Fall Fitness

[Written by Peter Nielsen].
As summer turns to fall changes naturally occur to your diet and activities. Take control of those changes and make some positive additions to your lifestyle. Autumn is also a season of practicality and structure after the freedom of summer so take advantage of this period to create regimen that you can stick to!
Exercise and nutrition, of course, are the keys to positive health outcomes. Try these tips to get started.
• Start — or restart — an aerobic regimen. Aerobic exercise reduces health risks, helps you lose or maintain weight and is great for the heart. Healthy adults should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of intense aerobic activity per week, that averages out to between 11 and 22 minutes a day, depending on intensity. Aerobic exercises include walking, running, cycling, swimming, aerobic classes, hiking, and stair climbing, among other things. Work up a sweat and get your heart pumping!
• Add some resistance training to your fitness program! Regular resistance training maximizes fat loss, boosts bone density, improves posture, develops muscle tone, and even slows down the aging process.
• Be more active throughout the day. Walk a few extra blocks, take the stairs, try dancing while you vacuum! The calories you burn will really make a difference!
• Drink at least eight glasses of water every day! The weather may be cooler, but your body still needs to be hydrated! Your body doesn’t function at its optimal level when dehydrated.
• Eat small meals throughout the day. Your appetite increases in cooler weather; eating smaller meals or snacks every two to three hours during the day will help suppress hunger and will help control your appetite and maintain a balanced blood sugar level throughout the day.
• Eat healthy! Consume five helpings of vegetables and three fruit servings every day. Fruits and vegetables are nutrient rich with high water content and low fat and calories overhead. Fill up with fruits and vegetables and you won’t have room for the junk food!
• Keep a daily fitness journal. Taking note of the food you eat and your workouts will help you make better fitness and nutrition choices.
Finally, commit yourself to completing daily tasks that will help reach your long-term personal goal. Your long term goal may be to lose 20 pounds, your daily goals could be to exercise for 20 minutes, drink 8 glasses of water and eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables. If you don’t meet all the goals one day, don’t give up … those daily goals go a long way towards achieving your final goal!
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Bring in the Bucks

Scientifically formulated attractants bring the bucks to your stand.
Today’s best hunters have skills that go beyond handling firearms. If you expect to harvest a buck, you have to understand his habits, predict his movements and attract him to your stand. You also have to be sure he doesn’t sense the presence of someone he doesn’t like — that would be you — and does detect something he likes — a doe in estrus or a food source. You have to be part scientist and part naturalist.
Among useful tools the thinking hunter uses are attractants. If you don’t have the good fortune of being in a place where bucks happen to find things that make them happy, your best chance of success is to simulate good things and mask bad things.
Estrous Scents
Estrous (or estrus) scents are meant to suggest the presence of a doe in heat. These scents are usually 100% doe urine collected when the animal is ready to mate. Among products available at Dunham’s is Golden Estrus Xtreme from Wildlife Research Center. Paul Marion of Wildlife Research Center, said the product “was once available only to industry insiders.” Applied to a wick that’s hung from a branch, it’s a potent lure.
Dunham’s stocks a number of Code Blue estrous products as well. Greg Roe of PRADCO Outdoor Brands, said their best selling product is Code Blue Estrous Doe Urine, which is effective when used during rut. He applies it with a dragline, a simple device that’s coated with scent and dragged along the ground as he walks to his stand. He then hangs the rope near the stand. He also uses Code Blue Grave Digger – freeze-dried dirt infused with doe estrous. To attract that buck, dig a hole the size of a golf ball and fill it with Grave Digger. A bit of moisture activates it.
Code Blue’s premium estrous product, Platinum Standing Estrous is collected during the approximate three-hour window when the doe is standing for mating. “It’s super power stuff,” said Roe, “and works well when applied with a drag line.”
When using a dragline, pull on rubber gloves before removing the line from its package. Your odor will not help attract a buck. Hold the line out to the side at arm’s length while walking, so the scent trail doesn’t intersect your footsteps.
Other Scents
Also available at Dunham’s are Code Blue Doe Urine and Buck Urine. Doe urine is gathered when the animal is not in estrous and can be a confidence builder for bucks. Used prior to the rut it tells a travelling buck that a doe has come this way and deemed the trail safe. Buck Urine is used prior to the rut and suggests that another buck has invaded the territory. That will prompt buck number one to look for the interloper. When applied with a dragline along the trail to your stand, it can lead the buck to you.
Buck Bomb’s Dominant Buck is made from whitetail urine and formulated to be used in pre-rut and rut periods. Doe P and Ambush are made from whitetail urine as well and, according the Buck Bomb web site, can be used year round.
Scent Control
The surest way to make sure a buck won’t go near your stand is to leave your odor in the area. Mr. buck doesn’t want to make your acquaintance. That’s why products are available to eliminate a range of odors and do it well.
Among these is Super Charged Scent Killer from Wildlife Research Center. A blend of odor fighting ingredients, it’s applied to clothing and equipment. It continues to work after it dries, so you don’t have to hunt with wet clothing. Marion said the product “was found to be 99% effective at stopping replicated human odor in testing at Rutgers University.”
Dunham’s stocks a variety of food products from Wild Game Innovations. These are proven attractants made from foods deer love. Packaged in 5-lb. bags, they allow for easy handling. Among these are a range of tasty products, including Chestnut Rage Wild Game, Apple Crush, Sugar Beet Crush, Acorn Rage and more. Other products from the same company, including Sugar Beet Crush Narrow Block, are sold as wrapped blocks.
Want to grow goodies near your stand? Throw & Gro Xtreme Radish from Evolved Habitats will produce a food plot that attracts and retains deer. The 5 lb. bag will grow up to 1/4 acre of nutritious food.
Screw This
How about an attractant device that lures bucks with food they love and keeps them busy working to get to it? Sugar Beet Smash Screw and the Corn Holer, from Buck Bomb come in the form of a screw-shaped container that is packed with goodies. Screwed into a hole in the ground, they serve as a feed block that is protected from the elements and cannot be easily carried away.
-Deer Abby
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Precision Ammunition

Hunters need to be on top of the constant technological advances and innovations in firearms, scent-masking and baiting, but they shouldn’t overlook the trends and changes in ammunition as well. Changes to all types of hunting equipment come as often as opening day, but what should hunters be looking for with this year’s brand-new types of ammo?
According to Jessica Kallam of Remington, there are two main focuses for ammunition companies, aside from the new technology. “Price vs. performance remains the focus,” Kallam said. “Hunters are looking for a bargain now that ammo is starting to show back up on the shelves. Quality and consistency of performance is a theme we hear from hunters. After a long period of high rate production, many want to know that overall quality is still a focus in the American ammunition industrial base.”
While Remington is keeping up with its tradition of quality performance ammunition, they’ve made some impressive advances to their already industry-leading products, most notably with their HyperSonic models. “HyperSonic Rifle Bonded™ features the Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded bullet at velocities up to 200 fps faster than standard loads,” Kallam explained. “HyperSonic Steel™: The world’s fastest, hardest hitting steel loads at 1,700 fps. HyperSonic Slug™: New for 2014, the world’s fastest shotgun slug at 2,300 fps utilizes proven Xelerator™ sabot-wad technology. The industry leading AccuTip™ bonded slug features 95 percent weight retention, massive expansion and deep penetration.”
Celebrating its 75th year helping hunters land their trophy bucks as the “deadliest mushroom in the woods,” Core-Lokt ammo is extremely popular ammunition that can be found at your local Dunham’s.“The Core-Lokt bullet was the first controlled expansion bullet designed to retain its jacket for maximum weight retention, expansion and penetration for stellar terminal performance on game,” Kallam said.
For those looking for a bargain in addition to their prey, Remington has some special offers that hunters should keep in their crosshairs, such as the Remington Nitro-Steel waterfowl loads. Nearing waterfowl season, this ammunition gives hunters an affordable price without sacrificing Remington quality.
Remington will also be offering some rebates on their already affordable products. Hunters should be on the lookout for rebates on all Core-Lokt and premium rifle ammunition, Express buckshot, Slugger™ shotgun slugs, Premier AccuTip™ slugs and Premier Copper Solid™ slugs.
With opening day getting closer by the minute, don’t forget to take advantage of some of the fantastic updates in Remington products as well as the rebates to save a few bucks. With the quality, tradition and performance of Remington and the selection and know-how of Dunham’s, make it a hunting season for the record books.
-Deer Abby
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Hide and See

Successful hunters locate the target before it sees them.
Hunting from a tree stand is great for youngsters. But some of us seniors aren’t inclined to rise to those heights. What’s more there are prime hunting areas where the trees are too small or too widespread for stand hunting. That’s why ground blinds are becoming ever more popular. Because much of deer and turkey hunting involves waiting patiently, a ground blind can make the hunt much more pleasant, since most can accommodate a comfortable chair.
A blind is a great choice if you’re hunting waterfowl as well. The key is matching the blind to the environment and shooting position. That’s why a deer blind at the edge of a stand of trees and a duck blind located in tall grass have little in common.
Constructing a blind used to be tedious, but they’re now available commercially. You’ll find an excellent selection of Ameristep blinds at Dunham’s. Most can be erected in minutes – less than a minute with experience – and they come in a variety of styles and sizes for the lone hunter or a group.
The outside of most blinds features a camouflage pattern. For deer hunting, you’ll want something with natural colors that can blend in with dense shrubbery or trees. The best blinds have a black lining that can help make the hunter less obvious even if the windows are open. While you want to wear hunter orange while moving through the woods, you can remove it and wear dark colors in the blind.
Jackie Allen and Pat McKenna of Plano Synergy, marketer of Ameristep blinds, say the most popular deer and turkey hunting blind available at Dunham’s is the affordable Doghouse® Blind. Spacious enough for bow hunting and an ideal choice for firearm hunting, it can accommodate an adult and youngster comfortably. It features the effective Realtree Xtra camo pattern, black interior and replaceable mesh curtains. Bow hunters using a fixed blade broadhead can shoot through the mesh.
Another great choice at Dunham’s is the square Care Taker Blind. With a 69-inch by 69-inch shooting area and 66-inch height it easily accommodates two adult hunters, yet breaks down into a small package for transport. Dunham’s also carries the Ameristep High-Back Chair and Tripod Stool that can provide comfortable seating at the right height in the blind.
In the end, hunting success is largely about seeing the prey before it sees you, and a quality blind greatly improves the odds of that happening.
-Deer Abby
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