient setup/take down – two minutes or less. They also deliver superior usable space, thanks to straighter walls and larger eaves. This new frame system is applied to dome and cabin tents of all sizes,” said Michael Bryant of Westfield Outdoors.
Frame poles are pre-attached to the proper spots on the tents, so setup is a breeze. Simply unfold the tent, extend the leg poles, attach the rainfly and stake it down. As Bryant explained, it typically takes more time to stake down than to pitch the tent.
Cozy and Dry in Inclement Weather
Yet another great feature of today’s camping tents is their ability to stay dry when the weather is not.
“Coleman tents feature our proprietary Weather Tec™ System to protect campers from the elements,” Scott said. Weather Tec incorporates a unique method of welding the floor corners to reduce the risk of leaking from the floor. Coleman also inverts the seams, so the stitching is on the inside of the tent, reducing exposure to external moisture and reducing the risk of snags on loose branches, etc. The tent’s rainflies are seam-taped at the factory to prevent leaks along the stitch lines.
“Our tents have to pass a number of tests, including our rain room testing where we dump over 30 gallons of water on a tent in about 10 minutes time. If more than a tablespoon of water makes its way into the tent, it’s back to the drawing board,” Scott added.
Keeping occupants warm and dry is just as important in Westfield Outdoor tents. It begins with a separate rainfly, which allows maximum ventilation and protection from rain and the elements. All Westfield Products also go through a rigorous quality control process throughout the entire manufacturing process. Additionally all fabrics are coated with water-resistant coatings, taped rainfly seams and welded tub floor seams.
“To ensure our products exceed the campers’ expectations, we test each style of tent with campers in a variety of camping environments,” Bryant added.
Choosing The Right Tent
Dunham’s Sports offers a wealth of tents from Coleman and Westfield Outdoors. Choosing the one that’s right for you requires a little homework on your part.
“Make a checklist of those features you cannot live without and those features that would be nice to have but are not necessities. Consider how frequently and in what type of weather you’ll be camping. To be truly comfortable in a tent, cut the rated occupancy by two people. In other words, two people will be comfortable in a four-person tent. Finally, remember how much room you have in your vehicle: the bigger the tent, the more space it will take up in the car,” Scott advised.
“The first thing to consider when choosing a tent is the type of camping a customer anticipates,” Bryant added. “If backpacking, weight is of utmost concern. The lightest tent that will accommodate your camping party will be the best choice. If you’re camping at a site that’s accessible by your vehicle, campers can focus on space, comfort and ease of setup.”
Easy Maintenance
No matter the size of the tent or type of camping you’ll be doing, you can rest assured that today’s tents require minimal maintenance, maximizing fun time.
“Typical maintenance of a tent is really limited to reasonable care and cleaning. If a tent is rinsed to remove any surface dirt, dust or leaves, there should be no further cleaning needed. Of course, be sure to dry the tent before storing it to avoid mildew,” Bryant said.
“Pack the tent dry and clean and store it in a cool, dry place. At the campsite, don’t set up under low-hanging branches or near fires. Follow these simple guidelines to get years of worry-free enjoyment,” Scott added.
For more camping information, including associated equipment, please visit the companies’ websites or consult with a knowledgeable Dunham’s Sports camping consultant. Enjoy our nation’s great outdoors!
-Happy Camper
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Pitching a Tent without Pitching a Fit

A Guide to Summer Camping


After the snow melts and the flowers bloom, it’s time to get the family together and hit the great outdoors. There’s no better way to enjoy Mother Nature than with the people you care about most.

But what happens when the time comes to get serious and upgrade your camping equipment? Or what if you’re new to the game and don’t know where to start? Luckily, with all of the technological advances in tents, RVs, and other camping gear, getting the most out of your great outdoor experience couldn’t be easier or more affordable.


The first thing to do is find the correct tent for your needs. With brands like EUREKA!, American Trails, Coleman, and Suisse Sport, there are countless options to keep out of the elements while camping. EUREKA! offers the Tetragon 5, 8, and 9, ranging from capacities of two up to five people.


“The Tetragon series of tents are comfortable tents for the occasional camper. Tetragon tents are free-standing two-pole dome tents that are easy to setup, even for the first-time camper,” said Mark Hrubant, Senior Director of Camping for Johnson Outdoors Gear, LLC. “The Tetragon 9 is an excellent first tent for families as it has a six- foot ceiling, allowing most campers to comfortably stand up to change clothes or attend to the kids.”


David Avila, Western Region Sales Manager for Exxel Outdoors offers some insight into the American Trails and Suisse Sport brands, including some tips on what features to look for when purchasing a tent. Those features include height, both mesh and solid outdoor lining, removable room divider walls, and most importantly, a variety of sizes.


“There are many sizes to choose from. For example, we provide a 9×7 tent that can sleep up to 4 people, a 12×10 tent that can sleep up to 6 people and an 18×10 tent that can sleep up to 8 people,” Avila explained.

According to Hrubant, other tent features available on the Tetragon tents to keep in mind are outdoor awnings outside of the doors for inclement weather protection, elevated bathtub-style floors to keep dry, and mesh windows for proper ventilation in mild weather.


For campers who enjoy having indoor amenities, RV camping is the right route. But if you really want to experience everything that nature has to offer, tent camping enables people to go into areas that are left uncharted. Dunham’s has the tools to maximize the outdoor experience for even the most novice camper.


Coleman, America’s largest family camping company, has offered campers affordable, reliable camping equipment for decades. Items like their pack-away lanterns range from a personal size up to a full size, complete with a remote control and long-lasting lithium batteries. They also offer the Sundome series of tents which can shelter between two and six people comfortably.


For those campers who are chefs at heart, the Coleman RoadTrip grills offer at-home grilling abilities with the convenience of a fold-up, ultra-portable design, which is perfect for packing up for a trip. To get the kids involved in the mealtime preparation, Rome over-the-fire pie irons have been making pizza pies, sandwich pies, and dessert pies quickly and easily for years.


Want to avoid the sun on your trip? Try packing along a sun canopy. What about grilling up hot dogs? Pack up a portable grill with travel-sized propane tanks to grill up dinner like a pro. If insects are a problem, pack up insect repellent — both spray and electronic — and a screen house to keep the bugs out. Packing up a folding chair or director’s chair for gathering around the fire is also a must for ghost stories or sing-alongs.


According to Hrubant, EUREKA! offers a full range of camping equipment, including sleeping bags, sleeping pads, furniture, backpacks, and LED lighting. Exxel Outdoors also makes the only sleeping bags currently made in the U.S.A.


“As one of the premier sleeping bag manufacturers in the world, size, fill weight and material of the inner and outer bag are very important,” Avila said. “Depending on what you have planned, it is important to take the appropriate sleeping bag with you on your trip. For example, if you are backpacking in moderate weather conditions, it is probably suitable to take a light-weight rectangular bag, as opposed to taking a zero degree mummy bag.”


No matter how experienced a camper you are, Dunham’s has all the gear you need to make your summer as enjoyable as possible. With top brands like EUREKA!, American Trails, Coleman and Suisse Sport, just to name a few, even the most cost-conscious camper can enjoy the great outdoors.


-Happy Camper


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