Crossbow Evolution

Today’s Modern High-Tech Crossbows are Lighter, Stronger, Faster, Quieter and More Accurate!
Whether you are a seasoned hunter or searching for the ideal crossbow for your first hunt, you will be amazed by the selection of modern, high-tech crossbows now available at Dunham’s. Choosing the right type and model that best fits your needs and personal style will have a lasting impact on your hunting success for years to come because, with only minimal maintenance and care, most modern crossbows will last a lifetime.
A Recurve or Compound Crossbow
A recurve crossbow has tips that curve away from the archer. Solid limbs are attached to a sturdy stock. A longer draw length compared to an equivalent sized straight archery bow allows a recurve crossbow to produce tremendous power. Compound crossbows use either single or split limbs along with integrated pulleys or cam systems to capture maximum energy with a relatively short draw length. Although more complex and usually heavier than a recurve crossbow, hunters appreciate a compound crossbow’s more compact size, especially in tree stands or blinds where space is at a premium. The great news is that over the past few years’ manufacturers have pushed the technology envelope to make both recurve and compound crossbows lighter, stronger, faster and more accurate than ever before.
Simple Excellence
The Axiom SMF from Excalibur Crossbow is a powerful example of simplicity and excellence in a recurve crossbow at an affordable price.
“We believe that when you’re hunting, simple is better,” says Steve Scheffel of Excalibur Crossbows. “The biggest advantage of a recurve crossbow is the simplicity of it. There are very few moving parts. If you cock that string centered every time, it is going to shoot exactly the same every time. We also continually strive to improve our quality and performance each year. Hold our Axiom SMF in your hands and you’ll see that it’s an exceptionally well-designed and quality-built crossbow with a surprisingly affordable price.”
Lightweight construction, including a space-age composite stock, helps make the Axiom SMF one of the lightest recurve crossbows available. With a mass weight of under six pounds, it is incredibly easy to carry, easy to travel and easy to shoot. A computer-machined frame ensures precise arrow alignment and field accuracy. Capable of producing arrow speeds in excess of 305-feet-per-second, the Axiom SMF also features the same high-quality multiplex scope and trigger safety system as some Excalibur models costing hundreds of dollars more.
Two impressive advantages the Axiom SMF also offers is that it can be decocked safely without shooting an arrow and, if necessary, the string can be replaced in the field without using a bow press. In addition, the Excalibur Axiom SMF kit available at Dunham’s also includes a rope cocking aid and arrow quiver, plus four Firebolt arrows complete with field points.
Size Does Matter
If you’re searching for a quality built, high-tech, dependable compound crossbow with plenty of performance, look no further that the Titan Extreme from TenPoint.
“We precision-engineer every detail of each crossbow we make, and that’s why TenPoint crossbows deliver the most dependable, accurate and high-performance shooting experience available today,” says Brian Osterwalder of TenPoint Crossbow Technologies. “What makes our Titan Extreme really special is that it is only 16 ½ inches wide in the cocked position. That compares to some compound bows that are up to 27 inches wide. We’ve also made the Titan Extreme lighter, quieter and easy to cock. Our patented DFI system (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) prevents dry-firing when not loaded. And for better accuracy and shooting distance we’ve also increased speed up to 333-feet-per-second.”
A new longer and narrower thumb-hole stock and light-weight, quick-disconnect quiver contribute to reduced weight. A quiet operating automatic safety system reduces noise and accommodates both right and left-handed shooters. The Titan Extreme is also surprisingly easy to cock for hunters of all ages and physical abilities or limitations. In fact, TenPoint’s patented ACUdraw cocking mechanism requires only about seven pounds of pressure to turn the handle at the maximum position.
The Titan Extreme kit available at Dunham’s includes TenPoint aluminum arrows plus a ProView scope with a wider field of view compared to a typical rifle scope. As an added bonus, the scope is pre-sighted from zero to 50 yards at the factory. Multiple crosshairs also illuminate in low-light conditions and can be switched to either green or red, just by turning a dial.
Scary Fast and Quiet
If power is your passion and stealth is your style, the Barnett Ghost 400 with Step thru Riser in CarbonLite™ technology is the crossbow to own. The patented ultralight, super strong riser lengthens the power stroke without placing the cocking string beyond arms length. Durable CarbonLite technology removes nearly 43 percent of weight from the front end which dramatically shifts the balance point to the shoulder. The MIM (Metal Injection Molding) trigger contains the added safety precaution of an ADF (Anti Dry Fire) feature which eliminates unintentional dry firing.
Barnett Crosswire® strings and precision-engineered whiplash cams ensure smooth, quiet and accurate shots at up to 400-feet-per-second. The Ghost 400 also features Barnett’s high-tech, anti-vibration isolation technology (AVI) which uses a special soft-touch material molded over quad laminated limbs to help reduce noise and vibration up to 30 percent over standard limb designs. AVI also helps prevent damage from unintentional contact with objects in the field or during transit.
“We are devoted to quality and committed to excellence,” says Jackie Allen of Barnett Crossbows. “In the last few years we have developed our largest range of lightweight, dependable, adjustable and powerful bows based on the changing needs and desires of today’s hunters. Barnett in conjunction with Dunham’s offers a bow to fit most everyone’s needs.”
Only at Dunham’s
The Barnett GameStrike crossbow is available exclusively at Dunham’s. With high-tech features such as a patented Step thru Riser in CarbonLite technology, MIM Anti-Dry Fire trigger and AVI technology, the Game Strike produces arrow speeds up to 375-feet-per-second. An adjustable stock also includes an adjustable cheek piece. A picatinny universal rail allows accessories such as an action camera to be quickly and easily undermounted. The GameStrike is value packed, complete with a quiver, three Carbon Arrows, a 3 x 32 illuminated scope, a rope cocking device and a convenient travel sling.
Also available at Dunham’s, the Barnett Quad 400 Extreme features a comfortable high-tech composite stock with a contoured cheek piece and parallel limb design which produces arrow speeds over 345-feet-per-second. Ready to go out of the store and on your next hunt, the Quad Extreme kit includes a quiver, 4 x 32 scope, three arrows and an installed crank cocking device.
Make Sure It Feels Right
Even with so many choices and models available, choosing the right crossbow that matches your needs and personal style does not need to be difficult. “The more you know, the happier you’ll be,” says Allen. “Knowledgeable Dunham’s sales professionals can help you make an informed decision. Remember to also take some time to hold the crossbow in your hand. Feel it, touch it, and make sure it’s the right size and shape for you. It’s a very personal choice, and you want it to be right.”
-Deer Abby
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