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Get Fit When It Really Counts with TrainingMask® 3.0

A long time ago (but not in a galaxy far, far away), I ruptured the ACL in my left knee. The result is that 40 years later, I can’t run for as long as I would like because the knee starts swelling or stiffening. As I’ve explained to my fellow gym members, it’s not the heart or lungs preventing me from longer workouts; it’s the knee. What I’ve been looking for is a way to truly tax my heart and lungs without putting undue strain on my left knee. I believe I’ve found my solution in TrainingMask 3.0.

A Better Training Mask

As Michael Gennusa, TrainingMask COO and CFO, explained, “The idea for the training mask came from the company CEO, who noticed that a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter was using a rudimentary gas mask during training to tax his breathing. This innovative training technique vastly improved his lung capacity, giving him a distinct advantage over his competitors.”

How It Works

The mask is designed to improve sustained breathing power and workout capacity. Think of it like lifting weights. You go to the gym and pick up a 30-pound dumbbell and do multiple reps. The curling motion involved in this exercise loads the involved muscle groups (biceps and triceps). The repeated motion makes it easier for your muscles to perform this action when you have to lift a suitcase, for example. The TrainingMask does the same thing for the breathing muscles.

“We don’t restrict the air flow; we make your breathing system work harder. Just like regular weight training, workouts allow you to move more weight as you get stronger. Similarly, the TrainingMask improves your overall stamina and endurance, which allows you to do more overall work in a given time frame. Your workouts become more efficient, and you perform better,” Gennusa said.

In clinical trials performed by the company, Gennusa stated that participants improved in a number of areas, including ventilatory threshold, respiratory compensation point and even growth hormone levels. (Growth hormone is a potent fat burner and muscle-building agent that the body naturally releases in response to intense workouts.)

Even at its lowest setting, the TrainingMask 3.0 forces you to breathe more deeply. Even sitting still, I felt my breaths getting deeper, and my Fitbit told me my heart rate increased.

A Great Training Aid for Anyone

Gennusa recommends the TrainingMask for anyone. “Anytime we can improve our ability to sustain high-intensity effort for longer periods without getting winded, we will significantly improve our level of fitness,” he said.

Gennusa pointed out a CBS News story about a veteran returning from Afghanistan who had breathing problems from all that he incurred. He needed an inhaler to help him breathe. After a couple of months of using a training mask, he was able to do away with inhalers. However, Gennusa cautioned, “While we get reports similar to this example from happy customers regularly, everyone’s breathing health is different. The TrainingMask was designed as a device to improve how people exercise. Our reports from customers that say it has really helped their asthma are atypical, and if someone has breathing conditions that they are aware of, it’s always a good idea to check with your healthcare provider to make sure you are safe to try breathing training with a training mask.”

“For any kind of performance athlete, the mask will help you perform better,” Gennusa added. “If you’re a general fitness enthusiast, you’ll feel like your ‘wind’ is better; you’ll feel like you can work out harder, and you’ll be able to do longer or more efficient runs. You’ll see a better, leaner, more fit body because you’re able to work out harder than you did before–easier.”

Gennusa does not recommend using it on kids under the age of 16, and he recommends getting acclimated to it before going full bore.

“Take it out of the box, sit in a chair, and breathe to see how it feels. When people buy it, they find it challenging. That’s normal,” he said.

Caring for the mask is easy. Any alcohol-based cleaner can be used on the rubber mask. It’s recommended that the sleeve be put in the washing machine once a month or so. A spray cleaner for the mask portion is also available.

The TrainingMask 3.0 is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. Be sure to consult with a knowledgeable Dunham’s Sports fitness expert to ensure you are properly fitted.

-Fitness Fanatic

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