Stay Warm, Dry and Undetected with Hunting Apparel from Under Armour

Fall is here. You see it in the changing colors. You feel it in the crisper air and you hear it at Friday Night football games. While some outdoor activities, such as golf and baseball, are waning, others, including hunting, are just beginning. To help you stay warm and dry while helping you blend into the environment and masking your scent––thereby increasing your odds for a successful hunt––Dunham’s Sports offers a wide assortment of hunting apparel from all the leading companies, including Under Armour.
“New for us this year is our Stealth fleece,” said Under Armour’s John Kreiner. “It has a soft, Sherpa-like fabric that generates a great deal of warmth and it’s quiet.”
The Stealth fleece features Under Armour’s exclusive Scent Control with antimicrobial silver. Under Armour claims it’s the only company that uses both Scent Control and antimicrobial to trap and suppress the growth of odor.
“To help keep you dry, the Stealth fleece also features Under Armour’s Storm Technology. It repels moisture without sacrificing breathability,” Kreiner added.
The Stealth fleece is available in jacket, hoodie, bib and pants and in men’s sizes ranging from small to XXL.
Dress For the Occasion
For optimal comfort in varying temperatures and weather conditions, Kreiner recommends multiple apparel layers.
“Start with a good base layer. We have Base™ Extreme and ColdGear Infrared® base layer tops and bottoms. They deliver warmth without weight,” he said.
Base Extreme leggings and long-sleeve tops feature a soft, brushed negative grid interior that traps hot air for superior warmth. They also feature strategically placed stretch panels for optimal mobility.
ColdGear Infrared offerings, meanwhile, incorporate a soft, thermo-conductive coating on the inside of the garment that absorbs and retains body heat, which is then redistributed evenly, keeping the wearer warmer for a longer period of time. ColdGear Infrared goes beyond trapping body heat. It absorbs the heat the wearer generates and redistributes it, creating a microclimate inside the material.
“The analogy we like to use to best explain our ColdGear Infrared technology is a ceramic coffee mug. Compare that coffee mug to a paper or plastic one and most people will agree the coffee stays warmer longer in a ceramic mug because of the heat-transference aspect of ceramic,” Kreiner said. “The thermo-coating we use on our ColdGear Infrared has ceramic particles for the same reason.”
ColdGear Infrared hunting leggings feature a dual-layer fabric with an ultra-warm, brushed interior and a slick, fast-drying exterior. I can tell you from experience that the ColdGear Infrared products I purchased to pursue other activities have worked well in keeping me warm. They are lightweight, allowing maximum mobility.
Both Base Extreme and ColdGear Infrared feature the Under Armour Scent Control technology and a moisture transport system that wicks moisture away. They’re available in a variety of sizes and Camo Patterns.
The garments will need to be reactivated by heat, generally when the garment is washed and dried.
Hoodies, Lightweight Pants and Headwear
Also new this year is Under Armour’s Storm Icon Camo full-zip hoodie. It’s available in Realtree and Mossy Oak and, as the name implies, features the company’s Storm technology to repel moisture.
“Our Storm Icon Camo hoodies are made of Armour® fleece. It’s light, breathable and quiet. It also stretches, ensuring mobility. The hoodies feature a front kangaroo pocket and interior phone pocket,” Kreiner said.
For the early part of the season, Kreiner recommends Under Armour’s scent-control base pants. Available in Realtree camo, they also feature the company’s Storm technology, as well as scent control and anti-microbial technologies to help keep you undetected by your prey.
Complete your camo with Realtree caps and beanies. The caps feature an unstructured fit that conforms to your head for a lower profile and a built-in HeatGear® sweatband to wick away sweat, keeping you cool and dry. It also features a snap closure in back for customizable fit.
The beanie is reversible. It features Realtree camo on one side and hunter’s orange on the other.
“The Under Armour Reversible Camo beanie is made of ultra-soft brushed fleece for excellent comfort all day and features our Moisture Transport System to wick sweat away, keeping your cooler,” Kreiner said.
The Strategy of Layering
Hunting involves a great deal of walking, including to your hunting area or blind. Wearing a lot of products designed to keep you warm can actually cause you to overheat, which is why Kreiner recommends dressing in layers.
“You don’t want to get too warm walking in and you don’t want to make noise. Wear as little as possible walking in and add the layers as needed or conditions warrant it. That ensures you stay warm and quiet,” he said.
Visit your local Dunham’s Sports store and speak with a knowledgeable consultant who can guide you to the apparel needed to stay comfortable and undetected, increasing your chances for a successful hunt.
Good luck and happy hunting.
-Deer Abby
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Safety First in Stack-On Safes

As a hunter or gun enthusiast expands his or her collection of firearms, the next step is to ensure these valuable pieces stay protected. Through the purchase of a gun safe, enthusiasts can be certain that their firearms are locked up and protected from thieves, children and fire.
At Dunham’s, customers will find an array of Stack-On products from portable cases and cabinets to full size gun safes. With so many options, it can be difficult to find the right safe for you and your firearm collection. Some things to consider are gun capacity, security level, lock type, fire-resistance needs, and interior features. Stack-On makes it incredibly easy through their numerous lines to confirm you’re getting the right product for your collection at a price that fits your budget.
“Traditional long gun safes, including fire-resistant Elite safes and our top of the line Total Defense safes, add a waterproof feature,” explained Chris Sydor of Stack-On. “Don’t leave the store without accessories for your safe; dehumidifiers, for example are one of the most critical accessories for keeping the contents of your safe dry and rust free.”
New technologies in the gun safe industry should also be considered when looking at adding a new gun safe. As with many other products in the hunting and firearm world, gun safes have advanced greatly in recent years, offering customers a top-of-the-line product.
“Biometric locks have begun to emerge in the last few years,” said Sydor. “The primary advantage of a biometric lock is that it will only open with your, or any saved, fingerprint. Don’t worry about losing the combination; you always carry it right at the end of your finger. Additionally the biometric lock eliminates the button pushing and fumbling with a dial when opening the safe quickly is important.”
Setting the bar higher and higher for quality, Stack-On has been the industry leader four years running as the number one safe brand purchased by hunters in the USA. They also offer a lifetime warranty on all long gun fireproof and waterproof safes, so you know that you’ll never have to worry about your product wearing out or being damaged in a theft attempt – they’re built to last.
Stack-On’s product lines, features and warranty that can’t be beat all certify that you’ll be picking up a high quality product. And with the great value and selection at your local Dunham’s, you’ll rest easy knowing you not only got a great value, but all of your firearms are locked up and safe.
-Deer Abby
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Making Your Luck

Today’s most successful hunters use attractants to bring the deer to their stand…
“No luck today,” says a novice returning empty handed from the hunt. Seasoned hunters aren’t likely to say that, because they know deer hunting is a science, and they make their own luck through careful analysis and the application of proven techniques. That means knowing the animal’s habits, predicting its movement and attracting it to a location where a kill can be made. Those first two factors require study of both animal and habitat. For the third — attracting it to a location — help is available in the form of natural attractants, products you’ll find at Dunham’s.
Something Good to Eat
I know from experience that deer will return to a spot where they can find something to fill the tummy. That’s why they keep coming back to my yard to eat my lilies. And they can locate goodies by sniffing the air and honing in on the scent.
That’s why the most effective attractants exaggerate the smell and taste of something deer find delectable. Dunham’s stocks products from Wildgame Innovations that do just that, using real natural ingredients. All are available in powder, liquid, and mineral block form. All have been proven effective.
Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Pumpkin
Fall Feast Crush contains real carrot, sweet potato and pumpkin juices, treats no buck can pass up. In the field, it’s simply placed near your stand. Handle all attractants with gloves and avoid touching things in the area. Mr. Buck can recognize your smell just as readily as that of the goodies.
Sugar Beets Can’t be Beat
Wildgame Innovations’ Sugar Beet Crush contains real crushed sugar beets blended with fresh heat-processed beans to create an ultra-concentrated attractant that deer can’t resist. Try it on your next hunt, but first make room in your freezer for a load of meat.
The Apple of Their Eye
I sometimes take my granddaughter to a nature center that is packed with deer that are accustomed to seeing people. Of course familiarity only goes so far and the deer will flee when approached. Unless, of course, one is offering apple slices. Seems does and bucks can’t resist the sweet and juicy taste of an apple. That’s why they can’t resist the Wildgame Innovations’ attractant known as Apple Crush. Made from all-natural ripe apples that have been dried, crushed and mixed with proteins and fats. It’s apple power that’s easy to use in the field, and you can purchase it at Dunham’s.
Dunham’s carries a wide range of hunting equipment, including numerous types of attractants. Ask your Dunham’s sales consultant to show you all the available products. Then head out on the hunt and make your luck.
-Deer Abby
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Gear Up For Your Next Hunt

You’ve picked the perfect spot and call up your hunting buddies. But do you have everything you need for your next hunting trip?
Even if you have your trusted gun or bow, you might want to consider packing some extra gear to make your trip the best it can be. It’s important that you find the right accessories for your hunting trip so you are prepared but not weighed down by unnecessary equipment.
Think Ahead
Fire starters are a great tool to have with you in the field. Jeana White of UST Brands suggests the UST BlastMatch, which is a one-handed fire starter that creates large, hot sparks easily and quickly. The BlastMatch provides thousands of sparks, and its large, easy grip means you can use it even if your hands are stiff from cold. The one-handed design means you can use your other hand to block wind or add tinder to your fire. If you’re looking for something more compact, the lightweight UST Sparkie offers hundreds of sparks while taking up less space.
You can pair your preferred fire starter with UST WetFire tinder to start a fire even in wet conditions.
“We feel that a good fire starter and tinder are critical to any survival situation,” White says. “It will provide light, heat, a signal device, a means of cooking, a way to dry out wet clothes and comfort. Make sure your fire starter is appropriate to your anticipated condition. Consider the features you will need: windproof, waterproof, high-altitude, fuel or no fuel.”
Get the Job Done
When it comes to field dressing game, the right knife makes all the difference and is an integral part of your hunting toolbox.
David Krattiger of Taylor Brands suggests finding a knife that is comfortable in your hand to make working with it easier. You can start your search with one of many knives by Taylor, like the Uncle Henry or Old Timer brand knives.
The Uncle Henry Full Tang Detail Skinner Fixed Blade Knife is a small knife with a classic look. This is a new product from Uncle Henry that features Staglon handle slabs and a leather belt sheath. The Uncle Henry Golden Spike Rat Tail Tang Fixed Blade Knife also offers a classic look with a longer blade.
The Old Timer Copperhead series of fixed blades and folding knives offers a rubberized grip to make them easy to use with no slip.
Maintain Your Game
At the end of a successful day in the field, you’ll have to bring your bounty back home. YETI has what you need to get it there with no problems.
“YETI continues to raise the bar with extremely durable and efficient products that you can rely on during each of your adventures,” says Ben O’Brien of YETI.
The YETI Tundra is a hard-sided cooler that comes in several sizes to fit your needs. O’Brien says this product has superior ice retention to keep your meat fresh until you can get it to your home freezer. If you’re transporting a small amount of game, the Hopper is a great option. This soft-sided cooler comes with ColdCell insulation and a HydroLok zipper, so you can be confident it will keep what you’re carrying fresh. With its lightweight design and convenient shoulder strap, transportation is easy.
YETI coolers offer an air-tight seal. The plug at the bottom makes them easy to clean. Pack coolers with YETI Ice to keep everything cold with minimal mess and cleanup.
If you’re planning a long trip, the YETI Rambler bottle can keep hot soup or cold beverages at the right temperature all day long. The Triple Haul cap makes it easy to grip and spill-free.
No matter what kind of hunting trip you’re planning, you will need tools and accessories. Make sure they are the right ones to get the most out of your day. Find some new gadgets and tools or update your current stockpile at your local Dunham’s Sports.
-Deer Abby
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