Volley & Spin Your Way to Summer Fun

Summer. There is no better season to enjoy an almost endless variety of outdoor games with family and friends. Two games in particular seem to be exploding in popularity. The first is volleyball, which is quickly becoming the hot new summer game of choice among the Gen-Y crowd. The other is disc golf, which is skyrocketing in popularity among people of all ages.
Serve, Set, Spike
Originally called mintonette, volleyball is the second most popular sport in the world today, exceeded only by soccer. It has been part of the Summer Olympic Games since 1964. Played indoors and out, at playgrounds and parks everywhere, volleyball is also one of the most popular summertime beach games. “Just look around and you’ll see parents, kids and people of all ages playing,” says Chris Morton of Tachikara, the world’s leading manufacturer of competition, performance, recreational, training and beach volleyballs. “Volleyball is also rapidly becoming the favorite game of the 20-something Gen-Y crowd who appreciate the social aspects of the game.”
When played as a team sport, two teams of six players try to score points by grounding the ball on the other team’s side of a net. But, don’t let the number of players or rules get in your way. “Choose the right ball for your style of play,” says Morton, “and just focus on having fun.”
Tachikara’s Volley-Lite® brand volleyballs are ideal for young players. They are regulation size but 25% lighter in weight to help young players overcome the fear of impact. SV5WSC-series balls feature a loose-internal bladder and Sensi-TecTM micro-fiber composite cover in several colors to deliver a winning combination of superior control and performance. Tachikara’s new Zebra and Leopard brand volleyballs sport animal-themed patterns and new Sof-Tec™ foam backed covers that virtually eliminate sting during play. Matching TK-Leopard and Zebra — themed knee pads are also available.
Spin and Score
If you are looking for a fun new way to bring family and friends together, give disc golf a spin. It’s golf — with discs. It’s drives, approach shots and putts. It’s players striving to complete the course in the fewest number of throws. Unlike traditional golf however, disc golf is played with durable, bevelled-edge flying discs. Courses may be wide open or have narrow tree-lined fairways. The hole at the end of each fairway is a metal basket that stands about 4 ½ feet tall, with hanging chains that catch the disc in flight.
According to the Professional Disc Golf Association between 8 and 12 million people have played at least once and about 500,000 play regularly. “It’s great fun, amazingly affordable and getting started is easy,” according to Jonathon Poole of Innova Disc Golf. “Just visit www.innovadiscs.com and use the Course Search tool at the left side of the home page to find the disc golf course nearest you.”
Innova offers the most popular and complete line of precision molded golf discs with over 60 models. Each model has distinct flight characteristics, defined by its speed, glide, turn, and fade. A disc’s rating in each category is identified by a numeric code imprinted on the disc. There are also different weights. Heavier weight discs provide greater control in the wind.
Poole recommends that beginners concentrate on learning to throw only one disc until they develop a more powerful snap. “The Aero, Leopard, Polecat, Cobra, and Stingray are all excellent choices for new players. Once you become more comfortable, you can then experiment with different discs for different types of shots,” says Poole.
Distance drivers like the Ape, Boss and Vulcan are designed for maximum distance off the tee. Fairway drivers such as the Banshee and Eagle provide excellent distance with added control and accuracy. Mid-Range discs including the Gator and Skeeter provide accuracy and control for approaches and short drives. Putters and Approach discs such as the Dart and Sonic deliver dependable, accurate putts and approach shots.
So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let summer slip away. Get in the game with your family and friends. Create a summer full of fun, laughter and memories. Dunham’s has everything you need to make it happen.
-Fun For All Ages
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As Close as Your Own Backyard

It’s summer, and the backyard beckons.
What better way to spend a sunny summer day than with the family in your own backyard? No need to ponder where to go and what to do. Forget the travails of travel and parking.
At one time, fun in the backyard meant badminton or croquet. No wonder most of us hit the road looking for entertainment. But today there are a wide variety of outdoor games from which to choose; games the family can enjoy together.
To give you an idea of some of the great choices in backyard entertainment, we’ve put together brief descriptions of some of the games families enjoy most.
Poles by Watersports LLC
This is a new game that makes the flying disc more fun than ever. All you need to play are two game poles, a flying disc and a couple of empty water bottles. The poles are illuminated for night play and have a sturdy base that keeps them upright. They come packed in a carrying case along with the flying disc.
To play, the poles are placed 20 to 30 feet apart and an empty water bottle is placed atop each pole. The object of the game is to knock the bottle from the top of the pole with a flying disc. Players throw the disc from behind their pole toward the opposition’s pole. A direct hit on the bottle or a hit on the pole that causes the bottle to fall results in a score. Two or more can play, with teammates taking turns.

Corntoss Bean Bag Game

From Driveway Games comes a weatherproof version of this classic target game. Competitors toss plastic-filled beanbags at portable plastic game boards. The competition is scored similar to horseshoes and offers hours of entertainment for two to four players. Packed in a storage bag, the game includes a rulebook and setup guide.
Stream Machine Water Guns
Put on those bathing suits and get out the water guns! Stream Machine hydrobolic water launchers from Watersports LLC can shoot water up to 70 feet. Quick and easy to fill, they’re the perfect choice for serious water battles. Stream Machines are available in a variety of sizes, so there’s one to fit the smallest or largest of hands. A double barrel model doubles the fun.
BAGGO® Bag Toss
BAGGO® is a popular backyard game where two or four players toss beanbag-like toss bags of unpopped corn at plastic targets. The game comes with toss bags, game boards, built-in scorekeepers, and an instruction manual. Toss a bag in the game board’s hole and score three points, a bag on the board scores one. The first player or team to reach 21 wins.
Tournament Gold Volleyball
Volleyball is an active game that will get the family moving. Sportcraft’s Tournament Gold Volleyball set comes with heavy-duty poles, an easy-to-install, clip-on 32-ft x 3-ft net, an on-net scorekeeping system, an official volleyball, and an air pump.
Blongo Ball
Does your family blongo? From Blongo Family Fun comes this new game that will provide hours of entertainment. Bounce blongo balls — two golf balls joined by a foot of rope — onto the rungs of a ladder-like stand to earn points. According to the manufacturer, the game does not require athletic skill.
Kan Jam
This disc-tossing game from Kan Jam LLC is fast-paced fun for four players. One player from each team throws the disc toward the target “kan.” If the thrower doesn’t score a direct hit, a teammate tries to deflect it into or onto the kan. Points are awarded based on whether the disc strikes the can or lands in it. The first team to record an exact score of 21 wins. A direct toss into the kan’s narrow slot is an instant win. The distance between the kans can be modified to accommodate players of various ages and ability.
Washer Toss
Ty Fun Trading Company’s Washer Game provides tons of fun in just a wee bit of space. Players score points by tossing washers into a cup within a box. A toss into the cup counts for more than a toss into the box. Scoring is similar to horseshoes. More than two can play as teams. First player or team to score 21 points wins.
Jarts, Hula Hoops, and Hot Ropes
From Whamo and Fundex come classic backyard toys like the easy-to-learn but tough-to-master hula hoop. While hula hooping is usually a solo sport, Jarts is a game for two players or two teams. Large darts are tossed underhand toward a horizontal target on the ground. Jumping rope is great exercise for one or the whole gang, and vibrantly colored Hot Ropes bring high fashion to this favorite outdoor activity.
-Fun For All Ages
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