Dunham’s Sports Shopping Checklists

Not sure where to start? Dunham’s Sports has you covered for all of your sporting goods needs. You can browse through several different categories below that come with an exclusive checklist to ensure you’ll have everything you really need for specific holidays, events, and excursions. Simply click on the lists below to start checking off your items.


Backpacking Checklist

Heading out into the great unknown? Even if you’re planning for a short trip of adventure, it’s important to be prepared. Browse through this checklist to make sure you’re not forgetting anything.

Camping Checklist

Before heading to the campground, double check your supplies. Do you have all of the necessities? Check this list to be sure.

Canoe Checklist

This checklist contains everything you need to know for a safe and fun trip on the river. With a list of supplies you’ll need and the most important canoe safety tips, you’ll be ready in no time.

Hockey Checklist

There are several things to remember to bring to hockey practice and games if you’re a hockey player. This checklist contains all of the equipment you’ll need to play, including some facts and hockey terms that are important to know.

Hunting/Archery Checklist

Are you a hunter or hunter in training? This list includes the 15 essentials for hunting as well as lists of toiletries, clothing, and shelter that you won’t want to skip over.

Team Sports Checklist

Playing on a sports team? This checklist has suggested items for baseball, softball, hockey, volleyball, soccer, basketball, and more.