Gear Up For Your Next Hunt

You’ve picked the perfect spot and call up your hunting buddies. But do you have everything you need for your next hunting trip?
Even if you have your trusted gun or bow, you might want to consider packing some extra gear to make your trip the best it can be. It’s important that you find the right accessories for your hunting trip so you are prepared but not weighed down by unnecessary equipment.
Think Ahead
Fire starters are a great tool to have with you in the field. Jeana White of UST Brands suggests the UST BlastMatch, which is a one-handed fire starter that creates large, hot sparks easily and quickly. The BlastMatch provides thousands of sparks, and its large, easy grip means you can use it even if your hands are stiff from cold. The one-handed design means you can use your other hand to block wind or add tinder to your fire. If you’re looking for something more compact, the lightweight UST Sparkie offers hundreds of sparks while taking up less space.
You can pair your preferred fire starter with UST WetFire tinder to start a fire even in wet conditions.
“We feel that a good fire starter and tinder are critical to any survival situation,” White says. “It will provide light, heat, a signal device, a means of cooking, a way to dry out wet clothes and comfort. Make sure your fire starter is appropriate to your anticipated condition. Consider the features you will need: windproof, waterproof, high-altitude, fuel or no fuel.”
Get the Job Done
When it comes to field dressing game, the right knife makes all the difference and is an integral part of your hunting toolbox.
David Krattiger of Taylor Brands suggests finding a knife that is comfortable in your hand to make working with it easier. You can start your search with one of many knives by Taylor, like the Uncle Henry or Old Timer brand knives.
The Uncle Henry Full Tang Detail Skinner Fixed Blade Knife is a small knife with a classic look. This is a new product from Uncle Henry that features Staglon handle slabs and a leather belt sheath. The Uncle Henry Golden Spike Rat Tail Tang Fixed Blade Knife also offers a classic look with a longer blade.
The Old Timer Copperhead series of fixed blades and folding knives offers a rubberized grip to make them easy to use with no slip.
Maintain Your Game
At the end of a successful day in the field, you’ll have to bring your bounty back home. YETI has what you need to get it there with no problems.
“YETI continues to raise the bar with extremely durable and efficient products that you can rely on during each of your adventures,” says Ben O’Brien of YETI.
The YETI Tundra is a hard-sided cooler that comes in several sizes to fit your needs. O’Brien says this product has superior ice retention to keep your meat fresh until you can get it to your home freezer. If you’re transporting a small amount of game, the Hopper is a great option. This soft-sided cooler comes with ColdCell insulation and a HydroLok zipper, so you can be confident it will keep what you’re carrying fresh. With its lightweight design and convenient shoulder strap, transportation is easy.
YETI coolers offer an air-tight seal. The plug at the bottom makes them easy to clean. Pack coolers with YETI Ice to keep everything cold with minimal mess and cleanup.
If you’re planning a long trip, the YETI Rambler bottle can keep hot soup or cold beverages at the right temperature all day long. The Triple Haul cap makes it easy to grip and spill-free.
No matter what kind of hunting trip you’re planning, you will need tools and accessories. Make sure they are the right ones to get the most out of your day. Find some new gadgets and tools or update your current stockpile at your local Dunham’s Sports.
-Deer Abby
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Take Hunting to New Heights

A tree stand could be the perfect tool to boost your hunting success.
It’s time to get hunting again. A tree stand is the perfect tool to help you elevate your hunting success—literally.
There are many types of tree stands on the market. Ladderstands, climbers and fixed position stands all offer their own features and benefits. The best one is the stand that fits your hunting style, whatever that may be.
All three varieties of tree stands are available through Big Game Tree Stands and Muddy Outdoors at Dunham’s Sports. Mike Valliere of Big Game and Muddy said a hunter needs to think about what kind of hunting trips they’ll be going on before picking a treestand.
A ladderstand, for example, is great if you have time ahead of your hunt to set up your site. Valliere said these stands are growing in popularity because of their safety and ease of use.
A climbing stand is a good option if you’ll be setting up your site the same day of the hunt or, if you want to be able to easily change trees. It will be lighter than a ladderstand, so it can be carried more easily. The fixed position stands can be set up at the time of the hunt or in advance, whichever suits you best.
Muddy tree stands offer many of the features you’ll need for a successful hunt. They are designed for minimum noise with features including nylon washers, bolted ladder sections and sewn loop attachments, so you won’t alert nearby game to your presence. The heavy duty Fiber Guard powder coat and platform welding will keep you secure, so you can focus on the hunt. And you’ll be comfortable all day thanks to the Flex Tek, triple-layered foam seat.
“All are great options and that’s why we offer a wide variety,” Valliere said. “We have our preferred methods – but sometimes you have to be ready to adapt to be successful!”
Some of the options you can find at Dunham’s include the Muddy Partner, which is a two-man ladderstand so you can hunt with a friend. You can also find the Muddy Skybox 20-foot ladderstand which features a two-way adjustable padded shooting rail so you can steady yourself and get the best shot.
You’ll also find trusted Big Game models, such as the Guardian XL two-man ladderstand, the Warrior Pro and Blackhawk fixed position stand.
Get an edge on the game this year with a tree stand. With so many options, you’re sure to find the right one for you.
-Deer Abby
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Accessorize Your Hunting Trip

Consider the following products to make your hunting more enjoyable.
You’ve circled the dates for bow hunting, rifle and muzzle loader seasons. You’ve fine-tuned your equipment, practiced religiously and made sure your garments are up to snuff. To get even more out of your hunting experience, consider the following items from three premier manufacturers. All are available at your local Dunham’s Sports store.
Hunters spend countless hours in their blinds waiting for their prey. To make this experience more comfortable and more pleasurable, consider furniture from Ameristep.
“We offer four models of camo hunting furniture, with a multitude of price points and applications,” said Ryan Kubica, the company’s brand manager.
Ameristep’s high-back camo chair features a durable powder-coated steel frame in a dull-black finish, a heavy-duty, weatherproof fabric seat and a 200-pound load capacity. It folds flat for easy transport and storage.
Be sure to also check out Ameristep’s tripod swiveling stool. In addition to all of the characteristics of the high-back chair, the tripod features a built-in molded silent swivel, allowing hunters to turn in the chair without being heard by the prey. It also features adjustable legs to adjust the height of the stool.
Ideal for bow hunting is the company’s Buck Commander chair. It features a triangular-shaped seat and no armrests for maximum freedom and folds for easy transport.
“A favorite in hunting blinds and around campsites or any outdoor gathering is our director chair. It’s co-branded with the Bone Collector show found on the Outdoor Channel, features a large, zippered gear pouch and is rated at 250 pounds,” Kubica said.
All chairs described are available in Real Tree-branded camo and require little care. Keep them out of the elements as much as possible, clean and dry them when you put them away for the season.
Zippo, the company synonymous with windproof lighters, offers a wealth of hunting accessories that are carried at select Dunham’s stores.
“Our flex neck utility lighter is perfect for lighting grills, lanterns and campfires. It features wind-resistant dual-flame technology, ideal for any outdoor situation,” said Chris Funk, Zippo marketing product manager.
It gets dark early during hunting season and a great way to illuminate your surroundings is with Zippo’s Rugged Lantern. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, its LED light can stay lit for 40 hours on its lowest setting, 15 hours on the medium setting and 10 hours on the highest setting on a single charge.
Also intriguing from Zippo is the 4-in-1 Woodsman.
“Our 4-in-1 Woodsman is a combination, hatchet, bow saw, mallet and stake puller – a perfect companion for hunters, campers and any outdoor enthusiast. The mallet and stake puller make it easy to put up and take down a blind, while the bow saw can cut a four-inch diameter oak limb,” Funk added.
Once you’ve used the 5-inch hatchet to chop wood, you can conveniently carry the wood with the company’s Campfire Carrier. It features a 22-inch by 36-inch nylon sling and a durable handle, making it easy to carry an armload of wood without scratching yourself or getting your clothes dirty.
When it’s dinnertime, fire up Zippo’s All Terrain grill. As the name implies, this grill isn’t limited by the terrain.
“Our All Terrain grill features rubber-coated all-terrain wheels, so you can take with you wherever you go, including tailgating. It runs on either one-pound or 20-pound propane tanks. Its porcelain-coated grate and twin-burner technology ensure an even, prolonged heat for cooking that will rival BBQ joints,” Funk said.
After a successful hunt, you’ll want to prepare the meat to maximize its flavor. We recommend smokers from Masterbuilt.
“We’ve been in business for over 43 years and pride ourselves on our core values. Masterbuilt is the leader in the smoker and turkey fryer category,” explained John McLemore, the company’s president and CEO.
Dunham’s carries Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite 30-inch electric smoker. It’s perfect for the beginner or the pro.
“You’ll achieve competition-ready results in your own backyard without the hassle of charcoal or propane. Simply plug this smoker in, set the digital controls and it does the work! Masterbuilt makes smoking simple,” McLemore added.
This smoker features:
718 square inches of cooking space with 4 chrome-coated smoking racks.
800-watt heating element for even, consistent smoking up to 275° F.
Side wood chip loading system – add chips without opening the smoker door.
Top control panel for easy access to smoker controls cooking times and temperature.
“In 2005, we revolutionized the way people smoke food in their backyard. We made it more convenient and easier to use smokers without sacrificing the flavor. You can smoke a full rack of ribs, tenderloins, even vegetables. A smoker adds a different flavor than traditional cooking. It provides a healthier way to eat since there’s no need for all the seasonings. Our smokers allow your family and friends to come together and enjoy what we call ‘Dadgum good food,’” McLemore explained.
Dunham’s Sports carries a full line of hunting accessories to make your time at the hunting ground more comfortable and more pleasurable. Be sure to stop by your local store and speak with a knowledgeable sales professional who can guide you to this vast array of products.
Happy hunting.
-Deer Abby
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Hunting For The Perfect Gear

Wth hunting season just around the corner, it’s time to take stock of what gear you’ll need to combat colder temperatures and difficult terrain. From footwear to base layers to fleece, Dunham’s has hunters covered for this year’s season and beyond.
Peeling Back the Base Layers
Under Armour, known for their products for success on the field, have developed a line designed for hunters in the field. Their new Barrier line, which is designed to be effective in not only the warmer mid-season temperatures but late-season as well, utilizes various features to keep all hunters comfortable.
UA Storm repels water without sacrificing breathability. ColdGear Infared absorbs and retains body heat in a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating.
Under Armour products like Armour Fleece and Extreme Base Layer have strategically placed panels for maximum mobility, exclusive UA Scent Control technology that keeps hunters undetected and an interior that traps heat and provides superior warmth.
Under Armour’s Bill Healy, director of outdoor sales, sums these technologically advanced garments up nicely: “Armour Fleece is our original performance replacement for old-school sweatshirts: unbelievably light but somehow keeps you really warm.”
With so many options and technological advances, Under Armour Fleece and Base Layer products will keep hunters warm and dry this season.
Stand On Your Own Two Feet
If you’re looking for some new footwear this season, look no further than Muck. Muck offers several boot models fit for even the most diehard hunters. At Dunham’s, you’ll find the Brushland, Wetland and Chore models.
“Every pair of Muck boots is 100 percent waterproof, and our CR-Foam Neoprene bootie will keep you warm, dry and comfortable, whether you are working on the farm, out in the field, or on a hunt,” explains Rodney Robeson, regional sales representative for Muck Boot Company.
In addition, Muck boots offer some features that can keep hunters’ feet dry in warmer temperatures, too. Robeson says, “We at Muck have introduced our XpressCool lining, which keeps your feet cool and sweat-free during the warm seasons. We have also added ETC lining material to our footbeds to help reduce heat buildup and friction, providing a more enjoyable fit.”
Caring for these products is almost as easy as putting them on.
“Muck is a durable brand of boots with simple care instructions,” says Robeson. “The boots clean easily with a simple spray of water or a combination of scrubbing softly with soap-and-water mix. The upper rubber can also be conditioned with Armor All, wax polish or liquid detergent.”
Scent-free Success
As any hunter can attest, in addition to staying warm, staying scent-free is crucial in a successful hunt. Scent-Factor Scent Inhibitor Technology, found in Habit products at Dunham’s, was designed to stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
“Scent-Factor Scent Inhibitor Technology is directly built into our products during the manufacturing process, so there is no need to apply any aftermarket compounds that mimic wildlife odors,” explains Lee Mahan of Habit.
Camouflaged fabric with a soft, quiet outer shell minimizes sight and sound that could be picked up by prey.
Mahan adds, “In addition to disguise, the Scent-Factor Jacket is also designed for performance. Hunters stay comfortable in the field longer when wearing our waterproof, windproof and breathable Scent-Factor Jacket.”
From lightweight garments to lifestyle garments all the way up to a technical hunting jacket, you’ll be all set with Habit.
There are a flock of factors that go into a successful hunt. The terrain, the game and the conditions all need to be considered. With brands like Under Armour offering fleece and base layers for function and comfort, Habit for staying scent-free and Muck boots keeping feet warm and dry, the advantage swings in the favor of the hunter.
Swing by your nearest Dunham’s to ensure that you’re locked, loaded and ready for this hunting season.
-Deer Abby
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Target Practice of Self-Defense?

Choose the right handgun ammunition for greater success.
It takes repeated practice to get good at anything, including proficiency with handguns. Experts spend countless hours on the firing range fine-tuning their technique and their weapons so they are prepared, should they need to draw their weapon in self-defense. They also are acutely aware that there are significant differences between the ammunition used in these diversely different situations.
“For target ammo, you want something economical because you will be using so much of it,” said Remington’s Chris Faust.
He recommends the company’s Union Metallic Cartridge (UMC) line, available in 50-round boxes. Depending on the caliber, 100- and 250-round boxes are also available for even greater cost savings.
“Most target shooting pistol ammunition is classified as full metal jacket. That means the bullets consist of a soft core––often lead––encased in a shell of harder metal, such as gilding metal, which is 95 percent copper. Target ammo uses less-expensive powder and it’s designed to penetrate the target; 80 percent of all ammo sold is target ammo,” Faust explained.
Distinctly different is self-defense ammo. In these potentially lethal situations, people are looking to buy quality ammo.
“People don’t usually pull guns until their life is in peril. You want something that is extremely reliable and will not inadvertently hit another target,” Faust said.
Self-defense ammo typically is a hollow point or jacketed hollow point bullet. The tip is open and contains an open hollow cavity. This cavity is designed to expand when entering a soft target. Expansion is desired as it slows the bullet upon penetration, preventing collateral damage behind the target.
Defense ammunition of this type also typically uses nickel-plated cases and flash-suppressed powders and primers. The nickel ensures more reliable loading in auto-loading pistols. As Faust explained, the flash-suppression in the powder improves the ability to fire in low light conditions, which is when defense situations are most often encountered. It also protects the eyes from temporary flash blindness. Additionally, some loads use primer and waterproofing, which provides environmental robustness and resistance to moisture.
For Personal Defense pistol and revolver ammunition Remington offers the Golden Saber (in a 25-round box) and the Ultimate Defense Lines (available in a 20-round box).
To be fully prepared should the situation arise, Faust recommends using some personal-defense ammo at the range.
“Most personal-defense ammo has more recoil than target ammo. You want to make sure you’re used to that recoil and are not surprised by it,” he said.
-Deer Abby
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Looking for Mr. Whitetail

A guide to hunting hotspots in the regions Dunhams’s serves.
It’s obvious that your chances for a successful deer hunt increase if you hunt where there are a lot of deer. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. A lot of factors affect deer population, and they change from season to season. But historical data is a good guide. So too is scouting. For example, food availability is a good indication that deer will be present. A region that experiences an abundant apple or acorn harvest will likely become a feeding ground. Accessible rivers attract deer, and agricultural land that borders woodland is prime.
But to get you headed in the right direction, let’s examine some historical data. Some of the following information is from, a great resource.
Midwest Region: Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana
The western Upper Peninsula of Michigan is always one of the best regions for deer. Northernmost counties have extreme winters, so populations in those regions can be thin. But Delta, Iron, Keweenaw, Gogebic Baraga and Octonagon Counties should be home to abundant deer and fewer hunters than you’ll see in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.
In the Lower Peninsula, the counties surrounding Saginaw Bay and south central counties are your best bet for hunting success. Jackson and Washtenaw counties have long been known for big bucks.
With ample farmland, Ohio offers great deer hunting. Most of the hotspots are in the east-central part of the state. Licking, Coshocton and Tuscarawas Counties have been very good in past seasons, with Guernsey and Muskingum counties also scoring well. In 2012, Licking County led the way in trophy deer harvested with 219 qualifiers.
Down along the Ohio River, Adams County is productive and in the northeast part of the state, Ashtabula County is tops. If you’re talking strictly trophy bucks rather than total harvest, Southwest Ohio is prime, with many record animals coming from that part of the state.
Field and Stream magazine has called Wisconsin’s Buffalo County the whitetail deer capital of the world, and with good reason, as the county yields more record bucks per square mile than any other hunting hot spot in the nation. But be prepared to pay an outfitter if you want to hunt here.
Because Wisconsin is a great natural habitat for Whitetail deer, there are many opportunities to fill that tag. Waupaca and Shawano Counties are always a good bet. The agricultural landscape is an ideal feeding ground for deer. Marquette, Green Lake and Adams Counties in the Central part of the state have good populations, according to the Wisconsin DNR’s Fall 2014 density map, as does Richland County in the southwest corner.
Pike County on the Mississippi River in Illinois is a hunter magnet and has historically led the way in harvest numbers. Fulton County is another great location, as are Adams, Jo Daviess, Randolph Jefferson and Jackson Counties. As is the case in many highly productive areas, access may require working with an outfitter.
But hunters can find productive public lands in Illinois. The Shawnee National Forest in southeastern Illinois has yielded some good deer harvests. The forest is a mix of public and private land, so make sure you’re on public land before pulling the trigger. Maps of the area are available at the Shawnee National Forest offices.
Steuben County in the northeast corner of Indiana is productive, with a harvest of 9.95 deer per square mile in 2012. Down near the Kentucky border, Crawford County is good hunting, as is Harrison County. A little further east, Jefferson County produces a very good harvest as does nearby Jennings County.
Appalachian Region: North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Kentucky
In terms of harvest per square mile, the most productive area of North Carolina during the 2013-2014 season was Vance County in the northeast area with Northampton close behind. Neighboring Halifax County was productive as well. In the northwest corner of the state, Alleghany County scored well, particularly in harvest per square mile, as did Mecklenberg in the southwest.
Pennsylvania with its large wilderness areas is among the few that haven’t seen deer population declines in recent years. The counties to the north and west of Philadelphia have produced very good harvest numbers, and the northeast corner is seeing an increase in deer population. In the southeast part of the state, Armstrong, Clarion, Butler and Jefferson counties are seeing a rise in both population and harvest numbers.
The Allegheny Highlands — that heavily forested wilderness area in north central Pennsylvania that one passes through when driving Interstate 80 — has a lot of public land and a substantial number of deer.
Outdoor Life magazine published a ranking of deer hunting states called the Whitetail Scale. It considered the proportion of each state’s harvest that made it into the Boone and Crocket record book. Other considerations included the cost a nonresident outfitted hunt, state regulations and hunter density. When the final results were tallied, Kentucky came out on top. The state averages 20 deer per square mile statewide. That’s good hunting. Most productive was Owen County, with Crittenden County not far behind. Indiana, by the way, placed third, with Illinois ranking sixth and Ohio ninth.
-Deer Abby
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Scoping It Out

The rifle scope is an essential piece of equipment for firearm deer hunters.
A rifle scope has become standard equipment for deer hunters. And no wonder, shooting with metal sights is difficult. Lining up the crosshairs of a scope far easier, and with the magnification that scopes afford, you get a better view of the target. In brief, a scope multiplies your chances of success in the field.
When it comes to choosing a scope, big doesn’t mean better. In rolling or wooded terrain, most whitetails are taken at a range of 100 yards or less. For that range, Adam Goess, Nikon SRO product manager, recommends a scope with 3X to 9X magnification and an objective lens of 40 mm. In scope-speak, that would be described as a 3-9×40 scope. On flatland where the prey might be more than 100 yards distant, a more powerful scope would be called for. But too many hunters choose scopes with excessive magnification. Given a close shot, the view through the scope shows just a patch of fur. What’s more, extra magnification means less light. That’s a minus.
Nikon offers a feature that’s a significant plus. It’s called BDC or bullet drop compensation, and it compensates for bullet drop at longer ranges. The view through a Nikon scope with BDC shows a crosshair with four circles below. When using a standard cartridge rated at 2800 ft./second or less, you set the zero adjustment knob with the crosshairs centered on a target 100 yards distant. Then, when aiming at prey that’s 200 yards distant, you would center the first circle on the target. If the prey were 300 yards distant, the second circle would be placed on target, and so on. When using a cartridge rated at 3000 ft./second or more, adjust the zero point on a target 200 yards distant.
In the field, determine the distance to target before the prey comes into view when the situation allows. For example if you’re sitting above a game trail and can anticipate where the deer is going to come out, you can gauge the distance before the deer emerges. A laser range finder can help you do that. The device, which is available at Dunham’s and is also used by golfers, sends a light signal to the target. The light bounces back and the device calculates the distance. It’s yet another way modern technology has improved the hunt.
Dunham’s carries a range of Nikon Prostaff and Buckmasters scopes, as well as laser rangefinders, and our sales consultants can help you choose one that’s right for you. Every Nikon scope you buy at Dunham’s comes with a no-fault policy. That means, it’s covered by a lifetime warrantee whether a failure is caused by a manufacturing defect or your negligence. That’s reassuring.
-Deer Abby
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Shorter, Lighter, Faster

Today’s Highly Advanced Crossbows are Ideal Hunting Weapons.
According to some sources, crossbows date back 6,000-7,000 years. First appearing in China, they revolutionized warfare. Here’s why: To accurately fire an arrow with a bow required significant expertise. In fact, archers were cultivated and trained from a very young age and were considered an upper class. The crossbow, on the other hand, could be wielded by those with little training and it inflicted significant damage. So much so that it was banned by Catholic popes during the Middle Ages and was even outlawed by the Magna Carta.
As can be expected, crossbows have evolved significantly since their introduction. Today’s crossbows are shorter, lighter, narrower and faster than their counterparts of only a few years ago.
“Crossbows have evolved a lot in the past five years and have become highly efficient,” said Excalibur’s Rob Dykeman. He cites new materials, including aircraft aluminum, better designs and higher levels of engineering for the efficacy of today’s crossbows.
If you are thinking of adding these weapons to your hunting arsenal, we recommend the following.
An exciting new entry from Excalibur is the Grizzly Matrix. It’s very affordable while including many of the features found on more expensive Excalibur crossbows. Excalibur’s Grizzly Matrix delivers 18-inch bolts at 305 feet-per-second (fps) and has a 200-lb. draw weight. It weighs only 5.5 lbs. and features Mossy Oak Break-up Country camouflage and Excalibur’s super-strong composite frame.
“Our new Matrix Grizzly crossbow enables sportsmen the ability to have the famous Excalibur reliability, accuracy and service at a very affordable price,” Dykeman added. “You can adjust your string in less than 20 minutes and de-cock your crossbow without having to fire an arrow.”
Included with the Matrix Grizzly crossbow are a Dead-Zone scope, one-inch scope mount, a four-arrow quiver with bracket, four Diablo arrows, four 150-grain field points and a rope cocking aid.
A great option for those looking for a more compact crossbow is Excalibur’s new Micro 335. According to the company, it’s the most compact recurve hunting crossbow in the field, thanks to limbs that are only 25 inches wide and a 10-inch power stroke.
“The new Micro 335 is ideal for hunting in ground blinds or tight cover. It’s amazingly quiet, smooth to shoot, deadly accurate, and like all Excalibur crossbows it’s built to weather the very toughest hunting conditions for decades of flawless service,” Dykeman added.
The Micro 335 weighs a mere 5.2 lbs., delivers 16.5-inch bolts at 335 fps and has a draw weight of 270 lbs. It features Realtree Xtra camo finish.
“The Micro 335 features our stylish, yet comfortable, new Feather-Lite skeletonized stock that includes rubber grip inserts for unparalleled control and feel. It comes with an ambidextrous cheek piece and an oversized trigger guard for cold weather hunting,” Dykeman explained.
Included in the Micro 335 package is a Dead-Zone scope with one-inch rings, Guardian Anti-Dry-Fire-System, Recoil Energy Dissipation System (R.E.D.S.) suppressors, a four-arrow quiver (with bracket), four Quill arrows with 150-grain field points and a rope cocking aid.
To maximize your hunting time, these crossbows require very little maintenance. The company recommends oiling fasteners to prevent rust, occasionally adjusting strings and lubricating the rails.
Also popular with Dunham’s Sports customers is Barnett’s Quad Xtreme crossbow.
“For those looking for extreme value and extreme performance, it’s tough to beat our Quad Xtreme crossbow,” explained Barnett’s Bob Zellmer.
The Quad Edge Xtreme features a lightweight, composite stock, resulting in an estimated 7.2-lb. mass weight. It has a 125-lb. draw weight and excellent performance at 340 fps. It further features high-definition camo, the CROSSWIRE string and cable system and a premium accessory package that includes a 3×32 scope, three-arrow quiver and three 22-inch headhunter arrows.
For those who prefer a reverse Limb crossbow, Zellmer recommends the company’s BC Raptor Reverse.
“As the name implies, our BC Raptor Reverse is built on our very popular BC Raptor chassis. All of the features of the highly successful BC Raptor are included in the BC Raptor Reverse, at a lower price,” he added.
This reverse crossbow features an adjustable butt plate, CNC-machined aluminum flight track, carbon riser and laminated limbs. It weighs 6.4 lbs. and delivers bolts at 330 fps. The draw weight is 150 lbs.
The BC Raptor Reverse comes with a premium, illuminated scope, rope cocking device, cross premium three-arrow quiver and three 20-inch headhunter arrows.
“The footprint of the BC Raptor Reverse is small, making it ideal in tight spaces. Also, recoil is minimal, making it extremely smooth to shoot. All in all, this is very nice, well-balanced crossbow.
To keep Barnett crossbows in optimal conditions, Zellmer suggests lubricating the strings and cables often.
As with nearly every sporting goods category, crossbows have benefited greatly from today’s highly engineered designs and leading-edge materials. Whether you are new to the sport or are considering new equipment, we strongly recommend you speak with a knowledgeable expert at your local Dunham’s Sports store. Arm yourself with the right crossbow for a successful hunting season.
Good luck!
-Deer Abby
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Hunting Tools Can Make All The Difference

No matter what kind of hunting you’re into, there are many tools of the trade. This season at Dunham’s Sports, you can find a variety of tools to make the trip more enjoyable.
Outdoor Edge specializes in high quality knives and tools to help you get your game from the field to your freezer with ease. Colin Wayne of Outdoor Edge says it’s important for hunters to always care for tools properly to get the most use out of them. He offers specific advice to care for knives.
“Storing the knife wet will certainly cause the blade to rust,” Wayne said. “If you have a folding knife, we suggest adding a drop of light oil to the blade pivot after the knife has been cleaned. If cared for properly, your knives will last you a lifetime.”
You can find Outdoor Edge products at Dunham’s this fall, including the Skin N’ Bone set. This four-piece set comes with a gut-hook skinner, a boning/fillet knife, a carbide sharpener, and a black nylon pouch that converts to a belt scabbard.
Andrew Gritzbaugh of Gerber Gear said there is no tool more important to a hunter than a quality knife.
“Every hunter or sportsman needs a knife on them at all times,” Gritzbaugh said. “This might be obvious to the experienced, but the reality is that many folks go into the field ill-equipped, expecting to only use the knife back at the truck or camp. Your blade will serve you in many tasks beyond cleaning and gutting. You never know, it might just save your life.”
New to Dunham’s for fall is Gerber’s Vital Fixed Blade. This knife features an easily replaceable blade and bright orange rubber handle for good grip. The knife comes with six replaceable blades.
Taylor Brands knives are also available at Dunham’s. Their products include the Old Timer and Uncle Henry lines. Andrew Bledsoe from Taylor said the Old Timer Sharpfinger is a favorite among hunters. They also offer multi-tools, such as the Shrade Tough Tool 21-Function Multi-Tool.
The Schrade channel on YouTube ( features helpful videos on how to care for your hunting tools.
“Above all else, customers should enjoy the look and feel of their knife in the hand, and they should look for it from a company that stands behind their product,” said Bledsoe. “Taylor Brands LLC prides itself on its world-class customer service and all of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty.”
Whatever type of game you’re after this season, make sure to stop by your local Dunham’s to get everything you need. You might discover a new favorite!
-Deer Abby
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To The Hunt!

It’s autumn and hunting season is upon us. Let Dunham’s help you prepare.
From the green hills of Appalachia to the forests of the upper Midwest, sporting men and women look forward to autumn and the hunt. Nature paints the forest in gold, brown and red, the weather turns cool, and there’s a crispness in the air that says it’s time to get out of the house and into the field. For most, the prey of choice is a big buck and the rewards are the thrill of the hunt and a deep freeze packed with meat.
Most meteorologists expect El Nino to keep temperatures relatively mild this autumn and winter through the upper Midwest, the Ohio Valley and Appalachia with moderate snow cover in the northern sections. That should be good news for hunters. An early and frigid winter can make things uncomfortable for outdoor activity and may reduce cover. A light snowfall can help you move quietly and the contrasting background makes it easy to spot deer.
While some states in the region saw a decline in deer harvest numbers in recent years, mild weather should contribute to a stronger and larger whitetail population. Most Midwest and eastern states anticipate good herd numbers.
So if you’re a hunter, it’s time to make sure you’re ready for the field, and that means more than just cleaning your weapons and picking your vacation days. In this issue we touch on a number of different topics that can help you prepare.
Where The Whitetail Live
We checked the herd reports for a number of states in the regions Dunham’s serves to determine where you might have the best chance of filling your tag. We discovered there are great places to hunt in every part of the region.
The Crossbow Revolution
Crossbows are becoming the weapon of choice for bow season hunters. That’s due in part to changes in regulations that have made them available to more hunters. But it’s also a result of improved materials and better engineering. Both of which have made crossbows more accurate and useful.
Our bow hunter customers are excited about the new Grizzly Matrix from Excalibur, an affordable bow that offers a lot for your money. Another popular choice is Excalibur’s new Micro 335, a remarkably compact bow.
Also drawing a lot of interest is Barnett’s Quad Xtreme crossbow. Again, it offers both value and performance. The same company’s BC Raptor Reverse is another very popular bow. Read the article to learn more about all these great products.
You Can See Clearly Now
Being able to accurately target prey with a rifle while aiming with metal sights and mentally calculating bullet-drop compensation is an admirable skill. It’s also a very difficult challenge that requires years of practice. Almost all of today’s firearm hunters rely on riflescopes, we take a look at what’s available and tell you how to choose the right scope for your hunt.
While higher magnification might seem desirable, our article explains why a high power scope might not be the best choice. We also explain how bullet-drop compensation works and why it’s desirable.
Of course we fill you in on some of the best Nikon scopes available at Dunham’s, including Prostaff and Buckmaster models. Our in-store sales consultants can help you choose the one that’s best for your hunt.
Tools of the Trade
Every hunter needs a quality knife, and we offer some great options. Not only do we point out the best blades, but we provide some tips for taking good care of your hunting tools as well.
Among the products we review are some great knives from Outdoor Edge, Gerber and Taylor Brands. You’re going to need one or more of these.
Accessorize, Accessorize
Hunting should be fun, and having the right equipment can help make it so. That includes a comfortable place to sit, some illumination and — for when the hunt is over — a great way to cook that game. We found there are some great hunting accessories available from some of the best names in the business, like Ameristep, Zippo and Masterbuilt.
Handgun Help
A lot of the hunters we know are firearm collectors, while others have to keep a handgun available for protection and security. Still others just enjoy target shooting and find it a great way to pass time once hunting season is over. Various kinds of handgun ammo are available at Dunham’s. Our experts tell you what’s best for each application.
Well, it’s time to quit talking and get ready for the hunt. Your Dunham’s sales consultants are ready to help you do that. Stop by today and get in the game.
-Deer Abby
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