Get Up for Ice Fishing Season

Get the most out of your ice fishing trips with the right equipment.

Love fishing? Then why limit yourself to just the warm months of the year? Even in the coldest weeks of winter, as far from the open waters of summer as possible, fishermen can still get their fix with ice fishing—with a few crucial pieces of equipment.


Just because you want to do some ice fishing doesn’t mean you should have to endure harsh winter weather. That’s where a shelter comes in. With portable, permanent and semi-permanent options, there’s surely a great option available. Many even come with a sled-shaped bottom, perfect for pulling or towing out to your favorite spot.


Once your shelter is set up, the next step is to drill through the ice with the help of a handy ice auger. Essentially a large drill with metal blades on the end, it goes through the ice like a hot knife through butter. And with electric, gas-powered and manual options, you’ll have a line in the water in no time flat.


Along with bundling up in the warmest boots, pants and parkas you can find, buying a heater might be a good idea to stay comfortable in your shelter while ice fishing. With the use of propane, these heaters are perfectly portable and can make your shelter as warm as the summers you’re used to fishing in. Just be sure to read the label and ensure that the model you choose can be used in an enclosed area.

Rod and Reel

If you haven’t tried ice fishing before, you might notice that the rod and reel combos are quite a bit shorter than you’re used to. This is because there’s no need to cast; you simply drop your line into the water. The materials of the equipment, though, are mostly the same as your full-size combo. And with super lightweight and sensitive tips, you’ll see and feel when that lunker latches on.


Want to increase your odds of catching fish, but only want to manage one line? One of the most popular devices used to assist ice fishermen is the tip-up. A small device, the tip-up goes over the hole in the ice, and a baited line from it drops down into the water. Once set, and once a fish takes the bait, the tip-up springs into action, setting the hook automatically and raising a flag (literally!) to show the fisherman it’s been set.

Dunham’s Sports has what you need to try your hand at ice fishing this winter.

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