Skateboard Safety Equipment

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The right safety equipment means you can skate with confidence and daring. Check here for help selecting yours.


How To Buy Skateboarding Safety Equipment

Proper safety equipment can greatly improve a skater’s performance. When wearing safety gear, a skater is more comfortable and less concerned with injury. This usually results in improved performance and allows the skater to increase their skill.


How to buy safety equipment

Skateboarding safety equipment mainly consists of the following: helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and gloves. The proper use of this equipment will result in a safe, comfortable riding experience.


  • Helmets need to be worn by all skaters, at all ability levels, at all times to prevent head injuries
  • The helmet must fit securely and be buckled or fastened
  • Do not buy a helmet that moves on the head when the head moves
  • The front of the helmet should come down to just a finger’s width above the eyebrows
  • Bike-style helmets, made from expanded polystyrene, offer the most protection on impact, but must be replaced after every impact

Knee pads

  • All skaters, and especially beginners, should wear knee pads to prevent knee injuries and scrapes
  • Pads need to be fastened securely around the leg
  • Pads are usually sized small, medium and large according to body size

Elbow pads

  • Elbow pads are also highly recommended for beginners as well as all aggressive skaters
  • Elbow pads are sized small, medium and large according to body size

Wrist guards and gloves

  • Hand protection is recommended to be worn at all times
  • Some guards and gloves are manufactured with a hard plastic splint. These offer the maximum protection against injury.
  • They are sized small, medium and large according to body size