Stay Concealed

Not getting noticed is key but blinds can offer much more.

Hunting is about more than just finding game in the wild. It’s also about making sure they don’t find you.

You can wear camouflage and try to keep perfectly still. But staying still and quiet can be difficult when hunting in a group or with kids, and camouflage equipment can be costly. You can’t control the weather or the wind carrying your scent, but you can keep yourself hidden by adding a specific tool to your arsenal—a hunting blind.

There are several kinds of blinds available. One variety is the ground blind, which sits on the ground like a tent. Pierce FollansbeeDelong of Barronett says these are great for anyone new to blinds because they’re portable and eliminates the need to buy a lot of camouflage clothing. To help you stay concealed, you’ll only need to wear dark clothing while you’re inside.

“With a ground blind you can also get away with more,” said FollansbeeDelong “This is especially crucial in bow hunting when you’re drawing back the bow. They’re also a great way to introduce kids to the sport because ground blinds allow them to move around without being seen.”

A ground blind is versatile. You can be protected from adverse weather conditions and keep your scent isolated to one area. It can sit anywhere, so you don’t need a tree. And you can get closer to whatever you’re hunting.

“Being eye level with a deer on the ground is a completely different experience than being in a tree stand above one,” said FollansbeeDelong. “The excitement and the connection is truly unmatched.”

A blind can even make it easier to hunt with friends rather than by yourself.

“A lot of people like to hunt together, and filming hunts is becoming more and more popular,” said FollansbeeDelong. “Bigger ground blinds allow you to hunt together and stay concealed.”

FollansbeeDelong said it is also important to consider window configuration when buying a blind. The window configuration should match up with the style weapon you’ll be using.

There are several Barronett blind options at Dunham’s Sports this season, including the new Blaze Orange Safety Cap. These add safety to your hunt by making sure other hunters can see your blind.

Take your hunting game to another level this fall. Stay hidden with a ground blind from Dunham’s Sports.

-Deer Abby

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