Gravity-A Girls Best Friend

[Written by Peter Nielsen].
When it comes to bone health, gravity is a girl’s best friend! Weight bearing exercises are one of the best ways to build strong healthy bones.
In fact, the latest research shows this kind of activity boosts bone density by as much as nine percent! Scientists looked at a group of healthy women who started a weight bearing regimen. The program included climbing, walking and calisthenics for sixty to ninety minutes three times per week for about three months. The program boosted hip bone density by eleven percent. No drug, supplement or magic bullet can match those kind of results!
Unsure where to start?  Brisk walking and strength exercises are excellent starting points.  Popular, new fitness programs are springing up everywhere — try Tai Chi, Yoga or Zumba. Do you love to dance? Try a salsa or rhumba class!  Leave that golf cart behind and carry your clubs!
As an added bonus, you’ll improve balance and that leads to a healthier aging process!
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