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Airsoft Adventure Never Stops!

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Plenty of Action and Adventure for Backyard Target Shooters, On-line Mercenaries and Outdoor Weekend Warriors.
You are crouched behind a pile of rubble, cradling a replica Kalashnikov AK-47 in your arms. Your heart beats a little faster as you wait for a band of enemy insurgents to attack. It all seems so real, but are you:
A. In a simulated battle at your favorite game park?
B. In a virtual on-line war zone, engaged in a multi-player mission?
C. In your own backyard? 
If you are among the growing ranks of Airsoft enthusiasts, it could be any of the above. As a sport, airsoft is exploding in popularity because in backyards, on-line battle zones and game parks everywhere, the action is always on.
According to Justin Sigler of Soft Air USA, the leading manufacturer of airsoft guns, targets and accessories, “Airsoft allows boys and girls to be Wild Bill Hickok or Annie Oakley while shooting at targets in their own backyard, and adventure-addicted teens or adults to play out their wildest Ethan Hunt or Lara Croft fantasies.”
Generally considered far less dangerous than air-powered BB guns and far less expensive than paintball guns, orange-tipped airsoft guns are spring-powered replicas of real weapons used by players to shoot plastic BBs at targets or in mission-based scenarios with other players in open fields or paintball parks.
“Super-soft” airsoft pistols for beginners propel high-visibility pink 0.12-gram plastic BBs at 120 – 140 feet-per-second (fps) versus 1,000 fps from conventional BB guns. Soft Air USA is the exclusive licensee of a wide range of authentic, incredibly durable replica pistols, machine guns and shot guns, as well as tactical assault and sniper rifles, including full-metal auto-electric guns (AEGs) capable of firing 0.25-gram plastic BBs, specially powder-coated for game play, at speeds up to 500 fps. Each Soft Air gun is packaged with a rubberized sticky target and with the fps power rating clearly marked.
Once you discover your ideal weapon, visit Dunham’s and choose one of the authentic spring-powered replicas from Soft Air. Dunham’s offers a wide selection of weapons, kits, targets, scopes, laser sights and accessories.
Then use the strategies and tactics you developed during on-line play to dominate the field at your local game park. Many paintball parks are quickly converting to airsoft play. In addition to open spaces with bunkers and trenches, some include bombed out cities, jungle fields or western towns. Some host airsoft competitions during which participants enter a specially constructed maze and shoot at targets along the way. Best times determine winners in different age categories. Protective eyewear is always recommended for target shooting and game play. Traditional prescription glasses, sunglasses, or goggles not designed specifically for airsoft or paintball play may break or shatter in game play and cause possible eye damage.
“No other sport,” says Sigler, “offers so much action and adventure on so many different levels. Whether you are a backyard target shooter, an on-line mercenary or an outdoor weekend warrior, airsoft is the sport for you.”
So, what are you waiting for? Dunham’s has everything you need to ensure you go into every airsoft battle armed with the best. 
If you are unsure which airsoft gun is right for you, simply log on to   and try one on-line!
War Inc. Battle Zone allows you to experience hard hitting combat as a third person shooter in free-to-play multiplayer sessions. Create your own character. Select from over 130 available weapons, with more being added each month. Compete with friends and other players in real time team versus team combat. Fight your way through a desert village, in urban chaos or night warfare, or in close-quarter battles. Enjoy cutting-edge next-generation graphics and plenty of action while you test different hand guns, machine guns, shot guns, or assault, sniper and tactical weapons.
-Paintball Warrior
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