Bring in the Bucks

Scientifically formulated attractants bring the bucks to your stand.
Today’s best hunters have skills that go beyond handling firearms. If you expect to harvest a buck, you have to understand his habits, predict his movements and attract him to your stand. You also have to be sure he doesn’t sense the presence of someone he doesn’t like — that would be you — and does detect something he likes — a doe in estrus or a food source. You have to be part scientist and part naturalist.
Among useful tools the thinking hunter uses are attractants. If you don’t have the good fortune of being in a place where bucks happen to find things that make them happy, your best chance of success is to simulate good things and mask bad things.
Estrous Scents
Estrous (or estrus) scents are meant to suggest the presence of a doe in heat. These scents are usually 100% doe urine collected when the animal is ready to mate. Among products available at Dunham’s is Golden Estrus Xtreme from Wildlife Research Center. Paul Marion of Wildlife Research Center, said the product “was once available only to industry insiders.” Applied to a wick that’s hung from a branch, it’s a potent lure.
Dunham’s stocks a number of Code Blue estrous products as well. Greg Roe of PRADCO Outdoor Brands, said their best selling product is Code Blue Estrous Doe Urine, which is effective when used during rut. He applies it with a dragline, a simple device that’s coated with scent and dragged along the ground as he walks to his stand. He then hangs the rope near the stand. He also uses Code Blue Grave Digger – freeze-dried dirt infused with doe estrous. To attract that buck, dig a hole the size of a golf ball and fill it with Grave Digger. A bit of moisture activates it.
Code Blue’s premium estrous product, Platinum Standing Estrous is collected during the approximate three-hour window when the doe is standing for mating. “It’s super power stuff,” said Roe, “and works well when applied with a drag line.”
When using a dragline, pull on rubber gloves before removing the line from its package. Your odor will not help attract a buck. Hold the line out to the side at arm’s length while walking, so the scent trail doesn’t intersect your footsteps.
Other Scents
Also available at Dunham’s are Code Blue Doe Urine and Buck Urine. Doe urine is gathered when the animal is not in estrous and can be a confidence builder for bucks. Used prior to the rut it tells a travelling buck that a doe has come this way and deemed the trail safe. Buck Urine is used prior to the rut and suggests that another buck has invaded the territory. That will prompt buck number one to look for the interloper. When applied with a dragline along the trail to your stand, it can lead the buck to you.
Buck Bomb’s Dominant Buck is made from whitetail urine and formulated to be used in pre-rut and rut periods. Doe P and Ambush are made from whitetail urine as well and, according the Buck Bomb web site, can be used year round.
Scent Control
The surest way to make sure a buck won’t go near your stand is to leave your odor in the area. Mr. buck doesn’t want to make your acquaintance. That’s why products are available to eliminate a range of odors and do it well.
Among these is Super Charged Scent Killer from Wildlife Research Center. A blend of odor fighting ingredients, it’s applied to clothing and equipment. It continues to work after it dries, so you don’t have to hunt with wet clothing. Marion said the product “was found to be 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing at Rutgers University.”
Dunham’s stocks a variety of food products from Wild Game Innovations. These are proven attractants made from foods deer love. Packaged in 5-lb. bags, they allow for easy handling. Among these are a range of tasty products, including Chestnut Rage Wild Game, Apple Crush, Sugar Beet Crush, Acorn Rage and more. Other products from the same company, including Sugar Beet Crush Narrow Block, are sold as wrapped blocks.
Want to grow goodies near your stand? Throw & Gro Xtreme Radish from Evolved Habitats will produce a food plot that attracts and retains deer. The 5 lb. bag will grow up to 1/4 acre of nutritious food.
Screw This
How about an attractant device that lures bucks with food they love and keeps them busy working to get to it? Sugar Beet Smash Screw and the Corn Holer, from Buck Bomb come in the form of a screw-shaped container that is packed with goodies. Screwed into a hole in the ground, they serve as a feed block that is protected from the elements and cannot be easily carried away.
-Deer Abby
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