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Toasty Warm When It’s Cold Outside

01/05/2016 | 12:25 PM

Under Armour’s ColdGear Infrared is Your Cold-Weather Solution.   Two years ago, based on research conducted to write a similar article, I went to my local Dunham’s Sports and bought Under Armour ColdGear Infrared leggings and crew neck top. I wanted something that would help keep me warm during Michigan’s early spring and late fall, […]

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Up, Up To The Sky

12/29/2015 | 07:25 AM

Flying a drone can provide hours of year round entertainment.   Are you hankering to hover? Feeling ripe for a flip? Ready to roll? Then you’d enjoy flying a toy drone. Dunham’s can help with a selection of durable easy to fly drones from Quadrone.   Earning Your Wings   While learning to fly requires […]

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Table Tennis, Anyone?

12/22/2015 | 07:32 AM

The warmer months of spring and summer are great for a game of tennis outside. But what do you do when the temperatures drop and the snow starts falling? You bring the tennis inside with table tennis!   A report by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association shows that people of all ages enjoy playing […]

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Get a Better View of Your Fitness Level with iFIT Vue

12/15/2015 | 08:05 AM

Put a Fitness Band on your Holiday List for a Fitter 2016.   The holidays are approaching and for many of us, that means a little extra food and drink. With so many events vying for our time, it can be difficult to stay on our fitness goal. It’s at times like these that we […]

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Spreading Holiday Health!

12/15/2015 | 07:24 AM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   Are you taking a dish to a holiday a holiday potluck? Having friends over? Share the gift of healthy food for your friends and loved ones! Whether making your traditional seasonal treats or experimenting with new and adventurous dishes, you can create a great, even indulgent holiday spread while protecting […]

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Cardio Crossover

12/08/2015 | 07:27 AM

As long as there is fitness, there will be a constant flow of fads that people will latch onto. From aerobics in the ’80s to Pilates in the ’90s to Tae Bo in the early 2000s, there will always be a “latest and greatest” form of exercise that will guarantee results.   Now, the mid-2010s […]

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Tips to Good Health This Winter

12/01/2015 | 09:47 AM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   It’s been unusually cold the last two winters, which can wreak havoc on your workout schedule! Don’t give up. That winter weight gain isn’t all tied to eating more or lack of exercise. New research shows how important exercise is … especially in the winter. In this study, researchers from […]

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Accessorize Your Hunting Trip

11/24/2015 | 07:24 AM

Consider the following products to make your hunting more enjoyable.   You’ve circled the dates for bow hunting, rifle and muzzle loader seasons. You’ve fine-tuned your equipment, practiced religiously and made sure your garments are up to snuff. To get even more out of your hunting experience, consider the following items from three premier manufacturers. […]

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Hunting For The Perfect Gear

11/17/2015 | 07:18 AM

Wth hunting season just around the corner, it’s time to take stock of what gear you’ll need to combat colder temperatures and difficult terrain. From footwear to base layers to fleece, Dunham’s has hunters covered for this year’s season and beyond.   Peeling Back the Base Layers   Under Armour, known for their products for […]

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