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The Proper Apparel Makes The Hunt Comfortable and More Productive

Most of us would not golf wearing a parka or trout fish in Montana wearing only a bathing suit. Each sport has specific apparel and gear suited to keep us comfortable during our endeavor. The more comfortable we are, the better our chances for success. This definitely applies to hunting and its diverse terrain and weather conditions. Especially during the early hunting season in the Midwest, dressing in layers is important, as fall mornings start off cool and gradually warm up by mid-day. Unlike other sports, there’s an additional aspect to hunting: we must not let the prey become aware of our presence. That’s why today’s hunting gear, from apparel to footwear, features camouflage and scent control, enabling us to blend into the environment.
Apparel Isn’t Just for Appearance
“The most popular hunting prey throughout the world is the white-tailed deer and its best defense is its nose. To give hunters a fair advantage, our company makes superior, scent-control apparel featuring Carbon Alloy Technology,” said Alex Gyllstrom of ScentLok.
ScentLok products found at your local Dunham’s include the Savanna Classic jacket, Savanna Classic pants and the Classic Cotton insulated jackets. To make it easier for hunters to choose the proper equipment based on climate conditions, ScentLok created weather icons (warm, cool, cold) for its apparel.
“Our Savanna products feature incredible price points that deliver superior results to Dunham’s customers. They’re designed to keep hunters cool while controlling odor,” Gyllstrom added.
ScentLok’s Classic Cotton jacket and pants, meanwhile, can be worn during the entire hunting season in our surroundings. Their design helps keep the moisture and wind away and can be layered underneath for added warmth.
Taking a different approach to odor control is Under Armour, the company synonymous with athletic apparel.
“Our exclusive UA Scent Control technology, found in products such as our Ridge Reaper line, features a blend of Zeolite fused with antimicrobial silver that lasts 10 times longer than traditional carbon scent blockers. It’s also lighter and quieter, giving hunters a big competitive advantage,” said Kevin Perry, Under Armour.
The Ridge Reaper line of hunting apparel features the company’s Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish to repel water without sacrificing breathability. It’s wind-resistant, wicks sweat away from the body and features a secure front kangaroo pocket with an internal ammo pouch.
For colder mornings, Perry recommends the company’s Ayton line of hoody, jacket and pants with their 300-weight fleece construction. They include many of the same attributes found in the Ridge Reaper line.
“The Ayton line delivers exceptional performance value for Dunham’s customers, allowing them to get into the Under Armour brand at an affordable price,” Perry said.
Apparel Care Takes Little Effort
The great thing about today’s hunting apparel is that it requires little care. The ScentLok products, for example, are meant to be washed only once or twice a year unless they get visibly dirty, such as getting muddy or bloody. The items have to be washed with unscented detergent or activated carbon detergent.
Reactivating the carbon process requires placing the apparel in a household dryer for 40-50 minutes on high heat. The carbon can be reactivated at any time, though ScentLok recommends doing so after 30 hours. The company also recommends storing the items in an airtight container or bag to ensure the apparel doesn’t pick up environmental odors.
According to Under Armour’s Perry, taking care of his company’s hunting apparel is even easier.
“Thanks to our Zeolite technology, there’s no need to place the items in the dryer to reactivate the scent control, since it’s good for the life of the garment. Simply wash and wear them,” he said.
Footwear to Boot
Dunham’s truly has hunters covered from head to toe, with specialized footwear uniquely suited to the weather and hunt location. As with the rest of the apparel, the footwear features camo and odor-neutralizing technology.
“Our Swamp Walker 2000 boot features 2,000 grams of Thinsulate, which is 10 times the minimum required amount. That makes these boots much warmer during the fall hunting season,” said Marty Lynch of Itasca Footwear.
As Lynch explained, the Swamp Walker 2000 are 17-inches tall, waterproof and feature an ankle-fit design, meaning they will stay on your foot if you have step through mud. The boots are made of print rubber, so they’re scent free. They also feature a slip-resistant outsole and a removable insole.
Also ideal for walking through mud is the Rocky MudSox 7284 camouflage boot. According to Mark Pitts of Rocky Brands, this boot features 800 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation and incorporates the company’s SIQ Atomic technology, which helps control human odor on the microbial level.
“Our MudSox 7284 boot is ideally suited for someone moving about. It features a heel kick tab, making it easier to remove the boot,” he said.
Better suited for climbing or sitting in a tree stand is the Rocky MudSox 4784 camo boot. It features 1,000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation for greater warmth, a neoprene liner and a rubber outer shell. It also features the company’s scent control program.
“One nice thing about the 4784 boot is that it features an open-cell foam foot bed that’s removable, allowing the customer to add more cushioning with time. This MudSox boot also has an EVA midsole that takes pressure off and reduces the weight you put onto your feet,” Pitts added.
Yet another rubber boot is Under Armour’s H.A.W (Hurry up And Wait) line. It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and breathable. It features an air-mesh lining that increases airflow and wicks sweat to keep your foot dry. It also features an internal heel lock memory foam that forms to your foot for a secure, customized fit.
“Our H.A.W. boots provides a superior level of comfort, along with warmth and protection. It’s a great boot for tree stands,” Perry explained.
For those looking for a leather camo boot that is waterproof, Dunham’s carries Itasca’s Cascade Extreme and Big Buck Hunter models.
The Cascade Extreme features 400 grams of Thinsulate and features a Mossy Oak camo nylon upper, a waterproof shell bottom, a removable liner, a dual-padded collar and traction rubber outsole.
For those looking for even warmer leather boots, Itasca offers their Big Buck Hunter model with 800 grams of Thinsulate. This waterproof boot features a Mossy Oak camo nylon upper, a removable cushion insole and a non-typical traction rubber outsole.
“Exclusive to Dunham’s is our 8220 Rocky Cornstalker,” Pitts added. “It features a full-grain leather upper, 1000 Denier Courdura nylon, Gore Tex waterproofing, 1,000 grams of Thinsulate Ultra, Cornstalker Bob outsole and Mossy Oak break up camo. It can be used for hunting or work, is an excellent cold-weather boot and it’s guaranteed to be waterproof for one year.”
Another multipurpose boot from Rocky Brands is the 7481 sport utility boot. It features a one-piece rubber outsole and, according to Pits, is popular with the construction industry. The 10” tall boot is dipped in urethane and features Thinsulate Ultra for foot warmth. It’s available Mossy Oak break up camo.
Caring for your hunting boots is easy and it’s a task that can be accomplished in minutes. Leather boots should be occasionally conditioned with leather oil, while rubber boots merely require hosing off any caked-on mud.
Having the proper gear and proper apparel can make any hunt more productive, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Especially if you are new to hunting, be sure to speak with a Dunham’s sales professional to ensure you are properly outfitted with apparel that is ideally suited to your terrain and your prey.
-Deer Abby
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Set Your Sights on a Successful Hunt

For hunters, there’s no better time than fall and the thrill that the new hunting season brings. Crisp mornings spent stalking favorite prey are preceded by relentless preparation. Like any other sport or hobby, success is often dependent on the quality of the equipment. When it comes to hunting rifles, it’s difficult to surpass the quality and name recognition of Remington. Dunham’s Sports carries three specific Remington hunting rifles: the 700 ADL, the 770 and the newly introduced 783.
Remington 783
“Our Model 783 is a brand-new bolt-action rifle designed to deliver accuracy, shot after shot,” said Remington’s John Benjamin. (The Remington 783 is available at Dunham’s Sports.)
“The Remington 783 features a carbon steel magnum contour button rifled barrel that is threaded into a cylindrical receiver and tied together with a barrel nut. This is the heaviest sporter weight barrel that we make. It’s all done for accuracy and the receiver provides lot of mass and a solid platform to thread the barrel into,” added John Fink of Remington.
The 783 is available in a choice of four calibers: 270 Win, 30-06 Springfield, 308 Win and 7mm Remington Magnum. Features include a detachable magazine box with a steel latch. It’s durable, reliable and provides one-handed operation — either in or out of the gun. The 783 also features a new CrossFire™ trigger system set at 3.5 lbs. and consumer-adjustable from 2.5 lbs. to 5 lbs. Additional 783 features include a pillar-bedded stock and free-floated barrel for shot consistency and a SuperCell™ recoil pad for comfortable shooting.
Remington 770
“For those new to hunting, we offer our 770 model; it’s ideal as a first rifle,” Benjamin said.
The Remington 770 is bolt-action, center-fire rifle and is available in most deer-hunting cartridges. It features a synthetic stock with hammer forged barrel and 60 degree bolt throw and includes a pre-mounted and boresighted 3-9x40mm scope.
“This is a very good, functional working rifle. Dunham’s carries it in a variety of calibers, for whatever game you are pursuing,” Fink explained.
The 770 is available in blued with black synthetic stock and molded sling swivel studs. It’s priced below the Remington 783.
Remington 700 ADL
For more seasoned hunters, Dunham’s Sports offers the Remington 700 ADL hunting rifle. It features a black synthetic stock with swivel studs, a pre-mounted and boresighted 3-9x40mm scope and an X-Mark Pro trigger set at 3 1/2 lbs. from the factory.
“The Remington 700 delivers legendary action and is revered by hunters for its accuracy,” Benjamin said.
“We introduced the Remington 700 in 1962 and since then, it’s the standard by which all other rifles are measured. It’s going to deliver on durability, accuracy and reliability. You can hunt with this rifle for your entire life, then hand it down to the next generation,” Fink explained.
The Remington Model 700 ADL is available at Dunham’s Sports.
-Deer Abby
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Pointers on Pointers

So you’re decked out in your camo, have your weapon of choice, your tree stand or blind is set up and the truck is packed. But now what? What do you do once you get out there to ensure that you’re able to lure that trophy buck to make all your hunting buddies jealous?
Baiting Basics
In order to make sure you get as many deer in your area as possible, there is an endless array of different techniques and products designed to assist with your big hunt. Attractants, mock scrapes and rubs, mineral licks, and even deer urine have been formulated to be as effective as possible in luring deer to your desired hunting area.
But with all products, there are techniques that should be followed to ensure that they are used in the most effective manner possible. Ron Bice of Wildlife Research Center, Inc. offers some insight. For scrape locations, Bice explains, deer normally visit their scrapes at night. Scent drippers at scrape sites force a deer to alter his routine of visiting his scrape, bringing him right into your crosshairs.
Drip, Drip, Drip
“When using hunting scents, the method you use to set up the scent can increase the effectiveness of the product,” explains Bice. “We’ve developed several scent dispensers and methods, which we feel are the most effective ways to use hunting scents. For example Magnum Scrape-Drippers® are great for use at natural and mock scrape locations. They’re a special device that drips the scent out in a regulated manner. The important thing that makes them so different and effective is that they drip daytime only.”
On Your Mark-ings…
Another technique, as offered by Todd Weston of Wildgame Innovations/Evolved/Synergy, utilizes various markings left by deer at a given site. Using a mineral attractant in the correct manner will get the deer visiting your site over a long period of time.
“First, find the heavy thick cover in your area and start with mineral attractants like Deer Cain and Black Magic,” Weston said. “Mix with a small amount of water for immediate effectiveness. Look for signs like large tracks, droppings, rubs or signs of grazing on fresh growth. Once the deer locate your site, refresh the attractant every 30 to 60 days, and the deer will establish frequent visits.”
If you’re unsure of what products are best for you, there are some things to consider. According to Weston, if you have the ability to regularly check your site, powder forms can be beneficial. However, if you’re only able to make it to your site one or two times per month, then block-type feed and attractants will last longer. Finally, liquid or gel products that last only a short time in the elements are best if you’re on a shorter hunting trip. No matter your hunting excursion, there’s an abundance of products to make your hunt a success.
Staying Stealthy
With all of the varieties of products and techniques available to get as many deer in your hunting area as possible, hunters can’t forget that their smell will repel deer from long distances. Luckily, though, there have been many advances in the technology of blocking human scent from dispersing into the air. Consumers can look for products like Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Killer spray as one avenue to prevent a hunter’s scent from scaring away any deer.
“Anytime you hunt or scout for whitetails, you should be concerned about reducing human and other odors. Scent Killer® products can really help,” explains Bice. “Spraying your clothes with Scent Killer spray may be the easiest and most critical single thing you can do in the effort to eliminate human odor. It will dramatically reduce the human odor passing into the air from your body. It will also minimize the human odor being left in your stand area and your trail to it, dramatically reducing scent transfer.”
One of the most important things to remember when hunting is that a deer’s most powerful defense is its nose. Bice explains that thousands of deer avoid humans countless times each year, often without the hunter noticing, because the deer smelled the hunter.
Traverse Your Terrain
Spending some time in the field scouting your terrain is the best way to learn your area and find the best locations for deer. If there’s an area with markings that show deer have been there, it’s likely they’ll be back. Weston offered one more tip: “Remember to go where the deer are!”
Whether you’re looking for your first trophy or you’re running out of space on the walls of your hunting cabin, there are countless products and techniques to both lure deer to you and keep your scent protected. Thanks to great companies like Wildlife Research Center and Wildgame Innovations/Evolved/Synergy, it’s never been easier for hunters to find the right product to get as many deer as possible. And with the help of knowledgeable Dunham’s Sports hunting experts, you’ll have no problem bagging that buck.
-Deer Abby
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