Get Out, Lie Down

The kids are getting out of school and the weather is getting hot. That can only mean one thing—summer!
This time of year is great for being outside and soaking up sunshine, no matter where you are. Hot summer weather also means lots of fun in any body of water—from the pool to the lake!
Water sports may be what you look forward to doing all week. There’s plenty of fun to be had water skiing, wakeboarding or tubing. But there may be another kind of water recreation on your mind this summer—relaxing! And relaxing is something that everyone in the family can participate in. Leisure time out on the water can be the perfect way to take in the summer sun.
If it’s leisurely time you’re in the mood for, Dunham’s has all the Nash Sports products you’ll need, including those with the Comfort Top.
“On the Dual Lounger and on the Aqua Plank, the Comfort Top surface makes the item super comfortable,” said Brian Zaletel of Nash Sports. “It is an edge-to-edge finish that is non-abrasive with a super soft feel.”
The Comfort Top items are growing in popularity, Zaletel said. The Comfort Top is available in the Aqua Plank and the Dual Lounger in addition to several towable models. With this material, you can relax in total comfort.
“The Comfort Top doesn’t get cold and crack. Doesn’t get hot in the sun,” Zaletel said about Comfort Top. “It is just a nice surface that works in all conditions.”
There are plenty of Nash Sports products available for Summer 2014. The Body Glove one-person Easy Rider River Float, Water Bug with matching floating cooler, and the Riviera Foam Floats are all great options! The Riviera floats come in a variety of colors. Any of the floats available are great for the pool, lake or river. Zaletel says if you’re headed to the lake, you might want to try the Comfort Top Aqua Plank which measures 6 feet by 12 feet. If you want even more room, the Aqua Planks have zippers to attach several floats together!
So get out this summer and relax on the water. Try one of the many Nash Sports products available at your local Dunham’s Sports. With all of the selections available enabling you to either rip up the waves or saw some Z’s, you can’t make a wrong choice for the summer.
“After a rough day this is the perfect way to unwind,” said Zaletel.
-Water baby
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