Reebok and the NFL: Think Pink

You may have seen the NFL and the American Cancer Society’s involvement in the fight against breast cancer on the field since its inception in 2008. Players, coaches, and officials have worn the pink cleats, gloves, wristbands, and hats on the sidelines during games in October to help promote breast cancer awareness and prevention. The wearing of pink gear will be on the field yet again in 2011.
The NFL and the American Cancer Society have been widely successful in raising awareness and money for research since they paired up prior to the 2009 season. The NFL has launched post-game auctions where fans can purchase authentic game-worn Pink items from their favorite players and other items in the line of Pink merchandise.  In fact, NFL fans can get their schools involved, schedule a mammogram, and learn more about the disease in general all from the Pink page at
With so many women affected every year, the NFL and Reebok have taken the lead in promoting awareness by providing athletic gear to not only the NFL, but to football enthusiasts looking to make a statement against breast cancer.
“Reebok and Reebok Performance gloves initially went to the NFL with a request to put Pink gloves on [the] field to support breast cancer research and those affected by the disease, in 2008,” said JR Fabry of Saranac Glove Company.  “Knowing this issue touches almost everyone in some way, Reebok and Reebok Performance Glove choose to make a difference with the NFL.”
Wearing Pink products not only helps raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer, but it also makes a tremendous statement to others. Consumers can know that they’re helping because Reebok donates a portion of the profit from Pink sales in support of finding a cure.
“Wearing pink products offers the wearer the ability to outwardly show support for those affected by breast cancer and also at the same time know their purchase is supporting a great cause,” Fabry explained.  “Reebok will donate a portion of each sale to the American Cancer Society, to help find a cure for this disease.”
If you’ve been surprised with the widespread amount of Pink gear on NFL sidelines in 2010, there’s even more in store for the 2011 season. Reebok will now be offering several different types of gloves that the players will also be wearing between the lines.
“Reebok Performance Gloves will introduce the official pink glove of the NFL for 2011 The Fuel,” Fabry said.  “Players will wear the gloves as well as other Reebok glove styles in the Pink color way during the entire month of October, in support of finding a cure for breast cancer. More pink product will be on the field this season than any season to date, thanks in part to the NFL and Reebok’s partnership.”
Dunham’s Sports will be a full supporter of the fight against breast cancer along with the NFL and Reebok by supplying fans with two types of Pink gloves, the Fuel and Mayhem.
“Dunham’s has chosen to fully support the pink initiative and carry both pink style gloves worn by the Top NFL players,” Fabry said. “The styles include the NFL Equipment Fuel and the NFL Equipment Mayhem.”
For the NFL fan looking to make a statement against breast cancer while helping the American Cancer Society research this deadly disease, Dunham’s is the place to go. For your new pair of Reebok Pink football gloves or questions regarding the Pink program, visit your local Dunham’s.
In 2010, more than 207,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer were projected to develop in American women.  If breast cancer hasn’t touched you personally, it likely has touched someone close to you or someone you love.
But thanks in part to the efforts of walks, advocacy programs and the like, there were more than 2.5 million breast cancer survivors living in the United States in 2010.
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    wow that is great. breast cancer is a big problem so it’s a good thing that the American cancer society the NFL and Reebok are all helping.

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