Football-Soccer Footwear Uppers and Midsoles

Mixing eye-catching design with devastating performance.

From superior materials to innovative design, discover the details of what goes into every upper and midsole of Nike soccer boots.

Nike Soccer Uppers

The main benefits the upper provides are protection, comfort and enhanced touch. The “touch” of the soccer boot refers to the ability of a player to feel the ball with their foot in order to control it when passing, dribbling or kicking.

Upper Materials


Natural Leathers

Full-grain and kangaroo leathers are soft, supple and offer excellent ball feel.

Synthetic Leathers

Synthetics offer great ball feel, don’t absorb water, maintain their shape, and are lightweight and more durable than leather.

Teijin Microfiber

This synthetic material conforms to the foot’s shape, providing supreme touch and optimal support.


By wrapping snugly around the foot, this synthetic material helps provide great ball touch and mimics the feel of kangaroo leather without the weight.

Upper Design Features And Benefits


Asymmetrical Lacing

Laces are moved to the lateral side of the shoe to create a cleaner surface and bigger striking zone for better touch on the ball.

All Conditions Control (ACC)

Helps provide excellent ball control in wet or dry conditions.

Suede Heel Lining

The texture of the suede reduces heel slippage.

Nike Soccer Midsoles

Very few boots have midsoles. This is because most soccer players want to be close to the ground for better lateral stability. Nike soccer cleat midsoles provide cushioning for a players foot, but compared to running shoes, it’s minimal.

Midsole Materials and Design Features


Phylon and EVA

Offering optimal comfort and cushioning, these materials are most often found in IC (indoor) and TF (turf) styles as a 3/4- or full-length midsole that enhances cushioning and comfort on hard surfaces.

PORON® Inserts

Inserts may be placed under high-pressure areas of the foot for an additional layer of low-to-the-ground cushioning.

Low-profile Sockliners

Help to reduce stud pressure for cushioning and comfort underfoot. Sockliners are commonly made from EVA foam that is either molded or die-cut.
-Soccer Mom
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