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How To Buy Lacrosse Protective Equipment

Lacrosse is undeniably a contact sport and it requires specific protective equipment to ensure the player’s safety. Most leagues mandate that lacrosse players wear specific protective gear. Having the right equipment that both fits and functions properly is imperative to the safe enjoyment of the sport.


How to buy a lacrosse helmet

  • Helmets are required equipment for all lacrosse players
  • Lacrosse helmets incorporate a 4-point buckling system to assure they stay on as well as to allow for a better fit
  • They are made of a hard plastic with a wire mesh cage, or face mask, to protect the front of the face
  • It is required that the face mask have a center bar running from the top to the bottom for better protection
  • Goalie helmets add a throat protector



Determining your helmet size

  • Helmets come in a variety of sizes and are usually measured in inches
  • To ensure a player’s safety, it is important that his/her helmet fit properly

Mouth guards

  • Players are also required to wear a mouth guard, most of which attach to the face mask area of the helmet by a plastic strap for convenience
  • Although mouth guards are not mandatory in all leagues, they are highly recommended because they not only protect your teeth, but also soften blows to the head and prevent against concussions
  • Mouth guards either come pre-formed and eventually mold to the mouth during use, or can be softened by heating and then formed by biting down on them
  • Mouth guards come in general sizes to fit youths, teenagers and adults


How to buy lacrosse gloves

  • Lacrosse gloves have heavy padding on the tops of the fingers and around the wrist to protect against being hit by a stick
  • The palm is made of leather or a leather substrate for comfort and handling with thick pads around it for protection
  • It is okay for gloves to be a little large, as long as the padding covers all areas of the hand and wrist



Determining your glove size

  • Most manufacturers use different sizing levels for their gloves–usually small, medium, large, or extra large–but in general they range from youth sizes of about 9 inches up to full adult sizes of 16 inches
  • Use a tape measure to measure the distance from where your elbow pads will end to the tip of your fingers. This number equals your glove size.
  • Different manufacturers use different sizing methods, but the chart below is a good indicator of the glove size you should buy based on the above measurement



How to buy lacrosse pads

There are a number of pads that need to be worn during a lacrosse game.

Rib pads

  • These protect the vulnerable rib area
  • Some versions wrap around to protect the lower back and kidney area as well



Shoulder pads

  • Shoulder pads protect the shoulders as well as the upper part of the chest

Determining the right shoulder and rib pad size

  • Most pads are sized according to body type
  • To measure, wrap a tape measure around your chest just below your armpits
  • Different manufacturers use different sizing charts, but the chart below provides a general guide



Elbow pads

  • Elbow pads are required equipment in most leagues
  • They cover the elbow as well as the upper arm and forearm
  • Most elbow pads are adjustable and are secured with hook-and-loop straps, so sizing is general in terms of body size
  • There are also a varying numbers of straps available on different pads to help with adjustments
  • You may want to add a forearm slash pad for further protection in a sensitive, highly vulnerable area

Determining your elbow pad size

  • Measure the distance between the edge of your shoulder pads and the cuff of your lacrosse glove
  • The top of the elbow pad should leave no exposed skin between the shoulder pad and the glove
  • Different manufacturers use different sizing methods, but the chart below is a good indicator of the elbow pad size you should buy based on the above measurement