Up, Up To The Sky

Flying a drone can provide hours of year round entertainment.
Are you hankering to hover? Feeling ripe for a flip? Ready to roll? Then you’d enjoy flying a toy drone. Dunham’s can help with a selection of durable easy to fly drones from Quadrone.
Earning Your Wings
While learning to fly requires patience, the 4-prop multicopter Quadrones are controllable and won’t zoom out of sight in seconds. Begin by reading the instruction manual. It will tell you how to prep your drone for flight and explain the controller functions.
When you’re ready for flight, choose an open area away from trees, cars, and people. Start by flying close to the ground at minimal speed and experiment with the controls. As you get the hang of going up, down and sideways, gradually increase your speed and range.
Keep in mind that the way the drone reacts to the controls will depend on the direction in which you’re facing. In other words, if the drone ends up flying over your head and you turn around, the lateral control functions will be reversed. However, the Quadrones are equipped with a special headless mode that can make your drone respond directly to the direction in which the joystick is pushed. It’s a great feature for beginner pilots.
Tricks Are For You
Quadrones can hover, turn, flip and roll, all of which are good fun. Hovering is particularly useful when flying a drone equipped with a camera. Have you ever wanted to check out the condition of your roof or get a bird’s eye view of that nest up in the Oak tree? A camera-equipped drone can enable you.
What’s more, the controls make it easy to perform entertaining maneuvers. For example, to execute a 360° flip, press the button on the upper right corner of the remote controller. Beeps will signal that you’re in flip mode. Moving the joystick in any direction will cause your drone to execute a corresponding flip. If things get out of control and you crash, repair parts are available. All models come with extra crash guards and propellers.
Three Ways to Play
Dunham’s stocks three Quadrone models. The basic Quadrone Mini can be flown up to 100 feet away from the remote controller and provides 7 minutes of flying after a 30-minute charge. The Quadrone Tumbler operates at up to 300 feet from the remote controller. A 60-minute charge provides 7 minutes of air-time. Finally, the Quadrone Pro with Camera can travel up to 330 feet from base camp and includes a .3 megapixel camera that can shoot photos and video.
Stop by Dunham’s today, choose your Quadrone, and prepare for takeoff.
-Flying Ace
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Table Tennis, Anyone?

The warmer months of spring and summer are great for a game of tennis outside. But what do you do when the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling? You bring the tennis inside with table tennis!
A report by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association shows that people of all ages enjoy playing table tennis, and it continues to maintain its popularity. It can even be a great way to get physical activity for everyone in the home! And you don’t have to be an experienced athlete to play.
You don’t have to give up tennis in the winter! Get yourself and your family a table tennis table at Dunham’s Sports so you can keep the fun going all year long.
“Table tennis is a great recreational sport for all ages and skill levels and is perfect for the upcoming winter months when you want an indoor activity that really heats things up,” said Nick Martin of Escalade Sports.
Find the Table for You
Escalade Sports offers its line of Prince tables at Dunham’s Sports, with all new options for this season. You can find options with different table thickness, apron thickness, leg size and wheel size. And there are plenty of options to fit your preference! Prince tables also have a mode so that you can play on your own.
“Table tennis is great for families that are looking for an alternative activity to video games and TV that gets kids up and moving and interacting with one another,” said Martin.
One new model available at Dunham’s is the Prince Evolution. This is the most premium model offered at Dunham’s. It has a 1-inch black top, a 2.5-inch steel apron, 2-inch steel legs and 5-inch rubber wheels. It also has a storage tray for balls and paddles. The Prince Fusion Elite also offers paddle and ball storage, along with a 0.75-inch black top, a 2-inch steel apron, 2-inch steel legs and 3-inch wheels.
Also available is the Prince Sport. This table features a 0.5-inch black top, 0.75-inch metal apron, 1-inch legs and 2-inch wheels with locks. The Prince Champ is also new. It has paddle and ball storage, a 0.625-inch top, a 1.5-inch metal apron, 1.5-inch metal legs and 2-inch wheels.
If you live in a climate where you can be comfortable outside in the winter—or you just really love the snow!—you can check out the Prince Element Outdoor, with a composite aluminum tabletop suitable for any weather. This model also has a metal apron, 1.5-inch legs, 4-inch wheels with locks and an all-weather net and post. The wheels are durable so the table can be moved over different terrains.
“All of the Prince table tennis tables in the Dunham’s line would be great for a family home,” said Martin. “This line offers a range of performance characteristic to fit any family’s budget.”
To go with your Prince table, you can pick up new balls and paddles at Dunham’s as well!
Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Get going with a table tennis table at Dunham’s Sports!
-Fun For All Ages
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Spreading Holiday Health!

[Written by Peter Nielsen].
Are you taking a dish to a holiday a holiday potluck? Having friends over? Share the gift of healthy food for your friends and loved ones! Whether making your traditional seasonal treats or experimenting with new and adventurous dishes, you can create a great, even indulgent holiday spread while protecting against growing waistlines and rising cholesterol levels.
Try some new ideas for the healthiest holiday foods to add to your table!
• Roasted Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts have come roaring in from the culinary cold! Sweet and piquant, brussel sprouts are as tasty roasted as they are simple to prepare with an added nutty flavor. Simply toss with olive oil, a touch of garlic and salt, then roast until crisp on the outside. Easy to prepare, tasty and packed with nutrients, roasted Brussels sprouts are an extremely healthy dietary choice.
• Collard Greens: Collards offer exceptional nutritional value with low caloric overhead and are a popular dish on any dinner tabl. Sadly, the traditional method of cooking greens with fat-back or bacon overwhelms the benefits of this great veggie. If you crave the flavor of traditional collards without the cholesterol-causing bacon or fatback, try using smoked turkey wings and a drizzle of olive oil!
• Green Beans: One of America’s favorite vegetables, green beans are one of the healthiest holiday foods. They are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K (important for bone health) and manganese. They’re generous in vitamin A, dietary fiber, potassium, folate, and iron. Unfortunately, that yummy green bean casserole served with traditional holiday meal is high in calories due to the butter, cream of mushroom soup and cheese. Try tossing with sauteed fresh garlic and top with toasted almond slivers. It’s your next, healthy holiday favorite!
• Pecans: Sprinkle pecans over salads with dried cranberries or cherries, or gently roast for a pre-meal snack. Pecans are a great source of vitamin E and magnesium. They’re also packed with fiber, protein, and the same “good” fats that are found in olive oil.
• Winter Squash: If winter squash isn’t a staple in your winter nutritional regimen, it should be! Try an apple and squash casserole as a tasty and healthy replacement for mashed potatoes. Pumpkin empanadas with whole wheat crust are a great appetizer that will disappear off your buffet table as fast as you get them there!
It’s the rich desserts and cookies that will really catch you, but there’s plenty of ways to make those holiday favorites healthier while retaining the flavor.
• Use whole grains like oatmeal, dried fruits and nuts in holiday cookies and breads.
• Make a low-fat ricotta cheesecake!
• When baking gingerbread and deep-hued cakes and cookies, replace half the flour with whole-wheat flour to increase the fiber, they will fill you up quicker and make you feel full longer.
• Try using an egg substitute to cut cholesterol.
• Add the simple elegance of baked, poached or roasted fall fruits to the dessert menu. Making tarts? Reduce the amount of sugar and let the fruit flavor shine! Decorate with some fresh mint leaves and cranberries for that seasonal touch!
Let you creativity shine through! You’ll not only share a loving feast made with the well-being of your guests in mind … you may create a new holiday tradition to share for years and years!
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Cardio Crossover

As long as there is fitness, there will be a constant flow of fads that people will latch onto. From aerobics in the ’80s to Pilates in the ’90s to Tae Bo in the early 2000s, there will always be a “latest and greatest” form of exercise that will guarantee results.
Now, the mid-2010s have brought us CrossFit, a brand of exercise so popular and followed that it’s generated its own Olympics-like event each year. A combination of strength training, plyometrics and cardiovascular exercise, CrossFit is a fantastic alternative for those who want to achieve both results and health while keeping the routine mixed up.
CrossFit-Cardio Comparison
With all of the various exercises CrossFit offers, not to mention the expensive per-month costs for classes, is it a better alternative than your typical cardio exercise? According to fitness guru Peter Nielsen, they’re both great options—as long as everyone has a game plan of what they want to accomplish in the long run.
“Cardio training is taking the most important muscle, the heart. Cardio exercise also helps with bone density and can burn excess body fat,” Nielsen explains. “Walking, riding bike or elliptical, you’re in control. You’re the CEO of your body.”
Nielsen also suggests finding the right piece of equipment for you; find something you enjoy and are able to use. Also, if you’re also integrating a strength training plan, a good tip is to do the cardio exercise after lifting weights to burn glycogen storage, which then taps into the body fat.
CrossFit, however, is a great way to mix it up, especially if you’re not crazy about going to the gym. It’s a way to keep from getting bored, get through the winter or take fitness to the next level.
“People like CrossFit because most people don’t like to exercise. It breaks up the monotony,” said Nielsen. “A lot of people get injured when they get into it and they think it’s an answer to everything.”
The Answer Lies Within
“People need to have a vision and a game plan of what to accomplish,” said Nielsen. “To maintain, build strength, lose weight, CrossFit is a good option. For toning and focus on body parts, get body fat to lowest, cardio is a more methodical approach.”
Nielsen reiterated that the real decision people need to make about starting any exercise program, including cardio and CrossFit, comes from within.
“People need to find something they enjoy and find reason why they want to do this,” Nielsen stressed. “Everyone asks, ‘How do you lose weight and gain muscle?’ You could Google it and be three clicks away. You have to ask yourself ‘Why?’ Dig deep and find the right reasons.”
The Price of Fitness
A big consideration that those debating CrossFit over a regular cardio routine need to factor is cost. CrossFit classes can cost around $125 a month, and gym memberships can be pricey as well. An alternative to shelling out the monthly fee for classes or a personal trainer would be picking up a piece of equipment. For those who have a better idea as to what works for them, picking up a weight set, elliptical or treadmill can save money over the long haul.
As someone who’s operated several health clubs, Nielsen suggests starting your own program, some of which are totally free and can be very effective.
“You could do a walking program, ride a bicycle, snowshoe, cross-country ski. It’s wonderful when knowledge is power and you don’t have to spend a lot of money,” Nielsen explained.
“Intensity is King”
The key to keeping your heart healthy and burning fat is the intensity of your workout. According to Nielsen, “Intensity is king.” The amount of intensity, be it with CrossFit, cardio or a strength workout, is the determining factor in how much it works.
The example he used is if someone walks a mile and another person runs it, the person who runs will burn more calories and spend less time working out. It also burns more than someone who’s lifting weights, takes a break, takes a drink, talks to their friend and gets back to lifting. Intensity is the key.
“I’ve seen the best of the best get sick because the intensity was too much, and they were professional athletes in great shape,” told Nielsen. “Intensity is king when it comes to getting in shape.”
There are countless pros and cons to both cardio and CrossFit exercises. While cardio can be more customized to someone’s physical ability and overall goal, for some people, it could become monotonous. CrossFit, conversely, will constantly keep it changing, which is good for people who might not necessarily like going to the gym and using the elliptical for an hour each day.
But to make the right choice, a person really needs to look deep within themselves to find out what their long-term vision and goals are. Cardio or CrossFit, you ask? You tell me.
-Fitness Fanatic
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Tips to Good Health This Winter

[Written by Peter Nielsen].
It’s been unusually cold the last two winters, which can wreak havoc on your workout schedule! Don’t give up. That winter weight gain isn’t all tied to eating more or lack of exercise. New research shows how important exercise is … especially in the winter. In this study, researchers from the University of Colorado followed a group of twelve women and six men in both summer and winter. They discovered that their production of ATLPL (Adipose Tissue Lipoprotein Lipase), the chemical that promotes fat storage, almost doubles during the winter and dropped during the summer. They also found that the increase of muscle enzymes gained from exercising can help to counter the increase of ATLPL, and help the battle against those extra winter pounds.
Winter workouts carry their own dangers, here are a few tips to protect you on the coldest days.
• Wear layers. Insulate yourself against the wind and cold with a layered barrier rather than a single, bulky garment. The first layer that’s directly touching your skin should be a lightweight synthetic or polyester material. It will dry quickly and wick away moisture. The second layer should be wool or polyester fleece. The outermost layer — worn in the rain, snow, or wind — should be lighter weight and water-repellent to help you stay dry.
• Keep your head covered. It is believed that between 50 and 70 percent of body heat is lost when your head is unprotected in cold weather. Wearing a hat can help your body retain heat.
• Protect your feet and hands. Keeping hands and feet warm is vital. Your body concentrates on keeping your internal organs warm in cold weather. Gloves also help prevent skin damage and frostbite. To keep your feet warm, make sure your torso is properly insulated and keep feet dry with winter athletic socks that have an inner layer that moves moisture away from the skin to an outer absorbent layer.
• Wear a facemask or scarf in frigid temperatures. A loose layer over your nose and mouth can warm cold air before you inhale and protect your lungs.
• Drink water. You don’t feel as sweaty as you do in the summer, but water is just as important in winter months. It even keeps you warm by helping the body retain heat!
• In extreme cold, which we’ve seen the last two winters, move your workout indoors to the gym. Can’t make it to the gym? Develop a workout regimen you can do at home, take the stairs at work or speed walk through the mall!
• Finally, consider some traditional warming foods. Ancient Chinese medicine advised adding fresh ginger, garlic and cayenne to your food as a way to boost the immune system! Eucalyptus and juniper also stimulate the circulation and help protect the immune system.
It may seem more difficult to exercise when the weather gets cold and days seem shorter, but it’s important to work against the natural increase in fat storage that occurs during the winter months!
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