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Need help finding an accurate, powerful release? Our guide will take you through the basics of choosing yours.


How To Buy A Release

Releases are mechanical hand-held triggers that help you pull back the bow string. This helps you use a more powerful bow without giving up accuracy or improving accuracy since you can pull the bow back easier. Most use “jaws” or a loop of string to hold the bowstring and then release it by pressing a trigger.

  • Styles
    • Trigger releases
      • Chonco releases
      • Finger releases
      • Wrist releases
      • Thumb-trigger/Three-fingered
      • Caliper releases
  • Release quality



There are several types of release aids.


Trigger releases

These come in several variations, with differences in how you trigger.

  • Chonco releases
    • A chonco type release is held in the hand triggered with the index finger
  • Finger releases
    • A finger release is held in the fingers and triggered with the thumb or little finger
  • Wrist releases
    • Wrist releases wrap around the wrist and are usually triggered with the index finger
  • Thumb-triggered/Three-fingered
    • Most target shooters use a thumb-triggered release while hunters prefer three-finger hand-held releases
  • Caliper releases
    • Caliper releases use a manual operation with very few moving parts. The “jaws” usually won’t close until you flip the trigger forward with your finger. Most are attached to a wrist strap. Durability and reliability are key advantages, a big plus for hunters.


Release quality

  • Good releases should give you easy trigger pull adjustment
  • Mechanical releases should be easy to adjust so you can increase stiffness depending on your draw weight
  • A recommendation is to set your trigger with enough tension that you can still feel it through heavy gloves before it goes off