Toasty Warm When It’s Cold Outside

Under Armour’s ColdGear Infrared is Your Cold-Weather Solution.
Two years ago, based on research conducted to write a similar article, I went to my local Dunham’s Sports and bought Under Armour ColdGear Infrared leggings and crew neck top. I wanted something that would help keep me warm during Michigan’s early spring and late fall, thereby extending my golf season. At the same time, the apparel had to be lightweight, not bulky, ensuring full range of motion. (The freer the swing, the longer and straighter the shots.) The ColdGear Infrared products have lived up to their billing.
These offerings go well beyond the compression products commonly used by cold-weather outdoor enthusiasts. What makes them special is a soft, thermo-conductive coating on the inside of the garment that absorbs and retains body heat, which is then redistributed evenly, keeping the wearer warmer, longer.
Here’s how: the thermo-coating on ColdGear Infrared products has ceramic particles that take advantage of ceramic’s heat-transference properties. (It’s why your coffee stays warmer longer in a ceramic mug, versus a paper or plastic cup and why ceramic tiles are used on military aircraft and the Space Shuttle.)
Absorb and Redistribute Body Heat
ColdGear Infrared goes beyond trapping body heat. It absorbs the heat we generate and redistributes it, creating a “microclimate” inside the material. I have definitely noticed the difference that wearing my ColdGear Infrared has made. I’ve been comfortable golfing in sunny, 45-degree weather wearing minimal layers. I also like the fact that these products feature anti-odor technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing microbes and include a moisture transport system that wicks perspiration away from the skin, further enhancing comfort.
ColdGear Infrared All Over
I’ve already started my holiday wish list and to my baselayer I plan on adding ColdGear Infrared quarter-zip jackets. They deliver all of the features and benefits of the baselayer, plus added technology to repel water and block the wind. Another item high on my list is a ColdGear Infrared beanie. Being follicle-challenged, I lose a lot of heat from my head, so this will find its way into my golf bag prior to next spring, as will a pair of the company’s ColdGear Infrared socks. Available in a variety of styles, these socks will keep my feet, another source of heat loss, warmer than my day-to-day socks. As such, I will have ColdGear Infrared products keeping me warm from head to toe.
Under Armour’s ColdGear Infrared products go well beyond keeping golfers like me warm. For example, the company’s shell jackets and Snocone pants are ideal for any type of snow sports— snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, etc. Available in a wide variety of colors, including camo, the pants are 100% waterproof and feature fully taped seams to prevent moisture from seeping through. They are specifically designed to deliver maximum warmth were the body needs it—such as in the seat and knee areas.
The shell jackets, meanwhile, feature a RECCO® avalanche rescue reflector to keep the wearer safe in an emergency. They also feature a helmet-compatible hood with a back zip expander, ensuring the hood lies against your head, whether you’re wearing a helmet or not. Runners might want to check out ColdGear Infrared Engage Run gloves and Run headbands.
Subhead: ColdGear Infrared for Everyone
ColdGear Infrared products also include accessories and hunting apparel and the company offers what it calls transitional outerwear. These are mid-weight items that are ideal for mid-fall and mid-spring in the Midwest and can be worn as lifestyle apparel.
Under Armour’s ColdGear Infrared products are available for men, women, boys and girls and for a variety of sports. While the calendar says that winter doesn’t officially start until December 21, we Midwesterners know that the nip in the air starts long before that date. This year, rather than hibernating, I plan on outfitting myself with a host of ColdGear Infrared products and trying my hand at some winter activities, taking comfort in the knowledge I’ll be warm without the need for bulky clothing.
Be sure to check out your favorite Dunham’s Sports store for the full range of Under Armour ColdGear Infrared products and meet me on the slopes (possibly) or on the links next spring (much more likely).
-Your Friends at Dunham’s
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The Latest, Greatest, High Tech Apparel is Here At Dunham’s

Stay Warmer, Dryer and Ski or Board Longer.
Serious skiers and boarders know the importance of correctly layering their clothing. The concept is simple. Multiple layers of breathable light-weight clothing can keep you warmer, dryer and skiing or boarding at peak performance longer, even in the coldest temperatures. Start with a base layer set of quality-multipleade crew and leggings capable of wicking moisture away from your body. Add a breathable mid-layer such as a shirt, sweater or vest. Top it all off with a wind-resistant jacket and pants. In addition to keeping you warm and dry in low temperatures, layering your clothing correctly will also keep you more comfortable by making it easy to removing outer layers when temperatures rise.
The great news is that Dunham’s has teamed up with two of the biggest names in ski and snowboard apparel to make Dun-ham’s Sports your one-stop shop for all the latest, greatest most-high-tech apparel you need to stay warmer, dryer and ski or board longer.
This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Long Underwear!
Under Amour, already the recognized leader in base layer technology ups the ante this year with new ColdGear® UA Base-layer 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 crews and leggings. UA Cold Gear is designed to wick moisture away from your skin, circulate body heat and keeping you warm and dry without weighing you down.
“We already had what we thought was the best product out there – the best combination of warmth, weight and dryness – but we started two years ago to make it better,” says Kevin Eskridge of Under Armour.”Our new Cold Gear Baselayer lines were developed in partnership with the most cutting-edge fabric mills in the world, then tested at our Under Armour Innovation Lab tested and validated by world class athletes.”
Eskridge adds that choosing the UA ColdGear Baselayer cold weather protection you need is a matter of personal preference, depending on how active you are and how affected you are by the cold. Every UA Baselayer crew and legging features light-weight 4-way stretch fabric, UA’s signature Moisture Transport System and Anti-Odor technology. Baselayer 2.0 offers excellent mid-weight protection in cold weather. Baselayer 3.0 delivers maximum warmth in extreme cold conditions. Baselayer 4.0 deliv-ers warmth, dryness and comfort in the brutal cold.
Conquer the Coldest Weather
Dunham’s offers a complete line of high-tech Under Armour apparel to help you layer correctly and conquer even the coldest weather. A smooth, slick Under Armour Rhyme Stone ¼-Zip with UA’s signature Moisture Transport System and Anti-Odor technology can be worn as a comfortable mid-layer or stylish outer layer, depending on the weather. Lightweight ¼-zip construc-tion allows on-demand ventilation.
If the soft feel of fleece is more your style, slip into an UA Power Stretch mid-level fleece. Armour® Fleece technology com-bines a soft brushed inner layer and a quick-drying, lightweight outer layer. As the name implies, the bonded fabric layers move with you to help keep you limber, more mobile and ready for almost anything any hill, trail or half-pipe can throw at you.
If icy winds send shivers down your spine, then slip into great looking UA jackets and pants with Armour Storm technology. The soft, comfortable ArmourLoft inner keeps you warm and comfortable without adding excess weight or bulk, while the 100-percent waterproof breathable yet wind-resistant fabric finish takes the sting out of even the coldest winter blasts. UA ColdGear® men’s knit hats and women’s Blustry beanies also deliver warmth and comfort so you can stay focused, even in extreme tempera-tures. ColdGear thermal lining features an exclusive hex pattern that traps body heat for maximum warmth and minimal weight.
Technology You Can See and Feel
In the past few years, Columbia has turned its attention to developing superior technologies and functional designs that allow you to choose pieces that best fit your environmental and activity needs. This year’s line features Omni-Heat Reflective, Colum-bia’s proprietary technology that helps regulate temperature by using metallic dots, which reflect and retain body heat, while the area between the dots dissipates moisture and excess heat to keep you more comfortable.
“The silver dots do an amazing job reflecting body heat – almost like a breathable space-blanket,” says Andy Nordhoff of Co-lumbia Sportswear. “Our designers have been able to incorporate Omni-Heat Reflective in new form-fitting silhouettes for this season since they no longer need to rely on thick, traditional insulation. The result is a lightweight solution that allows for great range of motion for all outdoor activities.”
Columbia’s wrapped those styles in waterproof, breathable membranes designed to be lightweight and durable. And in addi-tion to staying warm and dry all winter long, the color palette for the season ensures that you will also look as good as you feel.
But Omni-Heat Reflective goes well beyond jackets. In designing the baselayers for example, Columbia worked with a phys-iology expert to determine heat zones in the body and have mapped the Omni-Heat Reflective to those zones. For high sweat zones that naturally expel heat, designers incorporated wicking fabric to deliver optimal temperature regulation. And the full line of baselayer is antimicrobial, reducing the stink factor after a long day working moving snow on the slopes with your skis… or in the driveway with your shovel.
From Dunham’s to You
So, what are you waiting for? If you are serious about getting the most out of every time you hit the slopes, trails or half-pipe, Dunham’s Sports has all the latest, greatest most high-tech apparel you need to stay warmer, dryer and ski or board longer.
-Ski Bum
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