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Choosing the right insole for your shoe makes all the difference in the world for fit, comfort, and support.

How To Buy Insoles

Today’s athletic footwear offers a wide variety of insoles designed to do much more than improve the shoe’s fit. Some are molded support systems designed to reduce pronation. Some are lightweight cushioned sockliners designed for comfort. Some insoles even aid in air circulation or feature integrated charcoal content to help dissipate perspiration and reduce foot odor.

Flat Insoles / Sockliners

  • Many over-the-counter insoles are designed only to replace the factory-installed sockliner, and offer no additional cushioning.
  • For long-term cushioning, look for more durable replacement insoles, designed for athletic cushioning and comfort.

Soft Arch Supports

  • Available in Full or 3/4 lengths, soft arch supports are constructed with foam under the arch.
  • This improves shoe fit and supports the arch during normal activity.
  • The 3/4 length allows for toe room in tighter fitting shoes. If you need extra cushioning under your toes, choose full-length supports.

Orthotic or Rigid Arch Supports

  • Also available in Full or 3/4 lengths, the orthotic insole is made with a rigid plastic reinforcement from the heel to the ends of the metatarsals.
  • Similar to custom made orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist, these rigid devices are designed for high-impact, controlled cushioning and in-shoe support.