Take Hunting to New Heights

A tree stand could be the perfect tool to boost your hunting success.
It’s time to get hunting again. A tree stand is the perfect tool to help you elevate your hunting success—literally.
There are many types of tree stands on the market. Ladderstands, climbers and fixed position stands all offer their own features and benefits. The best one is the stand that fits your hunting style, whatever that may be.
All three varieties of tree stands are available through Big Game Tree Stands and Muddy Outdoors at Dunham’s Sports. Mike Valliere of Big Game and Muddy said a hunter needs to think about what kind of hunting trips they’ll be going on before picking a treestand.
A ladderstand, for example, is great if you have time ahead of your hunt to set up your site. Valliere said these stands are growing in popularity because of their safety and ease of use.
A climbing stand is a good option if you’ll be setting up your site the same day of the hunt or, if you want to be able to easily change trees. It will be lighter than a ladderstand, so it can be carried more easily. The fixed position stands can be set up at the time of the hunt or in advance, whichever suits you best.
Muddy tree stands offer many of the features you’ll need for a successful hunt. They are designed for minimum noise with features including nylon washers, bolted ladder sections and sewn loop attachments, so you won’t alert nearby game to your presence. The heavy duty Fiber Guard powder coat and platform welding will keep you secure, so you can focus on the hunt. And you’ll be comfortable all day thanks to the Flex Tek, triple-layered foam seat.
“All are great options and that’s why we offer a wide variety,” Valliere said. “We have our preferred methods – but sometimes you have to be ready to adapt to be successful!”
Some of the options you can find at Dunham’s include the Muddy Partner, which is a two-man ladderstand so you can hunt with a friend. You can also find the Muddy Skybox 20-foot ladderstand which features a two-way adjustable padded shooting rail so you can steady yourself and get the best shot.
You’ll also find trusted Big Game models, such as the Guardian XL two-man ladderstand, the Warrior Pro and Blackhawk fixed position stand.
Get an edge on the game this year with a tree stand. With so many options, you’re sure to find the right one for you.
-Deer Abby
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Hot Weather Tips

[Written by Peter Nielsen].
We all embrace the warm weather after a long, hard winter, but we also need to keep in mind that changes in temperatures call for changes in our workout regimens. An average of 618 heat-related deaths occur each year in the United States. It’s a grim statistic, but with a little planning, you can avoid dangerous hot weather health issues!
Start by making adjustments to your fitness workout routine to prevent heat-related problems while keeping active. Here are a few important pointers to keep in mind:
• Drink Water. We sweat more when the temperature’s hot, especially when working or exercising in the heat. You also burn more calories working out in hot weather due to the extra cardiovascular effort required to cool the body when blood is pumped to the skin — this results in increased perspiration. It’s important to drink water to replenish the fluids lost by any excessive sweating.
• Work out during the milder times of day. The combination of hot temperatures and dehydration can lead to serious heat-related illnesses, so don’t try to maximize your regimen when temperatures and humidity are high! Try to fit the most demanding parts of your regimen in early morning or evening hours.
• Wear sunscreen. It reduces the risk of long-term damage to your skin, and protects the ability of the epidermis to do its job — regulate temperature.
• Eat regularly. Your appetite may be reduced on hot days, so try eating 5-6 small meals throughout day. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, they’re in season and nutritious.
There may be days when it’s just too hot and humid for you. Heat combined with humidity increases the risk of a heat-related illness, so consider other exercise options when temperatures spike:
• Try speed-walking and stair-climbing at a local mall with air conditioning. Join your local exercise club.
• Have a cool room at home? Pull out your workout DVDs you’ve been looking at, open up the strength training or Pilates book that has been sitting on the shelf!
• What could be more refreshing than swimming on a hot day! Look for water aerobic classes at your local public pool or include a water routine in your current regimen.
• Find a gym that works for you. Local gyms come in all shapes and sizes. It’s easier than ever now to find one that fits your budget… with or without a contract!
Whatever option you decide to embrace, pace yourself and enjoy your workout. A hot summer day can give you a new appreciation for the value of sweat equity!
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Fan Frenzy

Are you a loyal supporter of your team? Show it with apparel and other goodies.
A Detroit fan asks if it’s okay to wear a Honolulu blue and silver Lions jersey to his daughter’s wedding. Of course it’s okay. In fact, the daughter might consider Lions colors for the bridesmaids.
Sports fans get extreme when it comes to supporting their team and wearing its colors. And some will go to great lengths to get their hands on team goodies. Have you ever seen the scrum that results when teams fire T-shirts into the stands with an air cannon? It’s all about getting in the game.
But there’s an easier way to get team merchandise. Dunham’s carries a range of team apparel and other cool stuff, including mugs, shot glasses, lanyards, decals and more, all emblazoned with the colors of local teams.
NCAA Nuttiness
Throughout Indiana, you’ll find Notre Dame fans, who aren’t sure what their colors are — green and gold or blue and gold or just plain green. But if the gear is emblazoned with a fists-raised leprechaun, a Notre Dame fan will wear it.
In OH Hi O, Buckeye fans wear red and grey to show allegiance to The Ohio State University and its teams. And not just any red will do, it has to be Scarlet, otherwise known as PMS 200. Get it wrong and you could be driven across the state line.
If you’re driven north, you’ll be in Michigan. Better shed that scarlet. But what to wear in its place? If you’re in southeast Michigan, you’re probably wearing the maize and blue of the University of Michigan Wolverines.
If you travel to the center of the state, forego the maize and blue, and opt for the green and white of the Michigan State University Spartans. The only thing MSU and the U of M share is hatred of OSU. In turn, Buckeye fans hate Michigan most, but since Sparty has knocked them off recently, the OSU faithful are developing a distaste for green and white.
Of course Detroit Tiger baseball jerseys can be seen all over Michigan, many proudly bearing the 24 of Miguel “Miggy” Cabrera.
All the NFL Colors
While every team has legions of devoted supporters and every Dunham’s store is stocked with merchandise that proclaims support for that special team, Pittsburgh fans take their Steeler thing over the top, waving terrible towels, drinking from Steeler shot glasses, and wearing Steeler gear. Some fans have been known to paint their houses black and gold. Dunham’s Pittsburgh area stores sell Steeler apparel, but they don’t sell house paint.
In Michigan, the Lion’s Honolulu blue and silver is everywhere, including Dunham’s. Stop by, pick out some gear, and get in the game.
-Laces Out
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Flag Football Fundamentals

With youth tackle football being under a microscope in recent years due to injuries, flag football has rapidly gained in popularity in both kids and young adults. Across the country, there are youth flag football leagues for which kids can learn the basics of football in a fun, safe and educational setting.
A popular example of this revolution can be found within a football brand you might have heard of: the NFL. NFL Flag, a part of the NFL’s Play 60 campaign, organizes leagues for hundreds of thousands of kids nationwide, between ages five and 17. They provide NFL-branded jerseys for the players, clinics for the coaches and even background checks.
It’s all a part of a nationwide movement to make the game of football safer from the big time stars of the NFL to the young tykes getting out on the field for the first time. Other programs, like USA Football’s FUNdamentals, work to teach kids passing, running and catching skills in a non-contact atmosphere. The drills also vary by the player’s age so nothing is either too easy or too difficult for him or her to handle.
If you or your child is new to flag football, you might notice some rule quirks that differentiate flag football from the tackle game of which so many have watched. According to the United States Flag Football Association, or USFFA, the first major rule is that there isn’t any tackling. To “tackle” a ball carrier, a defender must pull off the ball carrier’s flag belt. At that location is where the ball is spotted for the next down. That same ball carrier, when the play is going on, is not allowed to perform any sort of “stiff arm” move or block a defender from grabbing their flags. He or she must elude a defender to avoid a tackle.
When watching a normal tackle game, perhaps you’ve seen a ball carrier lose the ball, creating a fumble and a massive pile-up ensues. This chaos is a tremendous opportunity for injury to occur, so it’s been taken out of the rules completely. If a player loses the ball, creating a fumble, it creates a dead ball situation. Essentially, it’s the same as being tackled!
When watching the world’s best play every Sunday, you have 11 players lined up on each side. In a typical flag game, there are eight players on each team, but no defined offensive line, defensive line or receiver sets. While there can be assigned blockers, anyone is eligible to receive a pass. This rule may differ by league and age, but typically, you’ll see some variety as to what players go out for a pass. As players get older, there’s more flexibility.
A final aspect of what has made flag football so appealing is how little equipment is required compared to its tackle big brother version. Think of all the equipment needed for tackle football: Helmet; shoulder pads; pants and pads; hip pads; elbow and forearm pads… the list goes on and on. But with flag, you only need the basics. Players simply require a jersey, flags and cleats. So for those looking to get their child involved in football but don’t necessarily want to have to purchase a bunch of gear, flag football is an appealing option.
Through popular nationwide programs like the NFL’s USA Football and NFL Flag, as well as those locally in your community, flag football offers a safe setting in which to learn the basics of how to play the game of football. Not only is it designed to be extremely fun, it’s also an inexpensive way to get out on the field and develop the skills needed to succeed at football. So this fall, look for your child to say “Ready… Set… HIKE!” on a flag football field.
-Laces Out
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