Handling a Handgun Purchase

There are various handgun options available to give you personal protection and peace of mind, when on the road or at home. However, if you’re new to the handgun purchase process, the options can be a little overwhelming.

The first step to take is to determine what the firearm will be used for: concealed carry or at-home protection. If the weapon is for concealed-carry, it would be wise to look for something on the smaller and lighter side so it doesn’t become cumbersome for travel. For at-home protection, a larger, heavier option would work since it will likely be stored.

From there, you’ll need to look at whether a revolver or semi-automatic handgun would work best. A semi-automatic -also known as self-loaders – utilizes the pressure release from a fired round to load the next. Also with a semi-automatic, you’ll get a load size of anywhere from six to 20 cartridges, however this type can be a bit more complicated to operate than a revolver, so additional training might be required. Revolvers, conversely, have a round, spinning cylinder that is released to the side of the firearm, where the rounds are loaded. Most revolvers have a standard capacity of five or six rounds.

Once the firearm type has been selected, the very important choice of caliber comes into play. Caliber is the size of cartridge the handgun will fire, and with that comes also the amount of recoil – or kickback – the gun will produce. This choice should come with a discussion with your firearm salesman, as they’ll be able to provide guidance on this based on your size, strength and experience.

After finding what you think is the best handgun, the decisive step is to test it at a firing range. This can be a very exciting part of the process, but safety is paramount and priority. If the buyer is new to firearms, a basic handgun training course will help provide some initial information. From there, examining the weapon and how it fits the user is key. Checking where the trigger finger sets on the trigger, location of the safety, and if it fires reliably are all factors to consider when testing. Consult an expert if you have any questions or concerns about the firearm.

By answering some decisions, like purpose, firearm type and caliber, new firearm users can successfully – and most important, safely – purchase the best firearm. With so many options and types available, research is your best friend, so choose wisely!

-Deer Abby

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Take a Hunting Road Trip

If you’re a hunter, you probably have your favorite spots to camp out. Or maybe you are new to the sport and you’re not sure where to start. Either way, it’s always fun to go out and explore new ground. So where are the best places in the country to go for a hunt?


The Midwest has some great spots for hunting deer. Game and Fish magazine names Kansas, Iowa, Ohio, Nebraska and Indiana as the best midwestern states for hunting deer. The article looks at both hunting license regulations and deer populations to determine the best of the best.

Kansas was at the top of the list with its large public land space where hunting is available.

Wide Open Spaces, however, named Kentucky as its best state in the Midwest for deer hunting. That’s thanks to its accommodating regulations, public land and a large, healthy deer population.


Want your pick of several kinds of game? Head out west. Moose, deer, elk and bears are just some of the options.

If you want elk, Wyoming is the place to go according to Brad Fitzpatrick from Outdoor Life magazine.

“The plains in the east-central and northeastern portions of the state are prime antelope hunting areas,” Fitzpatrick wrote.

California is a great spot for waterfowl hunting according to Tripping.com. Both the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge and the Delevan National Wild Refuge will provide the opportunity for ducks, geese, coots and pheasant.


Field and Stream lists several specific places in the northeast United States on its list of 100 great hunting and fishing spots. Included in that list is Region B in Maine where turkey populations are high. If turkey isn’t your cup of tea, bears are in abundance in the Charleston-Beckley Corridor in West Virginia.

Outdoor Life also names Sebago, Maine, as a great fishing town where salmon can be found in the state’s deepest lake, Sebago Lake.


There are several cities in the south that made Outdoor Life’s list of the best hunting and fishing towns. Included in the list Toccoa, Georgia, which is just 15 minutes from the Lake Russell Wildlife Management Area. There you can find deer, turkeys, bears, squirrels, rabbits and hogs. There is also a stocked lake for fishing.

There are a great hunting and fishing spots all over the United States, and probably closer than you think! Do your research to find the best game and license regulations in your state. Grab your gear and your best hunting buddies for a trip this fall!

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-Deer Abby

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