Don’t Get Iced Out: Necessary Tools For Catching Fish

Epuipment Every Fisherman Needs for a Successful Day on the Ice
When the temperature gets low enough to freeze, there is a select group of people of who start to shiver – from excitement, not the cold. These people are ice anglers. Luckily for them, the season of freezing is upon us! Though as any angler would know, it takes more than just a pole and a hole in the ice to snag a fish. So let’s break the ice and discover some of the essential products for successful ice fishing.
Get Down to It
One of the first things a angler will need is a tool to break into the ice. Hand, gas or battery powered, the type of auger an an-gler chooses is largely personal preference, but if you’re going to invest in a new drill this winter,
make it the Ion 40V Lithium Battery Powered 8” Electric Ice Auger. With the capacity to drill up to 40 8-inch holes in 2 feet of ice, the Ion Electric Ice Auger is universally appealing. Tony Aloia of Ion Ice Augers says, “The beauty of the Ion is that it’s easy enough for a novice to oper-ate, but it has the power, performance and user ability that mobilized ice anglers have come to expect.”
‘Gimme Shelter
Brave is the angler who fishes unshielded! Though warm and potentially more successful is the one who decides to take shel-ter. Properly shielded, one can stave off the cold and will likely be able to endure a longer fishing session. Frabill’s Outpost Hub Style Shelter can fit up to three fisherman plus gear; has four clear, removable windows for maximum visibility; and has a corner door with a heavy-duty zipper to keep out the freezing air. Cabin-style shelters are also ideal for multiple ice anglers looking to find mobility within the shelter. The DX3000 Cabin by Shappell features “two holes in the cabin, which means two holes of op-portunity to catch fish,” says John Vander Sloot of Shappell. This model is also notable for its compactness, as it can fold down to the size of a suitcase.
Protection from the Harsh Realities
As for any outdoor winter sport, proper attire is essential to protect oneself from harsh elements when fishing. Fortunately, Vexilar knows the importance of protection. The manufacturer’s Cold Snap Parka is wind- and water-resistant, is lined with 240-gram polar fleece and has a detachable hood as well as inside storm cuffs. The parka features 15 pockets, great for easily access-ing gear. Vexilar also carries a coordinating bib designed with similar properties to protect one’s legs and torso.
Flashing for Fish
The use of sonar systems to detect targets has long been a technique of ice anglers. With the FL-8se Flasher, one can detect targets using a three-color flasher system to reveal targets at weak, medium and strong levels, helping them get the upper hand on elusive fish. Ideal for the experienced angler, the sonar uncovers large amounts of bottom, is weatherproof and functions in be-low-30-degree temperatures.
Be Prepared
Whether you’re a novice or seasoned veteran, the key to a successful day of ice fishing is to plan ahead and have the right equipment. Head to the ice with these products, and you’ll have all the tools necessary for a bountiful and fish-full haul.
-Hook, Line & Sinker
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