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It’s How We Roll

04/19/2016 | 07:03 AM

You don’t have to join a league to have fun at the bowling alley.   League bowling can be a great way to break up the routine, get some exercise, and make friends. But you can enjoy those same benefits without joining a league. And when you’re hitting the lanes just for fun, having a […]

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Batter Up!

04/12/2016 | 10:54 AM

Today’s baseball bats are the product of high technology and numerous new rules. Stop by Dunham’s today to find a bat that can send your average soaring…   Spring is a great time of the year. The air warms, flowers bloom, the umpire yells, “play ball,” and bat meets baseball with a resounding crack.   […]

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Lower Your Handicap

04/05/2016 | 08:15 AM

With Equipment from Nike and TaylorMade.   If the predictions of warmer-than-average temperatures through April are correct, we could well be hitting the links shortly. For many of us, we want to see affirmation that all we have worked on over the winter – hitting range balls in the dome, golf-specific exercises, poring through countless […]

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Good Glove, Great Game

03/29/2016 | 01:55 PM

Learning to catch a baseball can be difficult. Without good equipment, it may well be impossible. Is there a six-year-old baseball fan out there who doesn’t dream of someday playing like a pro? I doubt it. For the youngest would-be athletes, now is the time to dream of what might be and relish it. Fantasy […]

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Walking to a Healthy Future

03/22/2016 | 06:55 AM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   As the temperatures become milder and spring weather calls us to enjoy the world around us, we begin our summer fittness routines … and what better way to kick off the season than with daily walks! Walking is a great, low-impact exercise that comfortably takes you into a highly improved […]

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Getting Fit for Summer Sports

03/15/2016 | 01:54 PM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   Spring fever has hit! That means many of you are looking forward to heading outside to hit the golf course, the basketball court, the baseball or soccer field. But before you step one foot out on the green, court or field are you ready? Yes I know you’re ready mentally, […]

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Expand Your Fitness Regimen

03/08/2016 | 11:06 AM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   Expanding the variety while focusing on the quality of your fitness regimen is more important than adding on extra hours in the gym according to new research recently published in the The Journal of Applied Physiology. The study was authored by Paul J. Arciero DPE, the director of the Human […]

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Brain Workout

03/01/2016 | 08:11 AM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   The benefits of exercise for brain health have long been accepted, but new research just added a big item to the long list of bonuses for the brain from physical fitness!   We know that the benefits of physical exercise, especially aerobic exercise, have effects on brain functions. A study […]

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Incline Walking

02/23/2016 | 01:00 PM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   Looking for a workout that will let you burn the maximum amount of calories in a minimum amount of time? Treadmill walking or walking up an incline might be the solution. The benefits are impressive!   • Increase Your Calorie Burn Rate. It’s simple, walk for 30 minutes at 4 […]

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