Target Practice of Self-Defense?

Choose the right handgun ammunition for greater success.
It takes repeated practice to get good at anything, including proficiency with handguns. Experts spend countless hours on the firing range fine-tuning their technique and their weapons so they are prepared, should they need to draw their weapon in self-defense. They also are acutely aware that there are significant differences between the ammunition used in these diversely different situations.
“For target ammo, you want something economical because you will be using so much of it,” said Remington’s Chris Faust.
He recommends the company’s Union Metallic Cartridge (UMC) line, available in 50-round boxes. Depending on the caliber, 100- and 250-round boxes are also available for even greater cost savings.
“Most target shooting pistol ammunition is classified as full metal jacket. That means the bullets consist of a soft core––often lead––encased in a shell of harder metal, such as gilding metal, which is 95 percent copper. Target ammo uses less-expensive powder and it’s designed to penetrate the target; 80 percent of all ammo sold is target ammo,” Faust explained.
Distinctly different is self-defense ammo. In these potentially lethal situations, people are looking to buy quality ammo.
“People don’t usually pull guns until their life is in peril. You want something that is extremely reliable and will not inadvertently hit another target,” Faust said.
Self-defense ammo typically is a hollow point or jacketed hollow point bullet. The tip is open and contains an open hollow cavity. This cavity is designed to expand when entering a soft target. Expansion is desired as it slows the bullet upon penetration, preventing collateral damage behind the target.
Defense ammunition of this type also typically uses nickel-plated cases and flash-suppressed powders and primers. The nickel ensures more reliable loading in auto-loading pistols. As Faust explained, the flash-suppression in the powder improves the ability to fire in low light conditions, which is when defense situations are most often encountered. It also protects the eyes from temporary flash blindness. Additionally, some loads use primer and waterproofing, which provides environmental robustness and resistance to moisture.
For Personal Defense pistol and revolver ammunition Remington offers the Golden Saber (in a 25-round box) and the Ultimate Defense Lines (available in a 20-round box).
To be fully prepared should the situation arise, Faust recommends using some personal-defense ammo at the range.
“Most personal-defense ammo has more recoil than target ammo. You want to make sure you’re used to that recoil and are not surprised by it,” he said.
-Deer Abby
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Precision Ammunition

Hunters need to be on top of the constant technological advances and innovations in firearms, scent-masking and baiting, but they shouldn’t overlook the trends and changes in ammunition as well. Changes to all types of hunting equipment come as often as opening day, but what should hunters be looking for with this year’s brand-new types of ammo?
According to Jessica Kallam of Remington, there are two main focuses for ammunition companies, aside from the new technology. “Price vs. performance remains the focus,” Kallam said. “Hunters are looking for a bargain now that ammo is starting to show back up on the shelves. Quality and consistency of performance is a theme we hear from hunters. After a long period of high rate production, many want to know that overall quality is still a focus in the American ammunition industrial base.”
While Remington is keeping up with its tradition of quality performance ammunition, they’ve made some impressive advances to their already industry-leading products, most notably with their HyperSonic models. “HyperSonic Rifle Bonded™ features the Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded bullet at velocities up to 200 fps faster than standard loads,” Kallam explained. “HyperSonic Steel™: The world’s fastest, hardest hitting steel loads at 1,700 fps. HyperSonic Slug™: New for 2014, the world’s fastest shotgun slug at 2,300 fps utilizes proven Xelerator™ sabot-wad technology. The industry leading AccuTip™ bonded slug features 95 percent weight retention, massive expansion and deep penetration.”
Celebrating its 75th year helping hunters land their trophy bucks as the “deadliest mushroom in the woods,” Core-Lokt ammo is extremely popular ammunition that can be found at your local Dunham’s.“The Core-Lokt bullet was the first controlled expansion bullet designed to retain its jacket for maximum weight retention, expansion and penetration for stellar terminal performance on game,” Kallam said.
For those looking for a bargain in addition to their prey, Remington has some special offers that hunters should keep in their crosshairs, such as the Remington Nitro-Steel waterfowl loads. Nearing waterfowl season, this ammunition gives hunters an affordable price without sacrificing Remington quality.
Remington will also be offering some rebates on their already affordable products. Hunters should be on the lookout for rebates on all Core-Lokt and premium rifle ammunition, Express buckshot, Slugger™ shotgun slugs, Premier AccuTip™ slugs and Premier Copper Solid™ slugs.
With opening day getting closer by the minute, don’t forget to take advantage of some of the fantastic updates in Remington products as well as the rebates to save a few bucks. With the quality, tradition and performance of Remington and the selection and know-how of Dunham’s, make it a hunting season for the record books.
-Deer Abby
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