It’s How We Roll

You don’t have to join a league to have fun at the bowling alley.
League bowling can be a great way to break up the routine, get some exercise, and make friends. But you can enjoy those same benefits without joining a league. And when you’re hitting the lanes just for fun, having a good time is your only concern.
On the other hand, joining a league incurs responsibility. For one, you’re obligated to show up at least most of the time. That means for one day a week, you’re tied up for the length of the season. But if you’re bowling for grins, you can do it whenever you’re so inclined and the bowling alley’s open bowling schedule synchs with yours.
When I was a wee one on the southside of Chicago, our bowling alleys didn’t even have leagues for kids. But we definitely had a lot of bowling alleys. There were at least three within walking distance of my house. A bunch of us would get together on a Saturday morning and hike up to one of the nearby establishments, and for a couple of bucks we would have a rip-roaring good time. A few of our group (whom I considered wealthy) owned balls and shoes, but that meant they had to carry them to the alley. So while they may have enjoyed a better fit, they were tired by the time we arrived and ripe for the picking.
And I do mean picking. While we were playful street urchins, we were also intense. Everyone knew how to keep score, and we’d watch the sheet carefully, just to make sure a competitor didn’t forget how many pins went down.
Today, I still make it out to an alley now and then, with my kids or granddaughter. We’re nowhere near as competitive as the gang in the old ‘hood was, but we have a fine time. And the proprietor is always happy to see us, particularly on those days when things might be slow.
While bowling in the 1950s didn’t involve anything more than you, the ball and those newfangled automatic pinsetters, today’s bowling alleys usually have a full menu of pub grub and special events, like cosmic bowling with fog machines, disco lights and runway lights. Some even have live music.
Of course most offer party arrangements, which can be a great way to celebrate birthdays. And for the little ones, many establishments offer bumper bowling with blocked gutters, ensuring success and plenty of fun.
Bowling is a great family activity that’s easy to learn and offers lots of interaction. Only minimal equipment is necessary, and Dunham’s can provide everything you need, including balls, bags and accessories for beginning to intermediate bowlers. Stop by today. A Dunham’s sales associate will be help you choose gear for you and yours.
See you at the bowling center!
-Lucky Strikes
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