Glove Size and Fit

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Fit Tips

Softball (Adult):

  • The larger sizes (13 to 14 inches) are manufactured for softball players.
  • Outfielders typically wear gloves in the 12.5 to 13.5-in range because the large pocket makes for great catching
  • Infielders looking for quick transfer often use a slightly smaller glove, between 12 and 13 inches
  • Pitchers, like infielders, usually prefer the quick transfer of smaller, 12 to 13-in gloves
  • Middle infielders should look for a shallower pocket within the recommended size range

Youth and Beginner:

  • Gloves that are too big allow “cheating,” preventing beginners from developing and refining proper skills
  • Kids’ gloves should not be bought to be grown into
  • The best way to learn the fundamentals of fielding and catching is by wearing a glove that fits well

Kids 12 and Under:

  • No larger than 12 inches
  • Kids 8 and older should try gloves in the 11s, while younger kids (especially if they are smaller) should consider gloves in 9 to 11 inch range


  • Choose the lower end of the adult size range for your position