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Fitness band make it easier to achieve your fitness goal.
I enjoy exercising, always have. When weather and workload permit, I find great enjoyment in riding my bike, walking the neighborhood or my favorite golf course, working out with weights, etc. When the temperatures dip (October-April or so), you’re likely to find me at my town’s recreation center. I also tend to watch what I eat, so I’m in pretty good shape. Yet I always wonder if I could be in even better health. Could I be keeping better track of my caloric intake and output? Would a personal trainer ensure the exercises I do are ideally suited for my goals and would he or she push me to achieve more? To find out, I’m considering purchasing the iFit Active from my local Dunham’s Sports store.
A number of people at the gym, as well as some friends and relatives, have already beaten me to the punch. They’ve purchased the 3-in-1 activity wrist bands and are using them religiously.
“Unlike other activity trackers, our iFit Active tracks you to your goals. It allows you to put in your goal and you can see your progress toward that goal throughout the day, either on the device or on our iFit App,” said Joe Killpack, ICON Health and Fitness, iFit’s parent company.
Keeping Track
The iFit Active makes it easier to track calories. They can be entered on the wearable device in increments of 50 or via the app, where users can search for the food item or a similar item. A bar scanner feature on the app further increases convenience and accuracy.
“What’s really cool about the app is that it provides you with a wealth of information: calories, proteins, sugars, saturated fat. Once people understand their behaviors during the day, including what they’re consuming, they can then see where they’re struggling and adjust their activities for a healthier lifestyle,” Killpack added.
That healthier lifestyle can begin by ensuring we expend more calories than we take in and the iFit Active does that for you by recording your activities: steps taken, distance moved, calories burned. It shows your net calories in real time and your progress percentage toward your goals. It then prescribes customized workouts to help you reach your daily goals. The iFit Active even tracks your sleep and sleep patterns as well as sends and receives messages to keep you motivated.
The iFit app is available for Android and iOS platforms.
Your Personal Trainer
“If everyone could afford a personal trainer, I believe they would have one. If everyone had someone who walked them through what they could eat and how much, everyone would be healthier. Since most people don’t have that luxury, we are trying to become the next best thing,” Killpack said.
Via an additional membership, the program looks at your day (calories taken in and calories spent) and provides you with a personalized workout for your exercise equipment (assuming it’s iFit compatible).
The membership enables you to access your iFit profile from anywhere, track your progress and train with Jillian Michaels, formerly from TV’s Biggest Loser. The fitness program adjusts with your progress, so you’ll stay inspired and avoid the dreaded plateau.
“Through our relationship with Google Maps and National Geographic, iFit members can virtually run or bike in their hometown, past their home or through their favorite vacation spot,” he added.
Since it uses the GPS feature, the treadmill will incline or decline, based on the chosen terrain’s topography. The images are displayed on the exercise equipment’s video screen, significantly increasing the enjoyment factor.
iFit Act
Dunham’s also carries the less-expensive iFit Act. It does all of the things the iFit Active does: tracks your steps, distance, calories burned, sleep and syncs wirelessly and automatically to everything iFit.
“With its ability to seamlessly connect to all of iFit, you can easily access your information anywhere, anytime through multiple platforms,” Killpack said.
The difference between iFit Active and iFit Act is that the latter does not include an LCD digital display. Both devices can be worn as wrist bands or as clip ons. Both come in standard black bands while the iFit Active offers optional colors: white, coral and blue for an additional fee.
iFit Active and iFit Act feature Bluetooth 4.0 communication, a water-resistant design, battery life up to seven days and convenient USB charging.
Dunham’s Sports also carries the Garmin VivoFit fitness band, the Polar Loop fitness tracker and more. Be sure to check them out in person at your local Dunham’s Sports store or online at
If you are serious about getting – and staying – fit, you owe it to yourself to check out the iFit Active and iFit Act bands. Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to track how many calories we consume and how many we expend. Being able to do so easily and conveniently – and having Jillian Michaels motivate us – can make a world of difference in achieving our goals.
-Fitness Fanatic
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