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Our blog contains anything from health and fitness tips to camping necessities and stories. Browse through hundreds of posts to read up on everything there is to know about outdoor sports, hunting hot spots, school activities, fitness inspirations, and more.

Changing with the Season

11/02/2016 | 07:09 AM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   The cooler temperatures of late summer bring new opportunities and new challenges for expanding our fitness programs. The 5 to 10 mile bike ride that seemed so easy suddenly becomes an endurance trek when riding into the wind. Meanwhile, cooler weather energizes your runs, pushing you further. Soon children and […]

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It’s Never to Late!

10/25/2016 | 12:49 PM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   Beginning a new fitness program comes with great benefits at any age. An inspiring example of this Olga Kotella. She worked as a teacher, raised her family and retired at age 65 … and what an amazing retirement! At the age of 77 she began training in track and field […]

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For a Healthy Heart

10/18/2016 | 02:22 PM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   We don’t need to be convinced about the importance of a healthy heart. Every year approximately one of every four deaths — 600,000 people — in the United States are the result of heart disease. It is the leading cause of death for both men and women, and a major […]

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Why You Need to Train Legs…

10/11/2016 | 07:45 AM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   Leg day is the easiest session to skip in the gym. Leg training is tough — no doubt about it — and it can be tempting to forget your leg workouts in favor of easier training sessions or missing the gym altogether. Many guys and girls prefer to focus on […]

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On The Hunt With Dunham’s

10/04/2016 | 06:52 AM

Introducing a wide range of gear to help the challenges of the season.   Soon the trees will have turned, the leaves will have fallen, and the deer will be rutting. Big bucks will be up and about, and hunters will take to the field.   We look at some things one should consider before […]

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Stay Warm, Dry and Undetected with Hunting Apparel from Under Armour

09/27/2016 | 08:50 AM

Fall is here. You see it in the changing colors. You feel it in the crisper air and you hear it at Friday Night football games. While some outdoor activities, such as golf and baseball, are waning, others, including hunting, are just beginning. To help you stay warm and dry while helping you blend into […]

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Safety First in Stack-On Safes

09/20/2016 | 10:32 AM

As a hunter or gun enthusiast expands his or her collection of firearms, the next step is to ensure these valuable pieces stay protected. Through the purchase of a gun safe, enthusiasts can be certain that their firearms are locked up and protected from thieves, children and fire.   At Dunham’s, customers will find an […]

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Making Your Luck

09/13/2016 | 08:49 AM

Today’s most successful hunters use attractants to bring the deer to their stand…   “No luck today,” says a novice returning empty handed from the hunt. Seasoned hunters aren’t likely to say that, because they know deer hunting is a science, and they make their own luck through careful analysis and the application of proven […]

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Gear Up For Your Next Hunt

09/06/2016 | 10:19 AM

You’ve picked the perfect spot and call up your hunting buddies. But do you have everything you need for your next hunting trip?   Even if you have your trusted gun or bow, you might want to consider packing some extra gear to make your trip the best it can be. It’s important that you […]

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