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Our blog contains anything from health and fitness tips to camping necessities and stories. Browse through hundreds of posts to read up on everything there is to know about outdoor sports, hunting hot spots, school activities, fitness inspirations, and more.

Maximize Your Camping Experience

05/23/2017 | 01:25 PM

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with The Right Camping Equipment.   Some of our best memories are centered around camping trips when our two boys were young. After spending the entire day outdoors, we would gather around a campfire in the evening to watch bats fly overhead and to listen to the chirping of crickets and […]

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Why You Need To Train Legs

05/16/2017 | 11:51 AM

[Written by Peter Nielsen].   Leg day is the easiest session to skip in the gym. Leg training is tough — no doubt about it — and it can be tempting to forget your leg workouts in favor of easier training sessions or missing the gym altogether. Many guys and girls prefer to focus on […]

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Use the “Wet Test” to Determine What Kind of Feet You Have

05/09/2017 | 08:12 AM

1. Get your foot wet.   2. Then step on a surface, such as a sidewalk or a piece of dark construction paper, which will show an imprint of your foot.   3. The characteristics of the imprint will determine your foot type:   • Flat Footed/Pronated — Your feet are pronated if a complete […]

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Keep Your Feet Happy, Every Day

05/02/2017 | 06:55 AM

What feels better than stepping outside into the spring air after a long, cold winter stuck inside your house? If you have tired, achy feet, staying on the couch might feel a lot better. But with advances in comfortable footwear, that walk in the park can feel a lot more like, well, a walk in […]

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Core Strength

04/25/2017 | 07:36 AM

Pilates builds strength, flexibility and endurance.   Want to flatten your tummy, strengthen those shoulder blades, and build better posture? Pilates might just be the thing for you. Pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates in the mid-1920s, pilates builds strength, flexibility and endurance without adding bulk to muscles or increasing risk of injury. Pilates has […]

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Why Do Golf Balls Have Dimples?

04/18/2017 | 01:10 PM

Accidental discovery is why golf balls travel farther than any other ball.   Last fall, we asked you, our readers, to submit sport-related questions you wanted answered. Out of the many responses, we chose one from Alex Wheatley of Flushing, Michigan. Alex wanted to know why golf balls have dimples. The simple answer is that […]

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The Cubs vs. The Curse

04/11/2017 | 03:01 PM

The baby bears bested a goat and brought a championship to Chicago.   It was September 2016 and the Chicago Cubs were cruising toward a National League Central title with the best record in baseball and an insurmountable lead. The Cubbies looked like a sure bet for a pennant and World Series title. Yet their […]

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A Better Game Awaits

04/04/2017 | 06:43 AM

New Equipment From Leading Manufacturers Can Help You Improve Your Score.   For golfers, there’s nothing like the prospect of spring. After hours in the gym and the indoor range, studying golf magazines and watching instructional videos, we’re ready to take the game to the course. To help you improve both your score and your […]

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Make Your Own Madness

03/28/2017 | 07:51 AM

A Guide to Home Basketball System.   Everyone who’s shot at a hoop in the driveway has done it. You shoot a 3-pointer, trying to replicate one of the most exciting plays in all of sports: the buzzer-beater. THREE! TWO! ONE! And everyone screams out the iconic final horn sound.   As spring gets into […]

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