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p>With gun ownership comes responsibility. Every keeper of firearms is obligated to ensure the safety of his household, while taking every precaution to prevent an intruder from accessing weapons. The only certain way to accomplish both goals is with a high technology gun safe. The best safes will also serve to protect the weapons while they’re in storage.

There are a number of factors to consider in choosing a gun safe. Two of them are capacity and size. A small safe is adequate for a handgun or two. But if you’re investing in a safe, it’s good to consider what other things you might wish to protect. For example, irreplaceable documents and valuable possessions are best kept in secure storage. So you may want to think beyond the size of your firearm collections when choosing a safe.

Of course, if you own long guns, a small safe is out of the question. Some newer safes are configured to maximize the number of long guns that can be stored with racks that permit alternate rows of barrel up and barrel down storage. Many of these safes have padded floors in order to protect the barrel or stock. Some gunsmiths recommend barrel down storage in order to prevent leakage of contaminants from damaging a wooden stock.

Most modern safes allow the removal and repositioning of shelving and racks in order to optimize the storage area. It’s a good idea to plan carefully and consider future needs before making a purchase. While your firearm collection may be limited today, you don’t want to curtail future expansion by choosing a safe that can’t accommodate new acquisitions. Dunham’s offers an extensive variety of secure storage devices in all sizes and shapes, from small personal lock boxes to large floor standing safes that can store more than forty firearms, so you’re sure to find a safe that matches your requirements.

Fire and water protection is also a consideration. Fire protection has become standard among better safes, but the degree of protection can vary. An ETL rating is your best assurance of quality fire protection. A Dunham’s sales representative can explain the rating system and help you determine how much protection you need. Waterproof safes are a more recent development. Some new safes offer protection in up to two feet of water.

Various locking mechanisms are available. Many of today’s safes are equipped with electronic locks that open by means of a keypad rather than a dial. The commercial grade electronic locks used on the best safes are extremely secure and reliable.

Securing and protecting your stored guns is a critical responsibility. Not only will proper storage provide peace of mind for you and your family, it will protect your expensive firearms as well. And nothing offers better security and protection than a modern safe.

-Deer Abby

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