Getting Started with Archery

Archery is one of the world’s oldest sports. According to the International Olympic Committee, archery can be traced back to the beginnings of civilization. But it is still accessible today. And it can be a great sport to get involved in.

Not only can archery be a fun hobby, it can also be useful when hunting. And if you’ve never tried it before, you don’t need much equipment to get started.

Bob Ransom of Primal Treestands said that what you really need to start is a bow, arrows, a release or finger tab and a target. And there are many kinds of bows on the market. You could choose a recurve bow, which is the type of bow used in the Olympics. Other kinds include compound bows, traditional bows and crossbows.

Joe White of Rinehart Targets said that the kind of bow you go with will determine what other equipment you may need. For instance, if you choose a compound bow, White said a you’ll also need an arrow rest and a bow sight. An arrow rest would also be beneficial when using a recurve bow. And an armguard is a good tool for either bow.

Be sure to choose the right kind of arrow for the bow you’re using. That will help ensure accuracy of your shot. Choose arrows matched for weight and draw length.

As far targets, White said Rinehart’s most popular types are bag or foam targets.

Once you have all your equipment, then what? Get practicing! Lessons are a great way to learn the fundamentals and develop your skill.

“Lessons will start you out with the proper form so you don’t develop any ‘bad’ habits,” White said. “The more successful you are, the longer you’re likely to stay with it and have the experience be more enjoyable.”

If lessons aren’t an option for you, Ransom suggested finding a friend or someone near you with experience to learn from. And a great place for that is an archery club near you. There are many across the country.

“Not all clubs are the same, but I’ve found most of them have a core of great people who love the sport and are more than willing to help newcomers out,” said White.

An archery club can offer you exposure to equipment and resources you may not be able to access otherwise.

You can find clubs and other archery programs near you by visiting And you can get all the gear you need at your local Dunham’s Sports!

-Deer Abby

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