Portable Heaters

With the dog days of winter coming up quickly, staying comfortable—both inside and out—is the key to enjoying the season to its fullest. Thanks to the variety of choices in both propane and infrared heaters, it’s possible to stay warm and cozy from your living room to your tree stand or other temporary outdoor space.
Safe, Supplemental Warmth
For those of you looking for a little extra electrical heat in a cold bedroom or basement, look no further than the infrared Lifesmart heaters. Because they don’t use a flammable gas like propane, these heaters are great for any room that’s in need of an extra boost of heat during those extra-chilly months.
“Infrared quartz portable heaters do not use burning heat,” explained Dustin Awe of Lifesmart Infrared Electric Heaters. “Once the heat exchanger absorbs the infrared heat, it exhales the heat into the living area, and the heat is carried by the existing humidity in the air.”
As most homeowners know, it can cost a fortune to heat a house thoroughly during the winter. With Lifesmart heaters, however, the rooms that are most prone to being too cold and expensive to keep warm won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
Because the infrared quartz heaters use humidity to carry heat, they don’t dry out the air like a furnace would. That results in a pretty substantial increase in efficiency, according to Awe.
“Infrared heaters are a great way to heat specific rooms or areas, which can be more efficient,” Awe said. “Infrared quartz heaters are proven to be up to 50 percent more efficient than forced-air furnaces.”
Lifesmart infrared heaters come in several designs to fit just about every room size and style, from the compact yet powerful 1,200-square-foot heater in a black cabinet to the big 2,000-square-foot heater in a wood cabinet. Lifesmart also has a fireplace heater capable of heating 1,800 square feet that mimics a real fireplace flame. All styles come with two remote control units.
Comfortably Warm Inside or Out
Another option that is usable both inside and out is the propane-fueled Buddy heater, which is the only portable heater on the market certified to be used both indoors and out.
Using radiant heat, which is the same heat we feel from the sun, Buddy heaters come in four sizes: Little Buddy 3,800 Btu, Portable Buddy 9,000 Btu, Hunting Buddy 12,000 Btu, and Big Buddy 18,000 Btu. They’re also incredibly portable, which is useful in hunting blinds and ice shanties.
“These heaters easily fit in pop-up blinds and ice shanties,” explained Jeff Bush of Enerco. “The Little Buddy heats 100 square feet, Portable Buddy 200 square feet, Hunting Buddy 300 square feet, and Big Buddy 400 square feet.”
Whether you’re looking for relief from a cold office, basement, hunting blind or ice shanty, there are heaters available for any situation. So don’t go cold — and don’t go broke — trying to stay warm and comfortable this winter.
-Happy Camper
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