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Jackson, MI is an active outdoor community full of parks, trails, and fields where the whole family can participate in sports and wellness activities. Ella Sharp Park features a golf course, biking trails, basketball courts, and soccer fields. The Martin Luther King Center features basketball and tennis courts, baseball fields, and plenty of beautiful foliage. And Falling Waters Trail is a 10-mile walking trail that also has a spot for fishing. Whether youare looking to enjoy a quiet hike and afternoon of fishing or meet with friends for a quick pickup game of soccer or baseball, you can find all the sporting goods you might need at Jackson, MIas Dunhams Sports location. The store offers plenty of outdoor gear deals, camping equipment, outdoor clothing, affordable golf clubs, and plenty of other sporting goods all at closeout prices. So you can stock up on supplies for the whole family all in one spot and then enjoy all of the wonderful outdoor activities that Jackson has to offer.
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JACKSON , MI 49202

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